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Very enjoyable, informative and great to meet the faces and explore the minds behind your market letters and recommendations.-D. Swindells

“Mike’s segment on How to Buy Smart and Sell Smarter was extremely valuable, even for long-time investors. It's easy to get caught up in how well or not well we're doing and forget some of the basic principles. One of the best presentations at the summit—from the guy who lives and breathes the market!” 

-S. Lupo, Littleton, Colorado

“This was the best designed conference of all of them so far. I'm one of several five-year attendees. Paul is a wonderful moderator. His dry wit and stories are always entertaining, and the "Opening Bell" is always fun to hear. Ladies and gentlemen: Start your engines!”

-S. Lupo, Littleton, Colorado

“Dear Tim, I wanted to thank you for another fantastic conference. Actually it was the best to date IMO. I really enjoyed the format.  It was great not to move around and actually hear from all the analysts. It was also great to be able to really interact and to get questions answered by various analysts. Thanks again.”

-M. Genatt, Brookville, New York

“Thank you Tim, for your part in the Cabot Summit. My only regret is that this was my first! Meeting you, Mike and Paul was a pleasure. You have assembled a very talented and compatible group, and I look forward to joining you again next year.”

-B. Adam, Flemington, New Jersey

"Thank you for an amazing conference and all the time and effort the team put in to making it so valuable!! It exceeded my expectations. I received so much value out of all the sessions but what was even more valuable and meaningful was meeting all of you and fellow investors. Cabot Wealth is "One of a kind”—an "Outlier.” You give sound advice and you care! I can say there is no other service out there that compares!! I feel like I am part of a family!"

-L. O’Grady, Overland Park, Kansas
Jacob Mintz Breakout Session “A very worthwhile introduction to the options market with a strategy to generate steady income.” -Anonymous
Paul Goodwin Breakout Session “Very interesting discussion with great insights on China.” -P. Howard
Chloe Lutts Jensen Breakout Session “Very helpful overview. Good intro to dividends.” -Anonymous
Roy Ward Breakout Session “A true professional who has developed his system over years & who sticks with it.” -Anonymous
Mike Cintolo Breakout Session “Mike has such a comfortable way of presenting information! I follow him regularly in Top Ten and CML plus always read his emails and watch the weekly videos (both Mike & Paul). This presentation was very valuable as a big picture view. Good topic choice and well attended.” -S. Lupo
Tim Lutts Breakout Session “Appreciate Tim’s wonderful dry humor.” -Anonymous
Tim Lutts Breakout Session “I’ve read Tim long enough to know his philosophies but it was great to hear it again.” -T. Leonard
"The Editors Outlooks" Panel Discussion “Really liked hearing outlooks from all disciplines.” -anonymous
"Controlling Risk in an Aggressive Portfolio" Panel Discussion “Very helpful to remind me not to go all “schitze” when my stock goes down. Every now and again I need to be talked down from the ledge!” -Anonymous
"Alternatives to Bonds for Safe Income" Panel Discussion “This presentation complemented my growth bias beautifully! Jacob almost made a believer of me.” -Anonymous
"My Favorite Investment Today" Panel Discussion “Tremendous food for thought.” -Anonymous
"How to Identify and Use Major Market Themes" Panel Discussion “Good overview—got some ideas such as sub-themes.” -J. Cardwell
"How to Identify and Use Major Market Themes" Panel Discussion “I appreciated each editor’s take on how to play market themes.” -Anonymous