China Unicom (CHU): Interesting mix of attractive qualities

By Paul Goodwin, Editor of Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report
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My stock recommendation today is a Chinese company that presents an interesting mix of attractive qualities. It’s China Unicom (CHU), a Hong Kong-based Chinese telecom company that has a total of 323 million subscribers, including 146 million wireline accounts and 177 million mobile subscribers, of which a little over 20 million are 3G accounts.

With sales of over $27 billion a year, China Unicom is a sizable business.

But the big opportunity here is reflected in the company’s revenue structure, which was skewed 54% to fixed-line services in 2009, and 46% to mobile.

China Unicom’s business mix is a result of a reshuffling of wireline and mobile responsibilities in 2008. China Unicom, which had been primarily a fixed-line service provider, was delegated a significant chunk of wireless business. Efforts to build out wireless infrastructure (cell towers, submarine cables, etc.) have kept a lid on earnings, with five declines in the last six quarters.

But as these infrastructure outlays slow and higher-margin 3G service becomes a larger part of the mix, investors are anticipating a sizable improvement in earnings growth.

Since the beginning of December 2010, CHU has soared from 12 to 20, with a nice intermediate base centering on 17 in February and March. The stock broke out to new multi-year highs in April and looks to be putting in a new base around 20. CHU isn’t cheap, but it pays a small dividend and is the best available way to play the mobile revolution in China. It looks buyable on any dip below its 25-day moving average.

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Paul GoodwinPaul Goodwin
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