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I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and send out a very big THANK YOU to everyone, but especially, Mike, Tim, Tyler and Jacob. My portfolio was up 183% for 2019 thanks to the great advice they provided me. I only invest in Cabot recommendations and it has really paid off. Looking forward to seeing all of you in August at the conference.-Rod K.

“In the past 24 months, you recommended 24 stock buys and 14 sells. After the first year, your picks, net of sales, were up 38%. The accumulative total after 24 months is up 56%.”

-K. Rutz, Columbus, Ohio

"The sharp drop in the market value of our small cap portfolio caused me some concern earlier this week. It is reassuring to receive your special bulletins and weekly updates in providing some guidance and perspective. The timeliness of the special bulletins are appreciated. I suspect this week was very hectic for you! I am also impressed with the depth of research and analysis in your monthly recommendations. Your service is first class!"

-K. Ting, Trinidad, West Indies

“Tyler, I want you to know that since I subscribed in October 2016 that I am very pleased with the investment advice. You have exceeded my expectations. I find your commentary on the monthly stock picks comprehensive and balanced. I also appreciate your weekly updates as you share your thoughts and sometimes address any concerns which I may have. It is also most useful to get your advice on when to sell a stock.”

-Ken K, West Indies

"Last year I re-subscribed to Cabot Small-Cap Confidential and I just wanted to write to let you know I've really enjoyed your perspective and recommendations. You've made me aware of some great opportunities that I wouldn't have known about otherwise. I find your reports thorough and well written.”

-J. Uhlich, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
"Easy to work with, great investment ideas and I'm not left hanging on updates." -J. Thomas, Amherst, New Hampshire
"The newsletter lets you build a portfolio that is more fun to watch, with potentially greater rewards." -K. Rutz, Columbus, Ohio
"A GOOD STOCK PICKER to help you get into growing companies EARLY." -P. Groesser, Traverse City, Michigan
"A family of small cap stocks that is scrutinized and closely monitored for performance and a higher risk portfolio." -P. Gamache, Yakima, Washington
"Detailed and comprehensive. Identifies opportunities early. Diverse selection of investment areas." -B. Sterk, Byron Center, Michigan
“You substantially the same work as money managers at large cap mutual funds. Why is Tom's performance so different? Tom has the ability to leverage research in niche markets into profits that far exceed the normalized profits that one might get in a balanced large cap mutual fund.” -M.M., Washington, D.C.
"I am so very pleased with your Cabot Small-Cap Confidential. You are a very talented individual. To me, the format is perfect. I like just the one main idea per month and the updates per week. And I like the weekly conclusion: strong buy, buy, hold or sell. There is absolutely nothing I could suggest you change." -E. Lyon, Naples, Florida
“Thank you very much for the advice. I really appreciate your input. Thanks for all the good work in the letter.”-W. Yeung, Alhambra, California
"Your picks have been amazing. I have been a subscriber for around six months and have made a lot of money. I have been pleased with all of the Cabot newsletters. Keep up the great work."-M. Howell, Mobile, Alabama
"I just simply want to thank you for your efforts and stellar analysis work. As you may know, I am a charter subscriber to Cabot Small-Cap Confidential. While things seemed bleak towards the end of 2008, I am happy to say that my small cap portfolio, initiated in Fall of 2007, has now grown to $215,760, and of that total, $41,117 is profit. Given what the markets and the economy have been through during 2008, I believe this is a very good result. I have ended up committing more funds to the portfolio than I had planned, mostly because I have reinvested profits from partial sales of stocks such as UQM and BDSI. In addition, my large cap portfolio, which was initiated in Jan of 2009, has been very profitable as well, and I have moved some of those profits into the small cap stocks. All in all, it is very exciting to see this approach start to come together, and I am very optimistic about what the future holds. Once again, thanks very much for your great work, and thanks also for your past comments and help on my portfolio." -Daniel, Salt Lake City, Utah
"I can't thank you enough for making such great recommendations, I love reading your newsletters." -D. Napoletano, DMD, Middletown, New York
"You are making some nice calls. I am not trying to suck up or anything like that, just an honest Great Job. I have recommended you twice today." -K. Gallagher, Salisbury, Massachusetts
"A well researched, easy to read and honestly "marketed" newsletter that has pumped up my portfolio. I have been a Cabot subscriber for several years, a Small-Cap subscriber for a few months, and spent the "big bucks" because of my confidence in the integrity of the Cabot organization. My trust is not easily bestowed ... Cabot has worked hard to earn that trust." -F. Odon, Olmsted Falls, Ohio
"I believe in the overall viability of small caps, and you help me to pick the most viable!! Overall, the picks are less influenced by the market, like today the market is down and my portfolio is up!! There is a downside to everything, but I feel the upside is much greater, which so far has worked out for me! Keep up the good work!" -S. Small, Bloomfield, Connecticut
"I tried most of the Cabot services and got good results but Small-Cap is my most favorite.... I am willing to renew my subscription before it gets over so that I do not miss a single letter !! If you like $$$ then join Small-Cap." -Mr. Shah, Santa Clara, California

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