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A small biotech company possesses a non-invasive colon cancer screening test that could make colonoscopies obsolete.

In a clinical trial that screened 10,000 people, this company’s screening test found more cancer cases than another commonly used test.

What’s more, The New England Journal of Medicine also found that it identified more precancerous growths than any other test as well.

So it’s no surprise the company’s year-over-year quarterly sales have skyrocketed 172% while its stock price has jumped 500% over the past two years.

And it’s all because the cost of its test is nearly FIVE TIMES less than that of a colonoscopy—$650 vs. $3,000.

For this reason, you’re going see Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) require doctors to prescribe this simple test in lieu of scheduling a colonoscopy.

You need only do the math to understand why: the potential savings from this company’s breakthrough test is a whopping $2,350 per screening!

When you figure 14 million colonoscopies are performed each year, the savings from this company’s test could be as much as $32 billion.

This is why I think this company is going to make millionaires out of its early shareholders.

Imagine the disruption in the colonoscopy market as doctors prescribe tens of thousands of these screening tests in lieu of colonoscopies. That would be comparable to the way Tesla revolutionized the electric car market or Netflix revolutionized video streaming.

But you’ll need to move quickly here.

With the company’s stock price rising 500% in two years, seven top analysts giving the company a STRONG BUY rating, and 10 top institutions investing over $1 billion, word is starting to leak out.

If you can get in at today’s low prices, you could easily see your money double in the next two years. Hold longer term—five to 10 years—and you could easily see a $10,000 investment grow well into $100,000.

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  • eResearch, +257%
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  • First Solar, +415%
  • Net Ease, +200%
  • TASER, +296%
  • XM Satellite Radio, +396%

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Earnings and a Double in the Next Twelve Months

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