If you bought TAL Education when I recommended you and sold when I told you to, you’d have made a 378% profit.

And if you bought and sold China Lodging when we recommended, you’d have made a 210% profit on half and a profit of 290% on the other half!

I’m going to reveal the secret to these global, market-beating profits. 

PLUS, I’ll tell you about my current #1 emerging markets stock recommendation.

Fellow Investor,

If you’re like me, investing isn’t just about making money.  Sure, we want to make money, but that’s not all.

We want the excitement of taking risk, and the rewards that come with it. 

And we want the intellectual challenge of learning about markets and companies around the world and using that knowledge to make money.

Truth be told, I enjoy being able to advise my friends, families and colleagues about emerging markets investing, which is more than a little bit of a mystery to them.

Even more, I love being able to talk knowledgably about winning, market-beating investments I’ve made in stocks from China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Malaysia and other emerging markets around the world.

But what about trade and tariff wars?

The stocks in our portfolio are largely, or completely unaffected by the current tariff wars. Tariffs from other countries will have little effect on U.S. stocks like Alphabet (Google), Amazon, or Facebook.  Similarly, the stocks we like tend to be from big countries with huge internal markets—and in businesses where tariffs have little or no effect.

Now imagine if you had a way to identify the best emerging market investment opportunities.  And could draw on proven, expert advice to better manage the emerging markets volatility risk.  That would be a BIG advantage.

Let me tell you about a secret weapon that savvy investors have been using for years to earn outsized profits investing in emerging markets.

That secret weapon is the award-winning Cabot Emerging Markets Investor powered by our proprietary Cabot Emerging Markets Timer™ methodology.

What is the Cabot Emerging Markets Timer™

The Cabot Emerging Markets Timer (EMT) uses technical analysis and fundamental analysis techniques to scan the 300 stocks in the emerging markets.


Using Cabot EMT I am able to identify the signals for when to buy for big profits and when to sell to reduce your downside risk.
And, we don’t stop there.  We make it simple for you to make money in emerging markets.

In our twice-monthly issues and weekly alerts we keep you up-to-date on each stock in the portfolio, advising you whether it remains a buy or hold, or whether it’s time to sell all or part of your position to maximize your return and minimize your risk.

Our track record is clear proof that Cabot EMT works.  Using Cabot EMT I’ve been able to guide subscribers—investors like you—to returns that have consistently beaten even the emerging markets index.  Through good markets and bad, our stock portfolio has made money going up and protected your profits going down.

Over the years we’ve told you hundreds of recommendations for winning investments.  In stocks like …

• China Mobile
• Baidu
• China Aluminum
• TAL Education
• China Education
• Alibaba

… and many more.

Cabot EMT identifies uptrends when you can confidently buy and downtrends when it’s time to sell.  And Cabot EMT gives you the confidence to stand with a stock in the face of a small downturn that we know won’t dampen a stock’s prospects.

Let me tell you about a couple of examples

Cabot EMT Case Study #1: TAL Education


In this case, we recommended subscribers buy in early 2016.  We held on to the stock for more than 2 years, finally issuing a sell recommendation in early 2018 at $38.36, for a 378% profit.

Cabot EMT Case Study #2: China Lodging
Now take a look at the chart for China Lodging, another great investing success.


I first recommended this stock to subscribers in the middle of 2016.  In late 2017, it experienced a pullback in price.  Using Cabot EMT I was pretty certain there was more money to be made.  But just in case I was wrong, I recommended subscribers sell half of their position, taking a profit of 210%.  That’s what I mean by managing your downside risk. By selling half at that time we guaranteed a substantial profit even if the price collapsed.

We left the other half in and were rewarded when the stock resumed its upward movement.  When the stock began to move sideways, I recommended selling the rest at a whopping 290% profit.

That’s the power of Cabot EMT

• Identify real opportunities
• Help you to buy low
• Confidently ride out some volatility
• Protect your profits when things get too rough
• Tell you the right time to sell for big profit.

That is why the Cabot Emerging Markets Investor portfolio not only outperforms the U.S. domestic market, but also outperforms even the emerging markets indexes.

Put the Cabot EMT to work for you.  Subscribe to Cabot Emerging Markets Investor today.

We won awards. So what?

We didn’t win awards for our clean, clear design.  Nor did we win awards for my concise, sparkling, and witty writing (although obviously we could have).

The awards we’ve won are from The Hulbert Financial Digest for top-performing investment newsletter.  They’re from Peter Brimelow of MarketWatch for Best Investment Newsletter of the year.  They’re for making our readers wealthier.

We’ve had award-winning annual results of 51.1%, 74.1% and 76% — emerging markets returns well ahead of what the U.S. market produces. Those are what you should care about.

There are two secrets to these exceptional returns Cabot Emerging Markets Investor has been giving subscribers for more than a decade:

1. The Cabot Emerging Markets Timer

2. I know the markets and I know the companies.  Covering the emerging markets and their 300 publicly traded stocks is what I do, full time.  And it’s what I’ve been doing for many years.   I bring that expertise and insight to each trade recommendation I make to help you make the best returns on your money.

Let me guide you to all that emerging markets investing has to offer.  Please subscribe to Cabot Emerging Markets Investor today.

Our #1 emerging markets stock recommendation

Depending on market conditions, company news, and global economic developments our emerging markets portfolio typically includes up to 10 stock recommendations.

Our latest #1 emerging markets stock is a company based in India.

Like many of India’s stocks, this one is in the information technology sector.  It has more than 30,000 employees at more than 50 locations around the world so it truly is a global business not tied to the fortunes of any one country or region.  The company has developed deep vertical industry knowledge and expertise, plus outstanding execution.


As you can see from its chart, the stock price has been steadily climbing.  Even so, the company is trading at a reasonable price-earnings ratio in the low- to mid-20s so there’s plenty of room for this one to grow.

In fairness to our subscribers, who understand the importance of keeping our recommendations confidential, I cannot reveal the name of this stock but you can get it immediately when you subscribe.

When you do you’ll get instant access to this #1 emerging markets stock recommendation with all details.  Plus, the entire emerging markets portfolio with our outlooks and trading recommendations for each stock.

Don’t delay.  Timing is important when it comes to investing and today’s breakout star can quickly become yesterday’s over-priced has-been—it’s important to get in and out at the right time.  And, I’ll make sure you do, so don’t miss out.

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About Cabot Emerging Markets Investor’s Chief Analyst Paul Goodwin

Paul Goodwin is Chief Analyst of Cabot Emerging Markets Investor and an emerging markets investment expert. Under Paul’s stewardship, the Cabot Emerging Markets Investor was ranked by Hulbert Financial Digest as one of the “top-performing newsletters for the past five years” every month from March 2009 through July 2011. Hulbert named Cabot Emerging Markets Investor the top-performing newsletter for two years in a row: in 2006 with a 76% gain and 2007 with a 74.1% gain.

The advisory was also named “Investment Letter of the Year” by Peter Brimelow of MarketWatch and “Best Financial Advisory Newsletter” by the Specialized Information Publishers Foundation. The Cabot Emerging Markets Investor portfolio was a top performer again in 2013 with a 50.1% return according to Hulbert.

A researcher and writer for over 30 years, Paul brings a lifetime of inquiry to the task of figuring out whether stocks and markets are likely to go up or down. Prior to joining Cabot, Paul worked at Putnam Investments, was a professor at the University of New Hampshire, and a Chinese language specialist for the U.S. Army Security Agency.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee:  If you’re not completely satisfied with the profit-making advice and investing recommendations you receive you may cancel at any time in the first 30 days for a full refund, 100%.

And you get all of this for about a dollar a day.  That’s pretty cheap.  Even if you’re investing as little as $10,000, just one recommendation from Cabot Emerging Markets Investor could make you many times the annual cost of your subscription.  And, you get recommendations every week.

Please join me.  Subscribe to Cabot Emerging Markets Investor today.

Yours for serious wealth building,

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Paul Goodwin
Chief Analyst, Cabot Emerging Markets Investor

ImageP.S. Famous Rough Rider and President Theodore Roosevelt said “Nothing in this world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty.”  Teddy might be right, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be your effort, pain, and difficulty.  When you subscribe to Cabot Emerging Markets Investor we do the hard work for you.  All you have to do is read your issues … and count your profits.  Don’t miss out.  Subscribe to Cabot Emerging Markets Investor today.

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