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Cabot SX Cannabis Advisor
As marijuana becomes increasingly legal in both the U.S. and around the world, growth-oriented investors have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Using market-tested, proven strategies, Chief Analyst Timothy Lutts’s expert advice will guide you through the best marijuana-related stocks to buy—and when to hold and sell them.
Take advantage of the huge profit possibilities in today’s hottest sector—crypto. With this advisory service, crypto expert Ian Beaudoin provides two portfolios of the full range of asset classes. Regular issues, updates, and alerts keep you posted on what to buy, when to sell, plus explain the technology and terminology so you can build your expertise on crypto and blockchain opportunities.
Cabot Gold & Metals Advisor
Gold, silver and the other precious and rare earth elements are vitally important raw materials to so much of the technology of today—and tomorrow. Demand grows every day, and the global markets are buffeted by trade restrictions and supply-chain disruptions. The resulting volatility can bring big profits to the savvy investor. Expert investor and Chief Analyst Clif Droke’s advice, market insights, momentum strategies, and investment recommendations will help you take advantage of these profit opportunities.
Cabot Greentech Advisor
The green energy revolution is here. Most investors are missing this story, but greentech is disrupting the energy market in a way that has NEVER happened before. And the new and emerging technology—electric vehicles, batteries, solar, wind, green manufacturing, recycling, and more—are seeing unprecedented growth. Chief Greentech Analyst Brendan Coffey has been a successful green-energy investor for nearly 20 years, and he will show you how to grow your wealth with green and ESG investments.

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