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Earnings Season Dead Ahead

July 15, 2019

The market remains in good shape, with most major indexes and a bunch of leading stocks hitting new highs. Bigger picture, the path of least resistance remains up, and we expect this bull market to carry on for a while longer. Short-term, though, things have gotten a bit too quiet and earnings seasons is revving up—you should stay bullish, but pick entry points carefully and don’t be shocked if we see some volatility ahead.

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Not Perfect but Very Good

July 8, 2019

The market isn’t perfect, and the short-term will probably be influenced by news/rumors of trade and interest rates, not to mention earnings season, which is getting underway soon. But the market’s key pieces of evidence—the trends of the major indexes, the action of leading Top Ten stocks and (to a lesser extent) sentiment—all tell us the path of least resistance remains up. Thus, we remain mostly bullish.

This week’s Top Ten is full of growth-oriented stocks and stories, with our Top Pick from the newly strong solar sector.

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Positive but Tricky

July 1, 2019

The market remains positive but not powerful, with the major indexes doing generally well (the S&P kissed new highs today, which is always a good thing), though individual stocks remain far tricker, with some older winners looking a bit tired while money flows into newer, more vibrant situations. We continue to advise you to lean bullish, but it’s important to take things on a stock-by-stock basis.
This week’s list (and most recent weeks) are focused mainly on those fresher situations. Our Top Pick today is a software name that has recently gotten going from good-looking launching pad.

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Uptrend in Effect, But Watch for Rotation

June 24, 2019

The overall market is in great shape, with the intermediate-term trend joining the longer-term trend on the upside last week, and with plenty of doubt out there, the odds favor higher prices ahead. We’re leaving our Market Monitor at a level 8.
That said, the market rarely makes it easy, and we’ve begun to see some rotation out of many “hot” growth stocks and into “fresher” names (both growth and cyclical). As always, take things on a stock-by-stock basis and honor your stops and loss limits, but so far, the action is acceptable.

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Constructive Week

June 17, 2019

The market hasn’t done much over the past week, but that’s fine by us—holding the big rally off the early-June low is solid action, especially given the uncertainties ahead. We’re leaning bullish here, but are yet to really go whole hog as the intermediate trend has yet to turn up.

The good news is that many individual stocks are acting well, and this week’s Top Ten has another strong (and diverse) bunch. Our Top Pick is a giant money manager whose stock is showing extreme strength.

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Turning on a Dime

June 10, 2019

The market has come storming back during the past five trading days, with the major indexes, the broad market and leading stocks all going bananas on the upside. The intermediate-term trend isn’t yet positive (it’s close but it hasn’t happened yet), so you should keep your feet on the ground, but there’s no question the action is encouraging. We’re moving our Market Monitor back up to a level 7.
This week’s Top Ten has a wide variety of stocks, and our Top Pick is a familiar name that looks like a “new” leader after a couple of years on the outs.

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Sellers Remain in Control

June 3, 2019

The sellers continue to be in control of the market, with the major indexes making new correction lows this morning. And we’re also seeing the selling broaden out—today, some of the resilient growth stocks took hits, though to be fair, many names remain in decent shape. All told, though, we advise a cautious stance, with plenty of cash and limited new buying as we wait for the buyers to step up to the plate.

That doesn’t mean you should stick your head in the sand—indeed, Top Ten is helping us find newer potential leaders of the next upmove, whenever it gets underway. This week’s list has many great stories, with our Top Pick being a recent IPO from the medical sector that, while not tearing up the charts, has shown solid buying of late and is actually trading tightly.

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Onus Remains on the Bulls

May 28, 2019

The market suffered its third straight down week, which keeps the intermediate-term trend pointed down. It’s not all bad news, with the longer-term evidence still positive and many leading growth stocks holding up, but we still think it’s a good idea to hold some cash and be choosy on the buy side.

This week’s Top Ten, though, has another batch of strong stocks. Our Top Pick just emerged from a consolidation on good news, and it’s good to see many of its sector peers act well in the face of a poor market.

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Sellers Still Active

May 20, 2019

The market’s three-day rally in the middle of last week has gone poof, with deepening trade war fears taking stocks sharply lower again today. Many stocks are holding up well, so we’re not running for the hills, but it’s important to respect the intermediate-term downtrend that’s now in effect.
The good news is this week’s Top Ten is the second straight that has a bunch of solid growth stories. Our Top Pick, though, actually comes from the financial sector, and it has a company-specific change that’s bringing in buyers.

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Intermediate-Term Uptrend Cracked

May 13, 2019

The market has been under severe selling pressure for six days since the tariff tussle got underway two weekends ago, with today’s broad declines enough to crack the intermediate-term uptrend that began back in January. Big picture, it’s still a bull market, but the breakdowns in many stocks and indexes tell you to pare back by selling weak performers and cutting back on new buying. We’re shifting our Market Monitor down to a level 5.
Encouragingly, though, despite the declines many stocks–while taking on water–are holding key support. This week’s Top Ten actually has a bunch of growth-oriented (as opposed to defensive) ideas, with the Top Pick being the hands-down leader in an industry with tons of growth potential, and the stock recently popped to new highs on earnings.

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Just the Facts

May 6, 2019

The market took a body blow today from the unexpected tariff news, but it’s not the news that counts, but the market’s reaction to the news. And, so far anyway, the reaction has been tame, with the major indexes suffering modest losses and many leading stocks actually finishing higher today. All in all, most of the evidence remains positive, so you should remain mostly bullish.

This week’s Top Ten has a wide mix of stocks, sectors and stories to choose from. Our Top Pick is a little known chip and networking player that has a big, easy-to-understand growth story.

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Mostly Sunny

April 29, 2019

Growth stocks bounced back nicely last week, continuing the ping pong action of the past few weeks. We’re still bullish because most of the evidence is pointed higher, but it’s fine to take a few chips off the table on the way up and you should be looking for solid entry points, ideally on powerful new breakouts or shakeouts in uptrending names.
This week’s list is heavy on retail and emerging market stocks, but our Top Pick comes from the cloud software field, where a blue chip-type of firm just lifted out of a tight launching pad.

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Ping Pong

April 22, 2019

alternating up and down days and, under the surface, rotation whipping names around on a weekly basis. That’s a small reason for concern, and we are knocking our Market Monitor back down a notch, but overall we’re still bullish—the trends for most indexes and stocks are pointed up, and we’re actually seeing a good number of solid setups out there.
This week’s list has another batch of newer names from a variety of industries, and our Top Pick is a mega-cap name that’s just enjoyed a complete change in character—buying here or (preferably) on dips should work.

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Here Comes Earnings Season

April 15, 2019

Leading stocks had a solid go of it last week, with many finding support at key moving averages and a few breaking out of multi-week rest periods to new highs. We’re nudging our Market Monitor up a notch this week, though earnings season, which gets underway in earnest this week, will have a big say for the market’s next move.
In the meantime, we’re just following the system, looking for strong stocks early in their runs. Our Top Pick this week is a leading cybersecurity player that appears to be resuming its run after some shakeouts and choppy trading during February and March.

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Broad Market vs. Growth Stocks

April 8, 2019

The overall market remains in a solid uptrend, with the strong upmove of the past few trading days reaffirming the intermediate-term uptrend. That said, it hasn’t been easy, with lots of rotation under the surface—tech-related growth stocks have been hit, while the broad market has attracted money. Overall, we’re bullish, but it’s important to take things on a stock-by-stock basis.
This week’s Top Ten, as always, goes where the big money is flowing—today’s list has many newer names (or names that haven’t appeared in a long time) as the broad market strengthens. Our Top Pick is a well known big-cap name that changed character for the better last week.

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Quarterly Crosscurrents

April 1, 2019

The market’s had a great two-day stretch, which keeps the intermediate-term trend pointed up. That said, we’re seeing plenty of crosscurrents under the surface, which isn’t uncommon around quarter-end as hedge funds reposition themselves. We’re not yet ready to say the recent five-week rest in the broad market is over, but with the evidence generally positive, we remain generally bullish.

This week’s list has more than a few familiar names from earlier this year, with our Top Pick being a little-know medical outfit that is showing great power and great growth.

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Likely an Important Week

March 25, 2019

The broad market’s sluggishness caught up with the rest of the market last week, with strong selling pressure arising on Friday and some small- and mid-cap indexes diving below their 50-day lines. Right now, most of the evidence is still positive, so we remain mostly bullish. But, after a three-month run, our antennae are up—a bit more weakness could crack the intermediate-term uptrend, though as always, we don’t anticipate signals. Thus, we’re still bullish.
The good news is that individual leading stocks remain in good shape, and this week’s Top Ten is chock full of potential pullback buys should the market dip further. Our Top Pick has a nice looking three-week pullback after a strong, big-volume run to new highs into early March.

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A Couple of Worries, but Bulls Remain in Control

March 18, 2019

The overall market remains in great shape, with last week’s bounce bringing many leaders and a couple of major indexes to new recovery highs. Today saw some rotation, with lagging small-caps outperforming along with some other sectors (oils, financials); such action isn’t unusual in a bull move. Short-term, we still think further trickiness could be on the way, but there’s no question the big picture remains bullish, so you should, too.
This week’s Top Ten is heavy in medical tech, biotech and “regular” tech, with our Top Pick looking ready to extend its breakout from a few weeks back.

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Normal Action

March 11, 2019

The market has generally hesitated and pulled back during the past two weeks, but the action was normal in the context of the prior nine-week run, and today’s strong advance is a good sign that buyers are still lurking. That doesn’t mean the short-term won’t feature more wiggles (the odds favor some more consolidation), but the intermediate-term trend of the major indexes and the vast majority of leading stocks remains up.

This week’s Top Ten has stocks from every corner of the market, which we take as an encouraging sign. Our Top Pick is a software firm operating in a newer field that is growing rapidly, while the stock offers a good-looking entry point.

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Sellers Make A Stand

March 4, 2019

Last week we saw some sellers step up to the plate, and today they did some real damage for the first time in weeks, as most leading stocks took big hits. Short-term, given the big runs and today’s outsized declines, we’d expect more wobbles.
Intermediate-term, while our antennae are up, very few (if any) leaders have broken down and the overall market looks fine. We’re knocking our Market Monitor down a notch and are watching how stocks react to support, but overall we’re still optimistic.
This week’s Top Ten has a bunch of strong stocks that have only recently blasted off and mostly avoided the worst of today’s selloff. Our Top Pick comes from the emerging markets and just blasted out of a long consolidation

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