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“Cabot Market Letter has been a great help to me over the years. Your research is far more than I can (or want) to do.” -T. Fitzharris, Richmond, Indiana
“Cabot Market Letter is one of the best sources for momentum stocks that has both the fundamental and technical reasons for the momentum.” -M. Navarro, Brighton, Michigan
“High quality, timely advice with realistic expectations.” -S. McNeely, Nashville, Tennessee
“The Cabot Market Letter gives you information that you absolutely need to be in the stock market — market timing indicators and a selection of fast growing stocks.” -L. Marchetti, Midlothian, Virginia
“Well thought out, consistent communication and solid rational for choosing stocks.”-M. Hirsch, Beverly Hills, California
“If you are investing in Growth and not using Cabot, you are making a mistake!” -D. Newman, Morgan Stanley
“Thanks to Cabot Market Letter and Cabot Top Ten Report, my $28,000 IRA portfolio has grown 21.46% in the past two months! That's about 95% better than I did following (another investment advisory). Your system identifies far more winners than losers. Following your advice, I cut my losses short and let my winners run. When you warned us about a possible October surprise, I cut loose three laggards, avoiding losses the next day. I am extremely satisfied with your service and I give your newsletters most of the credit when bragging to my friends about how well I'm currently doing in the market. Thanks again.” -M. Taylor, Rogers, Alaska
“Cabot Market Letter's longer-term record is strong…Cabot's technique is a combination of fundamental analysis and market timing based on moving averages.” -Peter Brimelow, MarketWatch 10/9/08
“Cabot Market Letter broke with the top-performers' bullish consensus and caught a significant break a year ago … Longer term, Cabot has done even better.” -Peter Brimelow, MarketWatch 11/20/08
“I get prompt, clear, concise and informative email responses within an hour or two of sending an email to Cabot when I am worried about a particular recommendation or a new stock that I’m interested in buying.”-Nirmal R., San Francisco, California
“This is the one true market letter that always has the investors best interest in mind by providing the knowledge that with reward…also comes risk, and to be diligent at all times by culling your weaker stocks and placing an absolute loss limit if possible.” -J. Westheim, Paramus, New Jersey
“I have tried multiple newsletters…Cabot Market Letter advice is from someone genuinely interested in making the individual investor money…Only a few stocks are recommended at a time and Cabot is willing to stake its reputation on these few…Follow up on each of these stocks is excellent from the initial buy signal to the final sell signal…I don’t want someone to recommend hundreds of stocks and then brag about how much money one or two of them made…” -G. Southwood, South Plainfield, Indiana
“My wife and I are 'early retirees' that depend solely on our investments for income. And, since I'm actively engaged in the market on a day-to-day basis ... I visit many sites, receive a ton of solicited/unsolicited e-mail and have more subscriptions (current and expired) to magazines than I can name. Typically, I don't read most of them and only a very few get 'priority' status ... but, yours is a very good one. I always read it, follow-through on the research and act/not act as my situation requires. Thanks for the good work.”-D. Anthony, Saint Augustine Beach, Florida
"I just wanted to thank you for the extra Cabot Market Letter Bulletin updates during these tumultuous times. They have been very helpful and I have profited by your comments. Thank you for these extra bulletins and keep them coming." -J. Panhorst, Prosperity, South Carolina
"Over time I have come to trust and believe that you are always trying to do the right thing for your clients... You are appreciated!" -W. N. Archer, Springboro, Ohio
"I really can't tell you how nice it is to invest without any worry. I spent years following one advice letter after another, including Motley Fool and Jim Cramer among them, then tried Cabot. It sure is nice to have reliable advice through down and up times." -D. Aston, Florence, Alabama
"Cabot is outstanding! I am so pleased that I signed up for your subscription! I have watched you over the recent years and have found you right on top of the market even though the market has been so tough. You help us stay out of trouble so to speak. Thank you! We think you are great!!!" -F. Johnson, Holland, Michigan
"Cabot Market Letter … has a long and impressive record of adroit moves, most recently sticking to and profiting by a brave bullish call made in early 2009." -Peter Brimelow, MarketWatch 8/15/11
"Dear Cabot Heritage staff, I am writing to thank you for writing such an excellent newsletter (Cabot Market Letter)! I usually don't write letters like this. What prompted me to write though is the abundance of solicitations I get for other newsletters. The most recent solicitation (to buy small and midcap stocks) had a chart showing their performance versus the S&P and Russell 2000. In their review from 1999 to present they barely edged out those two indexes and in most cases barely beat or lost more than they did. For anyone who has received any of your solicitations that might be sitting on the fence or are reluctant to subscribe, you need to subscribe to the Cabot Market Letter! Your newsletter is by far the best I have ever read. Succinct and to the point with with your buys and sells. I look forward to getting your newsletter every two weeks via e-mail and enjoy the video updates you provide on Fridays. All the best and keep up the great work!" -M. Pak, Knoxville, Tennessee
"Cabot was one of the first letters to recognize the post-2002 bull market—and to bail out in late 2007…Cabot’s disciplined combination of market timing and stock selection driven by fundamental and technical factors has worked." -Peter Brimelow, MarketWatch, 10/21/10

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