AmBev (ABV): Strong earnings and revenues


By Paul Goodwin, Editor of Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report
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For my stock pick this week, I’m going to discuss AmBev (ABV), which I recommended in my Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report a month ago.

AmBev, also known as the Companhia de Bebidas das Americas, is a Brazilian beverage company with a lineup that includes beers like Brahma, Skol and Antarctica as well as drinks like Gatorade, Lipton and Pepsi-Cola.

While Brazilian beer sales contribute more than half of the company’s revenues (52% in 2009), AmBev has operations in 14 countries, and gets a sizable chunk of sales in Canada (17% in 2009) from its ownership of Labatt Brewing, which it bought in 2004. Beer sales in the rest of Latin America amounted to about 20% of 2009 sales, while non-alcoholic beverages kicked in about 11%.

While the Great Recession in 2008 took a toll on AmBev’s earnings and revenue growth, the company was always solidly profitable. The last four quarters of earnings growth have included gains of 36% (in Q4 2009), 61%, 19% and 53%. Revenue growth for the period has come in at 41%, 40%, 16% and 15%. And the company’s Q3 report showed a record after-tax profit margin of 30.4%.

ABV, which recently split 5-for-1, has good support in the 28 area. And a dividend (annual dividend yield of 2.0%), ties up the package nicely.

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