"Where is the Market Heading Next?" Panel Discussion “Especially liked the historical perspective and looking ahead.” -S. Lupo
“Very enjoyable, informative and great to meet the faces and explore the minds behind your market letters and recommendations.” -D. Swindells
“Also great to speak with other investors at the conference & learn what they are doing, their methods.” -Anonymous
“It was very useful to meet the editors & have the opportunity to ask questions. I appreciate the work you did to put this on. The collection of activities was a nice bonus.” -Anonymous
"Quality of the food was excellent—especially the lobster bisque! Also, having an editor at each table was great. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Roy." -E. Loose
“Lunch with the editors was a great idea. I learned a lot from table conversation with Jacob. Attendee’s questions and comments added to the experience.” -C. Weismuller
“Well worth the time and money. Looking forward to the 2nd generation conference in the future.” -Anonymous
“I came to a better sense of the range of newsletters and to pick up a few new ideas. Mission accomplished. I really enjoyed the venue and food, tour, etc.” -Anonymous
“You guys smacked it out of the park! On a scale of 1-10, this was a 15. All of my expectations were not only met, but exceeded. … I feel like you are all my friends as well as my trusted advisors.” -S. Lupo
“The cocktail reception was an excellent entry into conference and good way to meet the analysts.” -Steven Cohen, Pikesville, MD
“The friendliness was the best part. You all are terrific!”-Wayne and Carol Thomas, Dover, DE
“I think you all are very knowledgable and truly want to help. Keep up the competition between you all as it implies all of you want to be winners and are not just going through the motions.” -Wayne and Carol Thomas, Dover, DE
“Options are tough but Jacob makes it "easy.”-Michael Gennat, Brookville, NY
“Mike continues to set himself apart in the industry with concise unemotional analysis and good presentation skills. His command of the history of markets, even before his time, is educational and helpful in understanding where we are in the big picture.” -John Cardwell, San Antonio, TX
“The roundtable stock clinics were a fantastic way to ask about individual stocks and sectors.” -Steven Cohen, Pikesville, MD
“Great conference! Each analyst provides excellent analysis of stocks in his/her respective sectors.”-Steven Cohen, Pikesville, MD
“Love seeing people from previous years and also talking with the Cabot people whom I've come to regard as friends. Food and service are great.” -Susan Lupo, Littleton, CO
“I really enjoy the one-on-one interaction with the analysts who support me all year long. I have been to all four conferences and eagerly look forward to the fifth!” -Susan Lupo, Littleton, CO
“Paul, I enjoyed meeting you at the Cabot stock conference. You are a good speaker and made the presentation a little more fun. It is also good to get to know the people who are giving the advice. Thanks for taking the time to help put on the Cabot event.” -Steven Wolff, Carlsbad, CA
I was surprised at the picks of different analysts...are they telling us something about the precarious state of the market … I’m thinking of Tim’s choice here … I actually am very worried abut how the market is trading right now. A market that sells off/shoots any stock that advances sharply is a dangerous market.-Margarita Abe