“Hi Roy, Just got your bulletin on GILD, and it reminded me that I've often wanted to tell you how much and how often I admire your work. As I read your reports, I am regularly amazed at your insight and expertise. I've been following the market for 37 years, and you have always been simply the best. Thank you for the great work!”

-J. Haluska, Pine City, New York

“Roy, I have been following your recommendations for a few years. I have done very very well (my portfolio is up 238% since a zero start in May 2010 with additional contributions through this month)."

-D. Lake, Belvedere, California
"Hi Timothy Lutts, I wrote you an email two days ago with a question about HQS, not being sure which of your editors recommended it. You wrote me back today, having found out the editor was Roy Ward and you attached the original email plus a new email that he sent to subscribers of his Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Letter—even though I'm not a member of his letter. I appreciate it tremendously!! Your 'family' is all about love of the market, and great treatment of your customers. That's why I'm a member and why I will stay one for a very long time!! Have a good day." -P. Bittner, St-Redempteur, QC, Canada
“Roy, thanks very much for the advice. I really appreciate how quickly and thoroughly you have answered each of my emails, and it only adds to the satisfaction I have with the Value Letter. I have told several of my associates about both the letter and your personal replies; you have certainly earned my future business. Thanks again.” -L. Kasuske, Seattle, Washington
“I have been a subscriber to the Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor for about three months and I find your methodology, analysis and commentary to be sound and of value (appropriate — after all, it is the "Value Letter"). No matter what, it has positively changed my approach to market investing and I think a compliment is warranted.” -S. Werner, Port Washington, New York
"Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Letter is a focused presentation of undervalued stocks of mature, high quality companies, with a history of trouncing the DJIA by 10-13% annually. I truly appreciate the crisp presentation of each stock recommended, without verbosity. Helps me focus on the underlying value of each stock and appropriateness for my portfolio of approximately 30 stocks and eight mutual funds." -Dr. Terry J. van der Werff, Hoover, Alabama
"Very good newsletter that can be used to diversify a stock portfolio and assist in monitoring investments. Doesn't use gimmicks that pretend to take the uncertainty out of investing." -S. Kiselewski, West Hill, Ontario, Canada
"A very sensible way to begin building a stock portfolio." -K. Green, Northbrook Illinois
"Conservative approach to investing. I like it." -M. Pressman, San Francisco, California
"This letter always has good up to date info and keeps on top of changing situations." -M. Glenn, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
“I think the under 50 crowd should follow the Letter to build retirement funds.” -A.E.G., Beaumont, Texas
“Concise, easy to read, direct and to the point.” -G. Budig, Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky
“This letter suggests sound stocks for consideration. Impressive record.” -A. Zeltmann, Los Alamos, New Mexico
"This is ideal for a conservative investor even if you are experienced and sophisticated." -J. C. Denton, Ph.D., Belton, Texas
“Great lists of best bets for a conservative investor.” -R. Beaton, Colorado Springs, Colorado
“Presents good buying opportunities and the right purchase/sell prices.” -J. McKeown, W. Lebanon, New Hampshire
“Roy, thanks for your advice again. I've had good luck using your newsletter…AGU, GS, DNA and others have appreciated nicely.” -Frances, Plymouth, Massachusetts
"Since I started to follow and apply your Benjamin Graham letter (BG), I have been able to relax and enjoy investing through thick and thin. Half of my portfolio is BG and the rest is Stock of the Month, Market Letter, Cabot Green together with my own ideas." -P. Haywood, London, U.K.
“Hi Roy! I love my Cabot Benjamin Graham Value investing letter and will be a subscriber for as long as you're publishing … My entry into the market (June ‘08) was extremely ill-timed on my part but at least I was smart enough to seek out the best advising letters there are! Thanks to you and Paul Goodwin, I not only survived I profited! The whole experience has motivated me to learn as much as I can. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and wisdom! Warm regards,” -L. Sage, Limerick, Maine
"Roy, Fantastic work. I did not buy BUCY on initial recommendation but I bought on 6 Mar at 11.81. Sold for 46.73. If I am not mistaken, that's a 3 bagger+ profit. I started investing about a year ago mostly in growth and did not do too well. Then I tried your value letter and was sold. I am more comfortable with value investing and have had great results following your guidelines. Thanks a lot for the good work you do. You've got a believer here." -W. Van Wert, Jacksonville, Florida