An Amazing Opportunity from the 5G Revolution

The world is changing in a major way.

So much so that you may look back ten years or even five years from now and realize how profoundly different things are since 2020.

Identifying change is crucial to successful investing.

And rarely is there such a profound and easily identifiable change on the near-term horizon.

The strain of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world’s broadband is accelerating demand for remote communication at a historically unprecedented rate.

Current technology is bursting at the seams trying to accommodate the added burden on our systems.

We saw the solution coming, but now it has to come even sooner.

Technology is about to make a quantum leap forward with the rollout of 5G.

We seem to have new English words all the time these days.

Nobody ever heard the terms “tweet” or “selfie” or “photobomb” just a few years ago.

So many new terms are thrown around that it’s tempting to ignore some of them.

But there’s a brand-new term you’ve probably run across of late that is worth paying attention to.

It’s called 5G.

The term is much more important than a neat new language factoid.

It represents a massive shift in how our world will function and is therefore something that you as an investor need to understand.

What is 5G and why is it important?

It means the “fifth generation” of cellular wireless network technology.

A new generation rolls around every ten years or so, from the first one that enabled cell phones in the first place to the third and fourth generations that enabled smart phones and mobile data.

Each generation marks a major step in capabilities.

This generation adds massive speed and enables connectivity to the internet with far superior speed, scope and scale.

You may be thinking so what, big deal.

It’s another smart phone improvement that young people and techies will drool all over that you won’t even use.

But it’s about so much more than smart phone gadgetry.

5G represents a massive leap forward in mobile information access that will thrust us into a new age of technology.

The phone is evolving into not so much a powerful computer in and of itself but rather a means of access into massive super computers and those capabilities.

Not only will a handheld device access the most powerful technologies in the world, but so will cars and drones and robots.

5G is the infrastructure that will enable self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, smart cities and so much more.

It has incredible medical and military applications.

5G isn’t a garden-variety generational cell phone advancement; it’s a crucial tipping of critical mass into a new age of technology.

How important is it?

It is front and center of the current trade fight with China and the struggle for dominance and power.

This advancement is seen to be crucial to a nation’s strategic advantage.

In fact, 5G technology is considered such a national imperative that the FCC streamlined the rules so that the 5G rollout can continue in haste.

Infrastructure is key.

Every new generation requires more and better cell towers and supporting structures.

This new generation requires even more because, although it provides great speeds and power, it doesn’t have the cell signal range of previous generations.

Therefore, it requires more towers and supporting technologies to increase the range and relieve congestion.

That is why we have had a strong company that has many category-leading products in the crucial areas of semiconductors and infrastructure software solutions, in our portfolio for months.

That company is Broadcom Inc. (AVGO).

It is an industry Goliath that is poised to see a huge benefit from the 5G rollout in both the short and longer term, in addition to paying a healthy and growing dividend. The business is likely to grow rain or shine, regardless of the economy, given that it essentially provides crucial equipment that enables technology to function as we know it.

I still think this is a strong stock, with a 3-year dividend growth rate of 51% and a great way to ride the 5G express.

But that’s just one way to play the 5G revolution as this technology rollout gathers momentum.

The rollout has already begun, but it will really take off in 2021.

Technically, 5G is the fifth generation of wireless cellular technology.

But it is much more than just another incremental advancement.

5G represents a technological tipping point that crosses a threshold into the digital age where everything is computerized (see the May issue).

It will offer speeds and internet connectivity on a scale far beyond what is available now.

The current 4G technology supports about 4000 devices per square kilometer. 5G will support about a million with instantaneous interaction with the internet.

Today, only a few things are connected to the internet. In a few years, the whole world will be computerized.

It will enable self-driving cars, real time artificial intelligence and virtual reality, smart homes and cities and it will reshape the way we receive healthcare, shop and use the military.

You may think we are already in the digital age.

But, in a few years, you’ll realize that the digital age has truly begun.

5G is such a game changer that many companies and governments can’t afford to be left behind.

Consider recent history.

The U.S. was the leader in the adaptation of 4G technology.

It gave rise to the app economy, which the U.S. completely dominates.

The implications of 5G are far greater.

With a 5G advantage and a head start in the technologies it spawns, a country could gain a huge advantage in a myriad of areas for decades.

The current Administration has labeled 5G a national security priority.

The U.S. National Security Council has warned that if China gets 5G first it “will win economically and militarily.”

One Senator recently commented in a hearing that failure to win the 5G race “would forever reduce the economic and societal gains that come from leading the world in technology.”

It seems 5G is the new arms race.

Those are the stakes.

And it’s coming fast.

You will likely start seeing it in the coming year.

In my recent issue, I identify a company that is at the epicenter of the new technology.

And earnings and revenues should skyrocket as the rollout proceeds in haste.

If the U.S.-China trade war continues, or worsens, this stock is going to perform well.

And, if the trade war tensions ease it will do even better.

So, how can you get in on this second stock?

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