10 Forever Stocks to Buy Now, and How to Find High-Return Investments

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Dear Investor,

Many stock advisors will tell you they have a tip on the very best stocks to buy and hold forever. Very few of them will give you that tip for free. Even fewer will give you the same information that they’ve already delivered to their paid customers! But that’s exactly what we’re doing with this FREE guide, 10 Forever Stocks to Buy Now, and How to Find High-Return Investments.

It’s free. It will only take you 27 minutes or so to read it. And you could profit immeasurably – but only if you read it!

10 Forever Stocks you Can Count On

As I said, the information in this guide is part of what we provide to our paid subscribers. But we’re willing to share it with you because we want you to thoroughly understand the expertise we have to offer.

In fact, this guide is written to help you …

  • Discover the best forever stocks to buy and hold
  • Learn how to identify forever stocks on your own
  • Profit well beyond anything you imagined when you began investing in stocks
  • Avoid the most common mistakes many investors make when seeking buy and hold stocks
  • Stabilize your portfolio even in times of turbulent markets
  • Enjoy ever-growing wealth – and complete confidence in a comfortable retirement

But why Cabot? There are many stock advisors out there vying for your attention. First, remember that we’re giving this information away for free. Second, Cabot Wealth Network is much more than just an anonymous stock advisory service based in some shiny Manhattan skyscraper. Cabot is a family, based in New England – and you’re invited to join it when you read 10 Forever Stocks to Buy Now, and How to Find High-Return Investments.

In fact, we’re a family of investors (including the third generation of our founder’s family), and we treat our readers like family, too. Got a question about one of our recommendations? Shoot us an email – we answer!

And because we value our readers as family, we’re anxious to share some of our best guidance and tips with as many people as possible. That’s why this free guide includes our top 10 forever stocks; the key attributes our experts look for in identifying forever stocks; and steps for finding high-return investments on your own.

I’m confident you’ll find this guide invaluable and indeed, the key to new wealth! As our Chief Investment Analyst Timothy Lutts says in writing it, “I want to identify the next Amazon or Apple.

“The goal of this report is not to identify stocks that can give you a decent long-term return. My goal is to identify stocks that can make you rich!”

More than just 10 forever stocks

These 10 forever stocks include companies from a variety of industries, and they are the very best buy-and-hold stocks recommended by our advisors who publish Cabot Growth Investor, Cabot Top Ten Trader, and Cabot Emerging Markets Investor. As you can imagine, this covers a fairly wide range of stocks!

There are food and restaurant stocks, tech stocks and energy stocks. Some you may never have heard of (that’s a good thing in buy-and-hold stocks), some will surprise you and some may be entirely expected. And the guide doesn’t just name names. Instead, Timothy explains the analysis he used in making each choice, from the current short-term outlook to the potential for the company’s industry. So you get the advice AND the knowledge and understanding it is based on.

And because the guide also details the steps you should take in choosing stocks on your own, you can carefully consider each one on its own merits with your new expertise and make your own decision on which ones to buy – or, of course, you can simply buy them all, sit back, and await the riches that will ultimately pour into your bank account.

Consider this piece of advice from Timothy when you peruse our list of 10 forever stocks:

“I keep in mind the words of Thomas Phelps, who wrote, ‘Perhaps the greatest advantage of all in buying top quality stocks without visible ceilings on their growth is that when we do so we give ourselves the chance to profit by the unforeseeable and the incalculable.’

In addition, you’ll discover …

  • The key attributes Timothy looks for in growth stocks
  • How to identify forever stocks from these top growth stocks
  • Which data to study when looking for buy-and-hold stocks
  • How to use market timing when buying forever stocks
  • When to buy more shares of your favorite forever stocks

In short, you simply can’t go wrong by reading this FREE guide, learning from our best advice and snapping up our top 10 forever stocks. Remember, Timothy wants to make you rich!

Dig deep into our 10 forever stock recommendations

As I mentioned above, this is more than just a list of stocks. You get all the details that explain our belief in these stocks, and help you make your final decision. For example …

  • The “Google of China” is actually smaller than Google, yet growing much faster
  • “Cookie cutter” businesses like two of our companies make great forever stocks
  • Food will always be a mass market, but one food stock on our list has more potential than others
  • The normalization of relations with Cuba should help one of our forever stocks truly soar
  • One energy stock on our list even delivers a stunning dividend of 6%.
  • Elon Musk has another company, much less renowned than Tesla, that has enormous buy-and-hold potential

These are just a few of the critical details you’ll learn when you read 10 Forever Stocks to Buy Now, and How to Find High-Return Investments. And when you consider the small investment you have to make to get it – $0! – it’s an easy decision to start reading it right now.

You’ll also note as you read it that this is one of the most straightforward, user-friendly investing guides you’ll ever read.

That’s because at Cabot, we don’t do jargon, we don’t talk down to our readers and we don’t write for insiders – we write for normal human beings!

In fact, you’ll find that reading our advice is actually a pleasure, because we enjoy letting our personalities show; the one thing we’re not is stuffy or stiff!

So I hope you won’t delay in getting our free guide and studying it carefully. After all, these stocks were originally recommended by our experts in one or more of our premium advisory services:

  • Cabot Top Ten Trader, which presents 10 new, hot young stocks each week.
  • Cabot Growth Investor, a comprehensive growth stock advisory with specific buy, hold and sell advice.
  • Cabot Emerging Markets Investor, which specializes in the greatest growth opportunities in fast-growing emerging markets.
  • Cabot Stock of the Week, which selects the best opportunity from these three growth advisories, plus Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor (when the market favors opportunities in value stocks) and Cabot Dividend Investor (when the market favors more conservative, dividend-paying stocks), Cabot Small-Cap Confidential 2.0 and Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor.

Now, simply by reading this FREE guide, you can profit from some of the same advice that has benefited the paid subscribers of those advisories! No self-respecting investor can overlook a great “investment” like this!

So I urge you to read this guide without delay, and start building a portfolio of solid buy-and-hold-forever stocks tomorrow.

Yours for forever profits,

Michael Cintolo

Chief Analyst, Cabot Wealth Network

PS: Remember, it won’t cost you a penny to get this guide – and it only takes minutes to read, so you can spend your time investing, not studying.

PSS: The key to forever stocks, of course, is getting in before everyone else does … so please hurry and read this guide right now, to get in on our top 10 forever stocks before their value goes through the roof!



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