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Paul, this is just a note of appreciation for your expertise which has helped me claw back a great deal of my losses suffered in our "almost recession.” I am extremely grateful for your recommendations over the years and just want to say a big "thank you.” Looking forward to receiving your continued good advice.

-P. Devitt, St. Augustine, Florida

“Paul, thank you for recommending TCEHY. I recall you talking about it at the 2015 Conference, when it was banging up against 17 and trying forever to get north of there. Well it did, and thanks to you I own a small piece of it. To the Cabot Emerging Market guru, thank you!”

-S. Cohen, Pikesville Maryland
“Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report is notable for the portfolio discipline it applies to this most volatile market.” -Peter Brimelow, MarketWatch 12/7/08
"The only accurate investment letter about investing in China."-A. M., Wadsworth, Illinois
"The information is very informative, and when investing in other countries you better have a good advisor to team up with." -D.J., Chewelah, Washington
"One of the best and reliable newsletters that I've subscribed to." -T. J., Portland, Oregon
"This service gives me confidence in investing in the market in China as well as the other BRIC stocks. My primary interest is China and the Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report has helped me make some money. Well worth the cost." -J.G., Virginia Beach, Virginia
“Dear Mr. Goodwin, I would like to congratulate you on receiving the latest award for the best performing newsletter for the year. I would also like to express my sincere thank you for all the lucrative information that has enhanced my portfolio. Thursdays have become a special day each week, waiting with anticipation for the buy and sell news that you so expertly convey. My very best wishes to you and all members of the group.” -J. Spingarn, Redding, Connecticut
"Paul, I am very happy to stay in cash and stick with you. I subscribe to several other newsletters, one of which lost 50%. I didn't lose 50% because I set stops but the newsletter didn't recommend stops and still has buys on everything." -K. Shick, Hoschton, Georgia
"Paul, thanks again for your great advice. I have a lot of advisers and you have been the best one so far (after my other investment banker who guided me on shorts...). On all the other stuff I lost money. On the other hand, yesterday I bought SOL at 3.80 and I was obviously not disappointed. Your group as a whole (I also subscribe to two other Cabot newsletters) offers very good advice." -Lionel Marrié, Hong Kong
“Paul, I thoroughly enjoyed your [Internet seminar] presentation today and want to thank you for the way you explained the charts. I've never been able to understand why charting was so important and now I have a small idea of what a necessary part of investing it can be. Your presentation was excellent and as you so aptly said, "If you're down 50% in a stock you have to come up 100% to break even." Well, I'm underwater on a few of these but with your knowledge and help, hope to dig myself out. Many thanks.”-P. Devitt, St. Augustine, Florida
“I just returned from two and a half weeks touring China. I was fortunate through a friend to have access to and mix with the so-called emerging middle class, and it's booming like I have never seen anywhere before. I was impressed not by the differences in our cultures but by the similarities. My views are that of a layman and not an economist but I can to some degree believe what my eyes saw. This is where I need your excellent publication, to help me carefully select the companies to invest in. Without your help, I would be totally lost as to where to put my money in China; the choices are too mind boggling. Thank you for your great publication, your research and your calm and steady hand in a market where it is easy to get over excited by the prospects ahead, and forget that there will always be setbacks. Regards and best wishes,” -T. Boyle, Bowral, NSW, Australia
“Some years ago I told Timothy Lutts I sure like what you do and the way you do it. Well, Paul, I like what you all do and the way you do it! You should see me grab the computer, the phone and the mail box. I just wish I could work with you. You're beautiful!” -R. Lord, Redding, California
"Hi Paul, You'd think, what with emerging markets being all the rage right now and with your letter being so highly ranked and with your frequent presence on CNBC, that a lot more people would be trying to learn a little something about what they are doing. On that note, let me take this opportunity to thank you for what you give us week after week in your report and in the Cabot Market Letter. Between you and Mike Cintolo, I have received a first-rate education in stock investing since I entered the market in early 2008. What a time to START learning about how to buy and sell stocks! I would not have had the nerve to do it had I not heard you on CNBC one day and said, "Who is that? He thinks like I do about the market. I'd like to follow what he has to say." I knew it was a crazy time to start in the stock market, but I figured it would be invaluable as a learning experience—if I could learn what to do when times are bad, I would always be ready for anything ... I want you to know how much I appreciate the work that you do—especially your generous teaching spirit and your very agreeable sensibilities about things."-K. Hudson, Frankfort, Kentucky
"Over the last few years, Cabot's China & Emerging Markets Report has racked up one of the most remarkable records ever recorded by the Hulbert Financial Digest."-Peter Brimelow, MarketWatch 10/4/09
"Hi Paul, I greatly appreciate yours and your colleagues at Cabot's level-headed approach to the economic turmoil going on around us. As an investor dealing with my hard earned money, I am occasionally terrorized by the shouting bear voices painting pictures of crashing recessions and recommending go to cash and then into shorts. Cabot's voice of reason and calm has several times helped me across very difficult stretches of the recent correction, not unscathed, but at least still in the arena and looking forward to the calmer waters of the last quarter now that earnings are almost behind us...Prosperity and good health to you all, and thanks for coming to work every day."-B. Chevalier, Santa Rosa, California
"Your updates are reassuring. Makes me aware you've got a close eye on the portfolio." -R. Davis, Sierra Vista, Arizona
“Your explanation of the buy below price, when to hold on until it drops below, etc. are so helpful. I feel like I am hearing you think aloud as you set your parameters and make your decisions, which helps us make ours. Thanks much." -S. Kant, Raleigh, North Carolina
"Thank you Paul for providing a very concise and profitable advisory. I have tried a few other subscriptions and none compare."-R. Bruce, Vancouver, Canada
"Over the past five years, the letter is up 18.76% annualized against 1.11% annualized for the total return Wilshire 5000. This is unquestionably one of the most remarkable records we’ve seen in 30 years of Hulbert Financial Digest monitoring." -Peter Brimelow, MarketWatch 10/27/10

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