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"Having lost so much money with brokers and mutual funds, it is wonderful to be able to share the insights of someone of your status…when I search my e-mails and see something from Cabot, I know I'll have the leadership and direction to know what to do next. Thank you, thank you." -J. Goodwin (no relation to Paul), Fayetteville, Georgia.
"Of all the letters over the years, Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report has been the best by far and you were always there to answer questions over the phone." -P. Weisbuch, New York, New York
"Cabot's Emerging Markets Report… racked up one of the most remarkable performances ever recorded by the Hulbert Financial Digest."-Peter Brimelow, MarketWatch 7/7/11
"Thank you for Paul and the Cabot Emerging Markets Investor, not only because of the data, but also for your awesome level of service. How special it is that the Cabot folks seem to have the mentality that attentiveness and patience are important, along with the information that you provide."-B. Laxier, San Jose, California
"Please renew my subscription to Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report for two years. I've really enjoyed Paul's analysis and it's helped me make pretty good money—better still, it lets me know when to lighten my exposure to China and other emerging markets." -B. Chang, Belmont, California
“Paul, thank you for recommending Tencent Holdings (TCEHY). I recall you talking about it at the 2015 Conference, when it was banging up against 17 and trying forever to get north of there. Well it did, and thanks to you, I own a small piece of it. To the Cabot Emerging Market guru, thank you!”-S. Cohen, Pikesville Maryland