KeyCorp (KEY): Rising Earnings

KeyCorp (KEY) is a large retail and commercial bank that’s based in Cleveland, OH. The company has about $140 billion in assets. Revenue is expected to grow about 20% in 2017.

Wall Street expects KeyCorp’s earnings per share (EPS) to grow by 18.8% and 17.3% in 2017 and 2018, with corresponding P/Es of 14.0 and 12.0. In an analysis of a dozen famous banks that I published for subscribers to Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor on June 12, KeyCorp had far more attractive earnings growth and valuation than 10 of the other bank stocks.

The company historically announces an annual dividend increase in the middle of May.

KEY has traded between about 16.5 and 19 since mid-November. Many financial stocks are breaking out of six-month trading ranges this month, and KEY appears immediately ready to follow suit. KEY could appeal to growth investors, dividend investors, value investors and traders. And as a reminder, your favorite tech stocks do not have the numbers to support any of those investment styles, except for the occasional dividend.

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