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"It has been an exhausting search to find an advisory service as good as Cabot Small-Cap Confidential. The proof is in the pudding." -J. Cramer, Topeka, Kansas
"This is the only service where I made money :-)" -K. Shah, Cupertino, California
"I just renewed my subscription to your small cap service. This was unusual since my subscription was not up until next year. It wasn't for the saving either. My renewed early subscription was to show my thanks and appreciation for your service, which I find to be the most comprehensive and accurate of any I have subscribed to. The reports are concise, well written, and followed up weekly. You tell your subscribers when it is time to take some profit, even though it must be difficult sometimes when a stock is going straight up. I subscribe to a myriad of services and advisories, but none, and I mean none, compare to what you do. Sure, your picks sometimes require patience, but the continued flow of information at least lets us know you are on the case and a stock acting poorly does not go by the wayside and get forgotten as it builds its business. This gives me the confidence to stay in a position, and add to it when it does not prove out immediately. I also appreciate the fact that you limit the size of your readership to protect the integrity of your stock selections, allowing those of us who have subscribed to enter at reasonable prices. Again, thanks for the extremely good work. It is much appreciated." -Ron A, Wilmette, Illinois
"It's been a while since I've written, but wanted to say that this has been far and away the best market letter I've subscribed to over a fair number of years of investing. I started with you on day 1, and I just extended into 2016. The first couple of years, needless to say, were pretty rocky, and like most, I suffered some substantial losses due to poor management on my part. Checking my holdings last week, I realized that the majority of my funds are sitting in your recommended 'strong buys,' and the performance of so many of these has been rather spectacular. Well...I did take quite a hit on one of your recommendations when it crashed and sold my position at that time, but as you continued to hang with it, I jumped back in literally one day before it doubled to $1.80. I continued buying, and took my first profit this afternoon. Anyway, Tom, just felt the need to express my thanks for unearthing so many quality performers and sticking with them through the occasional potholes."-B. Bulger, Springwater, New York
"I just want to take a moment to congratulate you on your performances. Not only have many of your recommendations increased by double digits recently, but they do so even when the markets go down. Thanks in advance and congratulations again. You are by far the best analyst I have seen!" -M. Paquet, Québec, Canada
"First off, I would like to say that I am glad I subscribed approximately five months ago, I have definitely made more than the cost of my subscription and I am currently still sitting on some unrealized gains. I love the way your letter is written and I look forward to every Friday." -W. Finkelstein, C.P.A., Woodland Hills, California
"Thanks for this selection as it'll pay for your service for years." -T. Baltimore, Boca Raton, Florida
"I am so very pleased with your Cabot Small-Cap Confidential. You are a very talented individual. To me, the format is perfect. I like just the one main idea per month and the updates per week. And, I like the weekly conclusion: strong buy, buy, hold, sell. There is absolutely nothing that I would suggest you change." -E. Lyon, Naples, Florida
"I just finished my taxes. I made just over $50K with my small-cap subscription."-B. Gonzalez, Chicago, Illinois
"I find it imperative to again congratulate you on the best investment service I have ever subscribed to. Never have I had a service that I can count on a review of every stock in the portfolio on a weekly basis, sound advice as to when to take profits, differentiation of the stocks to buy based on price and market conditions, and complete analysis of a stock when it is recommended. I also must confess my selfish happiness that the service is for limited number of subscribers. This is not a one-lucky-stock service. While I have taken a couple of small losses, my profits following your advice has been exceptional. In my book, you are the number one service I have ever subscribed to. I appreciate being able to read your work on a weekly basis. On behalf of all of your subscribers, thank you for your very hard work and impressive insight." -Ron A., Palm Beach, Florida
"I remain grateful to Cabot for the advice you provide. The Small-Cap Confidential is my favorite advisory. It is dynamic and I like the potential for substantial gains." -D. Strahle, Eagle, Michigan
“I just wanted to let you know that your stocks have put my daughter through law school. She still has a year and half to go. I learned how to take a profit, so her tuition is locked in a certificate of deposit and won't go back into the market. My son also just started college. He wants to be a finance major—he’s been watching me and he got hooked on the market. His tuition is three-quarters paid with what I’ve accumulated. A lot of the stocks I bought when they were out of favor, and I always liked the stories. Now there’s no telling if they might turn into another Monster Beverage and I have plenty of patience.” -Cabot Small-Cap Confidential subscriber
“I just read your Game Changers report. I've been waiting for a new start-up company dealing with 3-D printing. The future is bright. I'm 73, so my investment time is limited, but I introduced my son to your advisory—he's a finance major so I know his investment future is promising. Keep up the good work.” -B. Gonzalez, Palos Heights, Illinois
"Thank you for OVAS! I appreciate you very much.” -T. Clark, Fort Worth, Texas
"Looks like your prediction of CSII hitting 40 came true (I think it was about 34 when we exchanged emails). Great long term pick. Thank you. I have been in since the beginning. Now light a fire under MITK. Appreciate all your great work.” -P. Rosenberg, Bethany Beach, Delaware
“Tyler, I took some profits and paid for my subscription! Thanks!” -L. Kelly, Cambridge, Massachusetts
“Tyler, I want you to know I am extremely impressed with the detailed reports you send to me/us regarding the stocks you have chosen and recommended that we consider for investment. I have been with Cabot for many years and have tried probably all the advisories at one time or another. Yours is expensive, but so far well worth the cost. I thank you for your service.” -G. Casey, Wiesbaden, Germany
“It has been an exhausting search to find an advisory service as good as Cabot Small-Cap Confidential. The proof is in the pudding.”-D. Napoletano, DMD,
Middletown, New York