I wanted to shoot you over a quick note to say thanks. I'm sure you are well aware, but man - you are crushing it! PTON was a beast and now you are nailing QCOM, JD, and UBER is coming to life. GM is doing well too! Thanks to you, my portfolio is killing it this year.-Wesley O., Beverly, MA
Jacob’s service is simply awesome. His trades are very carefully researched. I have been his customer since beginning of the year and already we have a a couple of trades with 200%+ gains and I read his daily updates at 5:30AM and make my own trades as well with nice profits as well. I tap into his brain often and He is very prompt with answering questions. I have been a Mike Cintolo fan for 20 years now and now I use both Cabot Top Ten as well as Cabot Options Trader and both have paid me back in spades this year.-G. Hullatti, Milpitas, CA
"What a fantastic call on Nutanix, Inc! I had a 9 bagger on that trade!"-John M., Haines City, Florida

“Jacob gives me peace and tranquility. If I have to define him, he is a little more in the conservative side. Patience is his key and that gives me plenty of time to stay relax and trade as he advises. I have an 85% record with him in all the trades. To be honest, I put my threshold for profits lower but as he says that is my technique and I'm quite happy with it. I will recommend Jacob any time.”

-V. Maines, Mission Viejo, California

“Jacob, thanks for the great steering advice you give. I have been very happy with your service and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship. Keep up the good work.” 

-J. Adams, Lubbock, Texas

“Jacob, you deserve a big applause for doing such a great job in this indecisive stock market! Keep up the great work!  Your performance recently had been impressively amazing! Thanks for helping me to get ahead in this crazy world.”

-J. Chan-Lai, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“Jacob, thanks so much for your help getting me a 20% gain in the last 3 weeks on my entire brokerage account. I might not see a stretch like this again anytime soon, but I know you made it possible. Really the last month has made the effort and anguish on my part trying to learn to trade worth it.

-D. Conway, Stuart, Florida

“Jacob, just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for helping me complete my first year of options trading successfully. Although I am still learning what it takes to be a good options trader, I was $11,000 in the black last year (2017)! Thanks for helping me achieve a very prosperous New Year.”

-John M., Streator, Illinois

“Jacob, awesome and thanks for the update, I got out on Friday with that pop with an 81.49% profit, I can't do it without your updates, scans and communication.”

-J. Lyons, Vail, Colorado

“Hey Jacob, Compliments on the piece on DVN. As a slightly older doctor, I have learned that it is very important to learn the way NOT to do things. Good job! I really enjoy when you teach!!  That alone makes the service worth it.”

-Haluska, Pine City, New York
"Nice trade. Keep them coming!!" -J.G., CFM
"My gain was 105% on MT. That's four times the cost of your service for me. I did show a small loss on NVLS and SPY but this is awesome. Thanks again." -Dave
"It was a pretty tough day on the market today. Please note I tried PDE. I made a 33% return in two days. Thank you very much." -Jane
"I bought five contracts for each of the positions that you recommended in the first letter. Was able to buy both at $1.95 per contract (PDE and NVLS). I sold the NVLS today at $2.50 for a small profit ($250) and have a sell order in for $3.00 for the PDE position. If executed this will give me another modest profit of $500. So, if this happens I will have recovered the cost of your letter in only a few days." -D.M.
"I'm one of your first subscribers and I made a great deal when I bought PDE at $1.50 on the $22.50 call! It's already back up to $2.40. Thanks for a great first trade!" -C.S.
"I just wanted to acknowledge your newsletter and say I find it very very helpful. I am a very big fan of options and just wanted to say that many of your recommendations have indeed helped me out a great deal." -P. Prasad, Sayreville, New Jersey
"I am up 76% on this investment this week and was up 56% on another investment last week. I could support myself with a few of these each week. I paid $1.99 a share and will sell it for over $3.70... WOW... It is worth learning this." -P. Friedman, Atlanta, Georgia
"Made $430.00 (98%) realized gain. Thank you very much, your service rocks!"-E. Bielanski, Deerfield, Massachusetts
"Thank you for the timely response and clarification to my question. More importantly, I have generated nice profits so far with your recommendations and look forward to a long profitable relationship."-F. Stamey, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
"I like your service so far—it looks like you have a good system that makes sense—at least to me. I like it, I like it, I like it. I am glade you came along." -Alfredo, New Haven, Connecticut