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The Perfect Advisory for the Intelligent Investor


Dear Fellow Investor,

In a world filled with instant gratification, those of us who are more traditional find themselves left out of the conversation … and worse, find it difficult to get good investment advice.

Of course it doesn’t have to be that way. There are still many investors who appreciate the value of building long-term wealth carefully and steadily—and at least one advisor who understands them.

My colleague Roy Ward and his Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor advisory are true believers in good old conservative value investing. Roy is something of a “descendent” of Benjamin Graham and his time-tested methods of choosing stocks based on the actual value of the company—not the value that the short-term, day-to-day investors choose to give them.

And no matter what you may have heard recently, value investing is far from dead, despite the pace of our fast-moving economic world. As it happens, Roy has a win rate of more than 89% over the past two years—the same time period in which value investing is said to have declined!

In fact, Roy has outperformed the Dow by more
than 4.5 to 1 … for 20 years.

Does that sound like a dead investing strategy to you? Or does it instead sound like something you’d like to get in on?

Value investing: Not For Just Anyone

The truth is, many people simply lack the discipline and patience it takes to realize the wealth that can be derived from value investing. These people want to get rich quick … score big, dig for gold and strike it rich instantly. They depend on that instant gratification. They hope to make their money on the mistakes other investors make—mistakes that drive short-term market fluctuations.

These people aren’t investors, as Benjamin Graham himself explained in 1949. They’re speculators. They’re gamblers. We’re going to help you become a successful investor.

Investors are disciplined, patient and careful. They make money on the true, underlying value of a company—not just the crowd’s current opinion of a stock’s value, which could change in a heartbeat.

Investors believe in research, thoughtful analysis of the data and the strength of a company’s actual performance and assets—and buying undervalued stocks that the crowd has overlooked. They rarely make mistakes, and when they do, those small mistakes are always offset by substantial successes.

Are you one of these rare individuals?

If you are, please read on for more information on how to make patient, rock-steady value investing work for you and your portfolio. It’s not as complex as some people—who simply don’t take the time to understand it—would have you believe.

The Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor advisory is a worthy successor to Mr. Graham’s renowned technique, and as I said, Research Analyst Roy Ward is a proud member of a long line of the Benjamin Graham method investing family, which includes luminaries such as Warren Buffett, Laurence Tisch, Sir John Templeton and Peter Lynch.

How to Join Warren Buffett in the Winner’s Circle …

“The most superb investment letter that I have come across in my lifetime. My only regret is that I did not follow their advice sooner.”
—M. Reddy, Fort Gratiot, MI

The most superb investment letter ever? Who says that kind of thing?

As it turns out, one of Roy Ward’s many subscribers does. They also say things like …

  • “I have made more money on the stocks that I have invested based on your recommendations than I have made elsewhere.”
  • “I just renewed your Benjamin Graham Value Investor for a third year in a row, and plan on doing so many more times to come!”
  • “Roy, you are the most thorough man! I love you guys!”
  • “Roy, I am amazed at this service and honesty and willingness to respond.”
  • “You are terrific. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

There are many more similar remarks from Roy’s readers—truly, too many to repeat here.

If you’re thinking of joining them, allow me to explain how it works.

A young fellow named J. Royden Ward arrived at Babson College more than 50 years ago, eager to learn about value investing from Benjamin Graham’s student, good friend and collaborator, Dr. Wilson Payne. Dr. Payne was Dean of Students and also head of the Finance and Investments Department, and he took young Roy under his wing.

Now, 55 years later, Roy has built up his own fortune by leveraging what he learned about value investing from Dr. Payne—methods that have allowed him to ride out even the worst down markets profitably. He teaches these methods to his grateful readers in every issue of the Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investing newsletter, which, by the way, has earned a 1,061% return since its debut 13 years ago!

Having learned about value investing from one of its sources and mastered the art, Roy advises his readers in 12 monthly issues of his Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor, which features his wildly successful Cabot Value Model. For this model, Roy seeks out companies whose stock price is below the actual value of the company itself, using his proprietary computer models and all of his value investing skills.

Each issue includes specific buy/sell hold recommendations, including minimum sell prices and maximum buy prices, plus a list of the 275 very best value stocks in Cabot’s vast database with Roy’s recommendations and analysis. (That’s right—the 275 stocks are updated in every issue of Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor.)

Roy doesn’t wait for the next monthly issue to let his readers know the latest, however. He also issues regular updates to keep you on top of everything he knows. Now, as if that’s not enough (and already more than most stock advisory letters deliver) there are an additional 12 monthly issues of Cabot Enterprising Model, a separate letter that includes news, analysis and buy/sell/hold recommendations for another model, this one focused on 16 stocks that Roy has selected by using one of six analyses: Undervalued Canadian, Classic Value, Graham Buffett, Low NCAV, Low P/BV and Low PEG.

So that’s two monthly newsletters PLUS regular updates—and all for far less than you’ll pay for almost any other investing newsletter. (More on that in a moment.)

Oh, and one more thing: Roy, like all of Cabot’s stock experts, actually answers his email! That’s right: You can ask Roy any questions you have about his recommendations, and you’ll get his personal, detailed response.

Don’t believe me? (I understand—it’s quite unusual in the investing advice business.) Here’s what happened when one of our readers couldn’t remember which Cabot analyst had recommended a particular stock about which he had questions. He emailed our President, Timothy Lutts, who took the time and trouble to identify Roy as the originator of the recommendation, and sent the questioner Roy’s analysis exactly as he had delivered it to paid subscribers, even though the gentleman with the question wasn’t one of them!

Cabot Investing Advice: Not Your Father’s Stock Advisory

I’m sure you’ve read many promotional pieces for various investing advisory services and publications over the years. They all start to sound alike after awhile, don’t they?

But Cabot Investing Advice is quite different. For one thing, as you just saw, we’re not an anonymous group of elite experts issuing stock picks from a shiny skyscraper in Manhattan—we’re firmly grounded in New England, right where our founder started the business.

For another thing, Cabot is truly a family of stock experts. I’m our founder’s son. Another of our experts is also a family member. And all of our advisors treat their readers as if you’re all part of our family. The reader who received that free advice from Roy told us, “Your ‘family’ is all about love of the market, and great treatment of your customers. That’s why I’m a member and why I will stay one for a very long time!“

And we write our stock advisories for normal human beings in clear English—there’s no jargon, and we never talk down to you. (If we did, our readers would surely email us about it!) As Dr. Terry van der Werff of Hoover, AL, wrote us, “I truly appreciate the crisp presentation of each stock recommended, without verbosity.”

Another longtime reader notes that Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor “doesn’t use gimmicks that pretend to take the uncertainty out of investing.” “Concise, easy to read, direct and to the point” says another.

We’re proud to be a uniquely trustworthy, plain-spoken stock advisory company. But there’s much more to us, and to Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor, than that. When Roy picks a value stock, he’s astonishingly accurate in his assessment. Consider some of these numbers related to Roy’s stock picks:

  • In its 13 years of publication, the Cabot Value Model in Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor increased 255.0%, compared to increases of 98.2% for the Dow and 119.5% for the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index. (And these numbers don’t even include all the dividends that many value stocks issue!)
  • The Cabot Value Model has provided an impressive return of 1,126.9% over its lifetime, compared to a return of 562.9% for Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, and just 244.6% for the Dow Jones Industrials.
  • As for individual recent wins, Trinity Industries (TRN) delivered Roy’s readers a gain of 114.1% over an 11-month hold period. In addition, readers saw gains of:
  • 192.1% in United Therapeutics
  • 149.05% in Magna International
  • 90.54% in Stantec
  • 71.88% in Stryker Corp
  • 91.54% in Ingles Markets
  • 135.27% in Anthem

And remember: value stocks are conservative choices, which provide stability for your portfolio and reduce risk. You simply cannot go wrong by following Roy’s models!

Best of all, you’ll always understand Roy’s methodology so you can further identify your own promising undervalued stocks—but you don’t have to even do that to see triple-digit returns. Just follow Roy’s recommendations and make hundreds of thousands of dollars!

And Now for the Price of All This …

If you’ll recall, I promised you two monthly newsletters plus regular updates from Roy. Allow me to give you the complete list of the items you receive when you subscribe to Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor:

  • 2 monthly issues of Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor
  • Regular updates to keep on top of changes in the Cabot Value and Cabot Enterprising Model portfolios, the market, and opportunities in Value Stocks, ETFs, REITs and more.
  • Answers to your investing questions from Roy

PLUS as our gifts to you for trying Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor:

  • FREE BONUS! Wealth-Builder Tool #1: Benjamin Graham’s Complete Guide to Value Investing (a $25 value). Unlocks the secrets to this powerful, time-tested investing strategy.
  • FREE BONUS! Wealth-Builder Tool #2: Choosing the Best Value Stocks (a $25 value). Roy’s made the sublime simple by showing exactly how he works his “magic” for DOUBLE digit profits
  • FREE BONUS! Wealth-Builder Tool #3: The Top 7 Undervalued Stocks to Buy Now (a $25 value). After researching ratings provided by Zacks, IBD, Value Line and Standard & Poor’s, Roy has found seven high quality, undervalued companies that have the potential for big gains in 2017.

And what will you pay for all of this? $500? $800? Those are the kinds of prices you’d normally pay just for a single investing newsletter, after all. But here’s our offer to you:

You can get Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor and get all of the above for just $297 for one year. Or choose our convenient automatic billing of only $29.97 per month.

And yes, it really does get better:

Subscribe to Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor and you have a full 30 days to profit, and to decide if you’re satisfied. If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can cancel your subscription, absolutely no questions asked, and get a 100% refund.

That is the Cabot RISK-FREE GUARANTEE, and it means you have absolutely nothing to lose, and thousands in profits to gain.

I urge you to try Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor immediately, before you make a single new move in the market. Double- and triple-digit gains in any market are the norm for Roy’s readers, so what are you waiting for?

Yours for building wealth,
Tim signature
Timothy Lutts
Publisher, Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor

PS: By the way—even if you decide not to continue your subscription to Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor, you get to keep all three of your FREE reports. You’ll gain so much expertise in investing in just 30 days, you’ll wonder how you ever dared to make a single stock buy before now. Subscribe now!

PPS: Still not convinced? Consider this tiny price an investment itself. As one satisfied reader put it:

“From your recent recommendations, I purchased QCOM and NUS and made several times the cost of my Benjamin Graham Value Investor subscription.”
— S. Kunapuli, Bridgewater, NJ