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Issue 836

December 17, 2020

Hopefully, 2021 will remove some of the uncertainties that the virus has wrought, and the economy can begin to speed up its recovery. And while the markets have done very well this year, there are still pockets that are undervalued, many of which are represented in our pages this month.

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Issue 835

November 19, 2020

Our issue this month, is focused primarily on growth companies, although we certainly offer plenty of dividend opportunities. We begin with our Spotlight Stock, a provider of technology, primarily to the U.S. Defense Department. This company is right on the cutting-edge of advanced technologies—the future of defense. In my Feature article, I discuss the coming technologies and CACI’s potential to harness and profit from them.

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Issue 834

October 15, 2020

Market volatility has eased a bit this past month, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average gaining almost 1,000 points. The service industry, according to ISM, improved, and the unemployment rate dropped to 7.9% for September.

As you’ll see in our Advisor Sentiment Barometer and Market Views, sentiment remains about the same. It seems investors are awaiting the election results before they make any big moves.

Nonetheless, our contributors have been very busy selecting ideas that look interesting—no matter how the election turns out.

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Issue 833

September 17, 2020

The markets have been a bit choppy of late, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average rising to 29,000 at the beginning of the month, then retreating and rising again. It looks like Fall may be a little volatile. As you’ll see in our Advisor Sentiment Barometer and Market Views, sentiment remains bullish, with a hint of caution.

That stands to reason, as we’ve been on a fairly unstoppable uptrend for quite some time. So, a period of catching our breath is not necessarily a bad thing. Especially, as the economy continues to hold its own, with consumer credit, job openings and the CPI all steadily improving. Unemployment, of course, remains the biggest challenge, but hopefully, the eventual end of COVID-19 will restore some semblance of normality to our hospitality and entertainment industries, which have suffered the most.

In the meantime, our contributors have continued to find some very interesting stock picks. We begin this month’s issue with our Spotlight Stock, a REIT with above average yield, and a Dividend Aristocrat. In my Feature article, I further explore the REIT industry and explain why it’s almost always a good time to hold a REIT or two in your portfolio

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Issue 832

August 27, 2020

Thank you to everyone who joined us last week for our virtual Cabot Summit. We really missed seeing you in person, but were so happy that we could at least share some of our investing ideas and strategies during this strange time in which we are living. I hope you enjoyed the Summit!

We are keeping our fingers crossed that the coronavirus trend seems to be improving. Unemployment is still dismal, but there are some very bright spots in the economy—both housing starts, building permits, and manufacturing are rising.

And as you’ll see in our Advisor Sentiment Barometer and Market Views, sentiment continues to be bullish.

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Issue 831

July 16, 2020

The markets are certainly keeping us on our toes! I really didn’t know what to expect when I began calculating the returns for this Mid-Year Top Picks issue. We’ve had so much volatility; a big disruption in March, as coronavirus took hold; and many sectors that just haven’t bounced back.

So, you can imagine my relief and joy when I totaled up our contributors’ gains for the first six months of the year!

Despite the ongoing devastation of COVID-19, our contributors have broken all of our records, averaging a gain of 16.41%, while the Dow fell 8.6%, the S&P 500 is down 1.2% and only the Nasdaq is in positive territory, with gains of 18.3%.

Even better, our Top 5 picks averaged 221.48%!

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Issue 830

June 18, 2020

Markets rebounded this past month, albeit with plenty of volatility. But the net result was a 1,500+ gain in the Dow Jones Industrial Markets.

Unemployment, of course, is still pressuring the economy, with some 29.5 million Americans without jobs. However, the housing market perked up, with starts and building permits rising. Retail sales—reflecting the reopening of the economy—were also up.

It’s worrying that coronavirus is rising in about 20 states, but, hopefully, if people begin once again following social distancing, the new cases won’t push us off the economic reopening strategy.

Advisors and consumers are back on the bullish track, as you’ll see in our Barometer, as well as Market Views.

Despite the market’s rise, there are still plenty of undervalued stocks in the marketplace. And we begin this issue with our Spotlight Stock, a technology company that is gaining market share in the highly competitive field of cybersecurity—in this case, specializing in ID authentication for employees and customers. My feature article explores the industry in more depth, as well as additional reasons for adding our Spotlight Stock to your portfolio.

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Issue 829

May 21, 2020

While we are definitely not out of the woods yet—with the economy and the markets—we are making progress. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has had a nice bounce back, albeit, with some volatility. We can expect that to continue, probably through year-end. As you can see by our Advisor Sentiment Barometer and our Market Views section, we are turning more bullish.

As most of the economy is just beginning to reopen, unemployment remains a big issue. So far, some 38 million people have lost their jobs, bringing the unemployment rate in the U.S. to almost 15%. We can expect that to continue rising for the near future, also.

But in better news, housing seems to be holding up pretty well, and building permits this week were better than expected, around 1.074 million.

Of course, the bright side is that as more businesses reopen, we will start a steady climb back to normal.

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Issue 828

April 16, 2020

Finally, the coronavirus news is improving, and so is the market. We’re now up about 12% on the Dow since our issue last month. Our Adviser Sentiment Barometer is mixed; still mostly bearish, but our contributors—as well as our analysts here at Cabot Wealth feel we are near a bottom on the markets. That, of course, is dependent upon how well we do when our economy begins to reopen.

So far, around 17 million unemployment claims have been filed, and it will take awhile for the unemployment number to recover. But, as you know, the markets generally move ahead of the economy, gathering the good news in first, so we are feeling optimistic.

As you know, I’ve been adding a lot of dividend stocks to my newsletter in the past month or so, so that you could, at least, enjoy some cash flow while we await the recovery. I’m beginning to go back to growth, so you’ll see more of those recommendations in the next few weeks.

And our Spotlight Stock this month, certainly fits the growth category.

Full details in the Issue.

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Issue 827

March 19, 2020

Well, March in the markets certainly came in like a lion, didn’t it? And it looks like it may end the month the same way. Until we make progress in defeating the coronavirus, we expect continued volatility in the markets, and we recommend that you remain defensive.

That doesn’t mean Sell everything in your portfolio. Remember, you don’t have real losses until you sell your stocks. But it does mean if you are holding on to some stocks that weren’t doing well before the coronavirus outbreak, it might be a good idea to think about unloading them. But being defensive also means being judicious when buying. For the near future, I’m going to include this message in all my writings, as an alert that, certainly, you may buy these recommendations, but for most of us, they will provide entries into a ‘watch’ list that can be acted upon as the volatility disperses. Or you may find that you might want to nibble just a bit at some of them. That’s up to you, but please know that I’m here to help you with your investing decisions, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

In the meantime, I—and our contributors—are very busy trying to find some great recommendations that will help your portfolio recover, once normalcy returns to the markets.

Read the Issue for more details.

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Issue 826

February 20, 2020

I just returned from the Orlando Money Show, where I had an opportunity to see and speak with several of our contributors. The mood was festive, and the advisors were optimistic. And why not? The markets continue to outperform, as we navigate through the nasty election season. Both investors and advisors continue to be very bullish, as you can see from our Advisor Sentiment Barometer, as well as our Market Views.

The economy is very strong, with a healthy housing market, steady employment, and good retail sales. We’ve yet to see if the coronavirus outbreak will have any major and long-lasting effects on the global economy.

But for now, the investment opportunities are plentiful. Read the Issue for more details.

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Issue 825

January 16, 2020

Happy New Year! It was a great year for the markets with the DJIA gaining 22.3%, the S&P 500 up 28.9%, and the Nasdaq rose 35.2%. But it was even a better year for us! Our Top 5 Picks for 2019 averaged returns of 131%! William Velmer of S.A. Advisory was our big winner. His stock idea gained an astonishing 332%!

Congratulations to all our contributors. And 2020 looks just as promising. Employment is healthy and so is the housing market. Economists are calling for several rate decreases, which should continue to help housing. And as you can see in our Advisor Sentiment Barometer, the investment world remains very bullish.

More details in the issue.

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Issue 824

December 18, 2019

We’ve had a decent month in the markets—despite all the impeachment hoopla. It looks like the China trade issue is improving, housing starts and building permits are healthy, and unemployment remains low. Sounds like the making of a great holiday season!

We begin this issue with our Spotlight Stock, a company that has been in business for 67 years, residing in the defense and aerospace sectors. As I note in my Feature article, both of those arenas are experiencing fantastic growth, which bodes well for our Spotlight Stock.

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Issue 823

November 20, 2019

So far, November’s markets have been a nice respite from the volatility of October, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average actually gained about 900 points. Investors—for the most part—seem to be ignoring China tariffs, impeachment hearings, and Brexit. And why not? After all, the economy remains strong and sentiment—as you’ll see in our Advisor Sentiment Barometer, as well as in our Market Views—remains very bullish.

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Issue 822

October 16, 2019

October markets are living up to their reputations! As I said in my recently published book, Make Money Buying and Selling Stocks, “October is a Scary Month (many market crashes have occurred in October—Panic of 1907, Black Tuesday (1929), Black Thursday (1929), Black Monday (1929) and Black Monday (1987). The truth: October is on record for the most volatile month. According to CFRA Research from 1950 to present day, “the S&P 500 on average registers more daily moves of at least 1% in October than in any other month.” On the flip side, however, going back to 1950, the S&P 500 has averaged a gain of 0.7% in October, according to The Stock Trader’s Almanac.” And this October has certainly been volatile; yet, in terms of market action, we are about even for the last 30 days.

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