I wanted to shoot you over a quick note to say thanks. I'm sure you are well aware, but man - you are crushing it! PTON was a beast and now you are nailing QCOM, JD, and UBER is coming to life. GM is doing well too! Thanks to you, my portfolio is killing it this year.-Wesley O., Beverly, MA
"Yes, this letter is a good place to find stocks lying low in the doghouse which will come out to play and to scurry to new heights on a sunnier day."
-William D., Subscriber
"Old fashioned common sense is always worth the price."
-Richard S., Subscriber
"Having only recently started subscribing to the Cabot Turnaround Letter, I'd like to offer praise and thanks for your recommendations. I have already seen a nice increase upon investing in the recommendations that you have provided. I hope to continue for many more years, God willing and good health!!! Thank you once again for your service."
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-Michael Brush, The Fiscal Times
For almost three decades, George Putnam has been finding value at the bottom with his Turnaround Letter.-Steven Halpern, MoneyShow.com
Hi Mike: I just wanted to express my appreciation and thanks for your timely advice. Your recommendations are perfect ( as an investor, I know you cannot be ALWAYS right)  but having been a subscriber for over 30 years, when Carlton was running the letter) I am still very dedicated and love your style of writing and your recommendations. I always look forward to your letter and follow it to the last word---there is nothing better than this. Best wishes and keep up the good work--- I am dedicated to your letter forever.-R. Bhatia, Irving TX
Just a quick note to say thank you. You have been knocking them out of the park for the past 5 or 6 weeks.  This has been an opportunity that doesn't come along often.  I am approaching a 6 digit gain.  Keep them coming!! Oh, and I must not forget that you had me in cash when the market started to tank! As I said before, your Cabot Top Ten is worth every penny.  One trade pays for the letter many times over. My favorite quote to my friends is: You don't have to be the smartest man in the market; you just have to get your advice from one of the smartest men in the market.  When I tell them how much it costs, they don't believe me!-Bill D., St. Pete Beach, FL
I have countless times written to Mike to thank him for a particular stock, to tell him it feels like a magic show watching them increase. All I do with the profits is to put them back to work.-Susan S., Southbury, CT
I've found the information very useful, and have discovered numerous long term winners through my subscription. Thanks Mike!-Ben W., Honolulu, HI
I have used several of your recs … and have remodeled our kitchen, paid for three vacations, helped finance a sons starting business, paid for Texas Rangers season tickets among other things…Thank you for all you do.-Eddy C., Plano, Texas
Thank you for your detailed explanation in answer to my question. I continue to learn much from your newsletter and bulletins not to mention make money on the recommended investments.-Erik L., Thousand Oaks, CA
A GOOD STOCK PICKER to help you get into growing companies EARLY.-P. Groesser, Traverse City, Michigan