“Crista, My only regret is not having subscribed years ago to your advisory. Your "Buy–Sell" discipline is a methodical money maker. Many thanks.”

-Seagrunt, Coronado, California

“Jacob, awesome and thanks for the update, I got out on Friday with that pop with an 81.49% profit, I can't do it without your updates, scans and communication.”

-J. Lyons, Vail, Colorado

“In the past 24 months, you recommended 24 stock buys and 14 sells. After the first year, your picks, net of sales, were up 38%. The accumulative total after 24 months is up 56%.”

-K. Rutz, Columbus, Ohio

"I have subscribed to Cabot Stock of the Week since it's inception in June 2016. I have chosen this Cabot investment letter because it works best with my limited resources and my very limited knowledge of stock trading. So far, to date, my portfolio is up 75%. Yes there have been a couple of losses which I limited to 10% and 12%. But overall I have no complaint, none whatsoever.”

-P. Hyra, Burton, New Brunswick, Canada

"The sharp drop in the market value of our small cap portfolio caused me some concern earlier this week. It is reassuring to receive your special bulletins and weekly updates in providing some guidance and perspective. The timeliness of the special bulletins are appreciated. I suspect this week was very hectic for you! I am also impressed with the depth of research and analysis in your monthly recommendations. Your service is first class!"

-K. Ting, Trinidad, West Indies

Paul, this is just a note of appreciation for your expertise which has helped me claw back a great deal of my losses suffered in our "almost recession.” I am extremely grateful for your recommendations over the years and just want to say a big "thank you.” Looking forward to receiving your continued good advice.

-P. Devitt, St. Augustine, Florida

“Mike, I just want to thank you for your help. You always reply to me when I need it most. I learn a lot from you with the 2 newsletters and the Cabot Weekly Review. Not only about making profits but understanding about investing with the stock market. You are my mentor. I would also like to thank the Cabot team—to me the #1 place to get advice and education about investing since around 1987. Now I have the chance to  share my knowledge with my 2 sons.”

-A. Ng

“Hi Roy, Just got your bulletin on GILD, and it reminded me that I've often wanted to tell you how much and how often I admire your work. As I read your reports, I am regularly amazed at your insight and expertise. I've been following the market for 37 years, and you have always been simply the best. Thank you for the great work!”

-J. Haluska, Pine City, New York

Crista, Thank you very much for your help. Your equity/financial analytical style with a premium on conciseness and riveted on the essential factors, all delivered with great clarity is no doubt much appreciated by all your readers—especially those who aren't highly experienced/knowledgeable. Your newsletter is a Grand Slam.

-J.S., Florida

Thanks Christa. I've been investing for over 50 years now and your reports are the best ever. Clear and concise and right on the money.

-J. Fritts, Wellesley, Massachusetts

“Hey Jacob, Compliments on the piece on DVN. As a slightly older doctor, I have learned that it is very important to learn the way NOT to do things. Good job! I really enjoy when you teach!!  That alone makes the service worth it.”

-Haluska, Pine City, New York
I have been a subscriber for many of Cabot services for almost 12 years or more. I love Cabot 10 the most and credit the advisory for learning about the new and old businesses that are worth my current investment. If something interests me, I take a small position in it and add more Shares if it turns out to be a winner. Alternately I get out of the position if It doesn’t work. Sometimes I buy those stocks for short term profits and come back to them if the stocks keep performing well. The most important part is the lessons I learn from Cabot services ,How to become a Good successful Investor in the long run. Mike and all other advisors have something unique and useful to offer. It’s up to us how we receive and perceive it. They teach us that put what you learn in to action, that get rid of the enemy in you which often gets in the way and use the basic and advanced tools they offer into your personal investment style.Turning point for me was when I realized I am a Physician and I hardly know the Stock Market and there is some one who does all the basic research and offers it to you so that you can build on it. And finally the hand holding during tough times. Thank you Cabot to make this nonfinance guy into a successful Investor and a Wealth Builder.-Ved G.

“Mike, I have been using your Top Ten Trader for a bit now and love it. I recently stumbled across your Cabot Weekly Review. Wow! You do a really nice job with that one. It is a real learning experience to watch that. Instead of just buying what you advise, now I am buying what you advise with the knowledge of why I am doing it. My friends ask me how I can possibly keep track of 50 stocks. I tell them that I don't. I have a very intelligent man who does that for me (and at a very reasonable price). Thank you.”

-B. Doherty, St Pete Beach, Florida

“Roy, I have been following your recommendations for a few years. I have done very very well (my portfolio is up 238% since a zero start in May 2010 with additional contributions through this month)."

-D. Lake, Belvedere, California

"Thank you for the little piece on brokers earlier in the week. I would've saved a $150-$200 minimum on IB vs E*TRADE. I think it more than pays for your newsletter on options! Not to mention a couple of your great calls (HA, FCAU of most recent)!!”

-K. Stein, Whitefish, Montana

"I really appreciate your constant and frequent communications about the different stocks you recommend and encourage you to keep up that great work.”

-D. R., San Juan, Puerto Rico

“Tyler, I want you to know that since I subscribed in October 2016 that I am very pleased with the investment advice. You have exceeded my expectations. I find your commentary on the monthly stock picks comprehensive and balanced. I also appreciate your weekly updates as you share your thoughts and sometimes address any concerns which I may have. It is also most useful to get your advice on when to sell a stock.”

-Ken K, West Indies

"Last year I re-subscribed to Cabot Small-Cap Confidential and I just wanted to write to let you know I've really enjoyed your perspective and recommendations. You've made me aware of some great opportunities that I wouldn't have known about otherwise. I find your reports thorough and well written.”

-J. Uhlich, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"Thanks Crista. I really enjoy reading your “Undervalued Stocks” advisory and look forward to continued growth and capital appreciation.”

-K. Hayes, Gilford, New Hampshire

“Paul, thank you for recommending TCEHY. I recall you talking about it at the 2015 Conference, when it was banging up against 17 and trying forever to get north of there. Well it did, and thanks to you I own a small piece of it. To the Cabot Emerging Market guru, thank you!”

-S. Cohen, Pikesville Maryland