Gogo (GOGO): Internet access on airline flights

By Timoty Lutts, Chief Analyst, Cabot Stock of the Month
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I wish you luck with the following high-potential stock recently presented by Mike Cintolo in Cabot Market Letter.

Gogo (GOGO) is the company behind Internet access on airline flights. About 7,000 daily flights have the company’s technology in North America, and it dominates the industry with about an 80% market share; more opportunities exist for Gogo overseas (though competition is greater, too). The service is a hit with consumers and airlines, with studies showing that consumers favor flights that are Wi-Fi enabled over others. The firm’s third-quarter results were terrific, with revenues of $85.4 million, up 48% from a year ago. Gogo is still losing money, but cash flow is turning positive and the stock leapt out of a nice base this week following the quarterly report.”

As I write, GOGO is trading around 27, in the middle of a range that runs from 22 to 32. It could—and is likely to—return to one of those extremes soon. But the question is which one?

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