Issue 818

June 12, 2019

After a brief decline, due mostly to the China and Mexico tariff issues, we’ve seen a decent rebound in the markets this past month.
Earnings for the quarter look like they are going to come in at a negative growth rate when all the reports are calculated. However, 76% of companies in the S&P 500 reported EPS numbers higher than estimated and 59% posted positive revenue surprises. The lack of growth in earnings is somewhat concerning, and that—plus the tariff issues—seem to be weighing on market prognosticators, turning their sentiment a bit more cautious, as you can see in our Advisor Sentiment Barometer, as well as in our Market Views. In the meantime, our contributors have been knee-deep in research and analysis, and have come up with some very interesting ideas for you this month.

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Issue 817

May 15, 2019

One thing you can count on in the markets is change! Just when we were moving along nicely, Trump threw a wrench in the works with his new war on China tariffs. That caused a few down days, but we did have a bit of recovery yesterday.

The economy continues to sail smoothly, however, with unemployment and inflation low, and the housing market is doing well. As a result, and as you’ll see in our Market Views and our Market Sentiment Barometer, sentiment remains bullish, but with a dose of caution.

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Issue 816

April 10, 2019

I’ve just spent two glorious days cleaning out my flower beds and planting my annuals. Cleaning up my yard reminds me that it would also be a good time to review your portfolio—get rid of the non-performers and make room for some more profitable investments.

The volatility in the market has abated—for now—with the Dow Jones Industrial Average gaining about 600 points since the last issue. And as you’ll see in Market Views and our Advisor Investment Barometer, the investment pros continue to be bullish. The economy continues to be strong, with decent housing and manufacturing numbers, as well as low unemployment.

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Issue 815

March 13, 2019

Happy spring! The Bradford Pear trees and daffodils are beginning to flower here in Tennessee—one of my favorite times of the year!

And this year, with the market continuing to “bloom,” the unemployment rate steady at 3.8%, retail sales rising, and the housing market healthy, it sounds like spring is ushering in a happy period. Both investors and advisors agree, as you’ll see in our bullish barometer and Market Views.

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Issue 814

February 13, 2019

The market contributed to the bullish mien of the show, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average kicking in an 8.5% gain since our last issue. The economy also did its part; rates are stable right now, and the job market continues to improve. There is currently, on average, less than one potential employee for every job opening in our country.

Our contributors continue to be bullish, although with a cautious stance, as you’ll see reflected in our Advisor Sentiment Barometer and Market Views.

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Issue 813

January 16, 2019

Change in weather and change in markets seem to be the norm today. We certainly had an extreme case of market volatility last year, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average ending up with a loss of 7.36%, the S&P 500 declined by 7.6% and the Nasdaq dropped by 5.57%.

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Issue 812

December 19, 2018

This volatility is out of sync with the strong economy. Job openings are up, housing starts and building permits are still healthy, and retail sales are enjoying a good holiday romp. But it seems to be politics (as usual) that is driving the market’s gyrations, including the ‘wall’, with Trump threatening to shut the government down due to lack of funding, China’s continued exposure as an international hacker and spy, and the continuing investigation into our leader’s affairs, especially as regards to Russia.

Nevertheless, while short-term sentiment has turned more bearish, long-term, market mavens continue to be bullish, yet expect the volatility to continue.

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Issue 811

November 14, 2018

While the market has certainly been choppy, long-term sentiment, as you’ll see in our Advisor Sentiment Barometer skews bullish. But short-term—as our contributors note in our Market Views—it will pay to be cautious, so make sure you have your price targets and stop losses firmly set.

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Issue 810

October 17, 2018

Wow! The Dow Jones Industrial Average saw a bumpy month the first couple of weeks in October, but made up for those doldrums yesterday, gaining 547 points—all in one day! The catalyst? Some important and very positive earnings news from Morgan Stanley, who pointed to the resurgence of its IPO business; Goldman Sachs, who also enjoyed increases in its underwriting area; and Johnson & Johnson, who cited some nice sales improvements.

Overall, it just seems like folks were ready for some good news. Sentiment remains bullish, as you’ll see from our Advisor Sentiment Barometer, which barely moved this month. However, some caution is being advised—at least in the short term—as reflected in our Market Views section of the newsletter.

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Issue 809

September 19, 2018

The markets—despite continued shenanigans in D.C.—were virtually unchanged since our last issue. Unemployment remains steady, the CPI is stable and consumer sentiment is very positive.

As you’ll see in our Advisor Sentiment Barometer and Market Views, market experts remain bullish, although we’ve seen a bit more selling this past week.

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Issue 808

August 14, 2018

Our Spotlight Stock, a company that is taking the market of used cars to places that no one expected. The growth of the company is tremendous! In my Feature article, I report on the company’s stunning second quarter, as well as the catalysts keeping this market growing at significant rates.

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Issue 807

July 18, 2018

The economy continues to strengthen—rising retail sales, lower jobless claims and steady unemployment. Consequently, it’s no surprise that the broad markets are holding their own. Of course, volatility this year has risen, creating a bit of seesawing in the markets, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average gaining just 1.4% so far in 2018, but sentiment—as you’ll see in our Market Barometer—remains bullish.

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Issue 806

June 20, 2018

We were having a pretty good month on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, until the trade tariffs issue raised its ugly head again. That consternation has driven the markets back to their month-ago trading levels—after a 1,000 point or so gain. While short-term trading is volatile again, most market insiders remain very bullish, as you’ll see in our Advisor Sentiment Barometer and in our Market View.

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Issue 805

May 16, 2018

At last, market volatility has lessened and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is steady, resting at about the same level as it was at last month’s issue.

Economic stats also remain status quo, with a slight improvement in job openings, a small dip in retail sales, and a Consumer Sentiment Index that continues increasing.

That has given rise to a return to a more bullish environment for advisors, as you will see in our Advisor Sentiment Barometer and our Market Views this month.

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