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"Thank you Chloe, for an exceptional list! I've had great results with BR and GPN, and plan on looking at the others too. I recommend readers subscribe to your letter, I have had great results with the several Cabot letters I've gotten over the years. No sales pitch, just honest opinion. You guys are among the best there is!"-Joseph H., Pine City, New York
"It's an exponential compounding that's solid and now tied into relative price strength. It's easy to check on and you don't get whipsawed."-R.L.
"It's a no brainer, just follow Chloe's recommendations."-J.L.
"I would tell people to check it out as a long term strategy for those who don't want to worry about timing the market and watch it on a daily basis."-R.S.
"Provides solid investing leads in a clear manner."-R.T.
"I suggest you try out this subscription because the information provided is backed up by sound research from a reputable firm. Holding cash, although important, does definitely not render as much as sound dividend stocks and can be an excellent alternative."-M.S.
"Great way to start investing or continue investing while young, and a great way to build an income stream. Awesome way to analyze companies that are not the normal, large dividend stocks like KO, PG, etc." -J.A.
"This service could and would surpass the use of a professional financial advisor who usually invests client funds in various mutual funds." -J.P.
"Impressed with the detail and explanation of the concept. Very well thought out and initial delivery was excellent!" -C.S.
"The letter format is excellent. More important all of the picks I have purchased are up and running." -M.S.
"I like that the letter explains the purpose of each stock i.e., dividend growth, safe income, etc. Simple format and easy to understand." -P.Z.
"In addition to the stock recommendations and analysis, I very much appreciate the effort you have made to educate your clients and hope you will continue to do so." -K.M.
"Ms. Jensen, Thanks for the Cabot Dividend Investor guides on retirement income, MLPs and portfolio composition. I am 70 and have been investing since I was a teenager and have never seen such a good explanation of this subject matter as the one you present. … I know from your level of knowledge that you will be a great success with this venture, especially with the huge number of retirees out here." -D. Dimick, Leawood, Kansas
"A very safe, intelligent way to invest for retirement." -F. Crothers, New Orleans, Louisiana
"It's exactly the investment letter I need for this time in my life. I would and will recommend it to friends and family. I'd just tell them if you want stress free solid dividend returns with dividend growth built in with a minimum of risk to your capital...this is the investment newsletter for you." -J. Schnereger, Boise, Idaho
"A great direct, well-researched portfolio that one can depend on or put your money on."-S. Kalsy, Landenberg, Pennsylvania
"Best way to start investing with hand picked stocks." -D. Sutaria, Reading, Massachusetts
"A very sound publication that actually delivers." -A. Montesinos, North York, Ontario, Canada
"A must for your nest egg and if you want income!"-O. Ahmodu, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
"Very timely, informative analysis of portfolio recommendations especially in relation to retirement timeframe ... I appreciate the three tiers of "tolerance" that are given with the stock selections." -S. Henderson, Pell City, Alabama

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