5 Reasons to Invest in Emerging Markets

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Fellow Investor,

If you have been reluctant to invest in emerging markets stocks, now is the time to start.

Despite stellar performance of all the major U.S. indexes in 2017, Emerging Index advanced 36.7%, outpacing the U.S. indexes by a wide margin.

Last year, our portfolio doubled the return of the S&P 500 again finishing up the year with a 55% gain. Our readers were able to grab many double and triple-digit winners. If you missed any of these gains, it’s not too late to profit. 2018 will be a great year for our picks, and you should get on board today.

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Economic growth in emerging markets is much stronger than in developed countries. China’s projected growth for 2018 is almost three times that of the U.S.
  2. China is a very large part of the EM stock universe, and China’s rapid internet growth and its citizens’ devotion to online commerce and smartphones is still a potent engine.
  3. Individual investors have a huge advantage over institutional investors when buying EM stocks. Investment guidelines keep mutual funds from buying stocks that are too cheap, too thinly traded or too lightly capitalized.
  4. Individuals can take on much more risk because they can get into (and out of) positions within minutes. Large investors often need weeks to initiate and terminate positions.
  5. We follow the entire emerging market universe of stocks that trade on U.S. exchanges. The opportunities in these individual stocks are much bigger than gaining exposure via national or regional ETFs.

For those reasons, investment opportunities in emerging markets with high profit potential abound.

We select the best emerging market stocks from around the world, many of which have a chance to double and triple your money.

Hard to believe?

Here are just some of the gains our readers grabbed in 2017:

  1. 160% gain in our top education stock
  2. 115% gain in our top service provider
  3. 81% gain in our top utility stock
  4. 53% gain in our top technology stock
  5. 72% gain in our top online retailer
  6. 58% gain in our interactive services provider

You too can profit from the best emerging markets stocks by starting today.

Let Our Emerging Markets Guru Guide You

Meet Paul Goodwin

Paul Goodwin

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I’m Paul Goodwin, chief analyst of Cabot Emerging Markets Investor. Over the last 14 years, I’ve been helping investors like you make money by investing in emerging markets stocks. We’ve had many successful years, doubling our readers’ money 14 times and being named the Best Investment Letter by Peter Brimelow of MarketWatch.

Throughout the years, emerging markets, and China in particular, have been a great place to invest your money as there are many great companies that grow much faster than the average U.S. company.

True, investing in emerging markets brings more uncertainty and volatility into the equation. But it also brings more potential for huge profits. Emerging market economies are growing much faster than America’s. China’s GDP grew 6.9% in 2017, exactly triple the GDP growth (2.3%) in the U.S. last year and nearly double the global average (3.5%). India grew at roughly the same rate as China. The companies that benefit most from this well-above-average growth should continue to prosper, and their share prices are likely to follow suit.

By using our proven emerging market stock-picking system, we are able to identify solid stocks with high growth potential.

Each stock has to pass three tests: good story, good numbers and an upward moving chart. In many ways, investing in emerging market stocks is no different from investing in your typical growth stocks. You buy them on U.S. exchanges, thanks to American Depositary Receipts (ADRs). You invest in growth, you pay close attention to the fundamentals and the chart, and you cut your losses short. The only real difference is where the companies call home.

As with all of our advisories at Cabot Wealth Network, we don’t try to predict the future.

Forecasting what will happen next on U.S. markets is extremely difficult. It’s much harder to try to guess what will happen overseas. That’s why we invest in emerging markets stocks based on what they’ve achieved—not what we think they will achieve. We focus on short- and medium-term price movements in emerging market stocks, and invest in companies that have already demonstrated strong earnings and revenue growth, and expect that growth to continue in the years ahead.

Most importantly, we buy stocks, not countries.

China and India are the largest emerging markets. Thus, the lion’s share of our emerging market investments come from those two powerhouse nations. But that doesn’t mean we focus solely on those markets. We look purely for the fastest-growing emerging-market companies—without bias to country or region. It doesn’t matter whether the most attractive emerging market stocks come from China, India, Mexico, Chile or elsewhere. Growth is growth, regardless of where you can find it.

Here is a sampling of some of our biggest emerging-market winners over the years:

  • +150% in VipShop Holdings (VIPS)
  • +111% in Qihoo 360 (QIHU)
  • +93% in BitAuto (BITA)
  • +120% Focus Media (FMCN)
  • +180% Ctrip.com (CTRP)
  • +149% China Aluminum (ACH)
  • +102% Vimpelcom (VIP)
  • +103% Shanda Games (SNDA)

Thousands of fellow investors are already making big money in emerging markets. If you’re approaching retirement and think you might not have sufficient income to live comfortably after your working days are done, or if you simply want to build a nest egg for children or grandchildren, investing in emerging markets is a good way to make money FAST!

If you’re still skeptical that emerging markets investing can work, you can try our advisory free for the next 14 days and see for yourself if Cabot Emerging Markets Investor is right for you.

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