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Fellow Investor,

Four years ago I told you about a rocket-fueled stock that was changing the way Americans worked, played and invested.

I told you how it offered you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the next Starbucks, the next Cisco and the next Amazon before they turned $5,000 into $782,500, $1,280,100 or $2,119,350 respectively.

Since then this big data company has handed my readers a whopping 352% gain.

If you missed this, you’re getting a valuable second chance to grab the next 352% rise thanks to 45% quarterly revenue and 69% earnings growth.

That’s because it possesses a number of catalysts that could hand investors another 352% over the next four years.

But first, you may be asking, “What the heck is big data?”

Simply put BIG DATA is all the information that’s now being collected and analyzed on the Internet—and it’s fast becoming just as important to society as the Internet itself.

Why is this so important?

Big Data analytics allows any organization from anywhere in the world to look deeper inside their business data to find answers that will save their businesses billions a year annually by showing them how to:

  1. Reduce costs
  2. Reduce time
  3. Detect fraud and business failures
  4. Make smarter businesses decisions
  5. Develop new product offerings
  6. Maximize profits
  7. Improve the efficiency of their supply chains
  8. Target customers’ current and past purchases to generate additional sales—and even send tailored sales recommendations to mobile devices while a customer may be shopping in their stores!

All automatically!

If you’ve ever walked into a store (as I have) and had your smart phone beep to alert you that your favorite razor blades, ice cream or coffee is on sale, then you have experienced the big data revolution at work.

Why This Company?

Most of what we saw couldn’t hold a candle to this game-changing juggernaut. That’s because this company’s big data has THREE MAJOR advantages over its competitors by being able to:

  1. Directly target potential customers wants and needs
  2. Personalize advertisements to both their current customers and future ones
  3. Tap into over 2 billion customers

All with just a few clicks of a mouse—and without any programming needed of any kinds.

Which is why the company’s stock price has risen 352% since we added it to our holdings four years ago.

Why This Big Data Company is
Set to Jump on Earnings Again

  • In June, the company not only registered 45% revenue and 69% earnings growth but also registered its fourth earnings surprise in a row—stunning Wall Street again.
  • What’s more, the stock has registered gains of 46% year to date.
  • On top of that, 37 top analysts raised their earnings expectations for both 2017 and 2018—giving it one of the strongest BUY ratings on Wall Street.

This is why Wall Street’s 20 top institutional investors together (including Morgan Stanley and FMR, LLC) own millions of shares worth billions of dollars in advance of 3rd quarter earnings.

It’s no wonder.

The company possesses the same profit profile that’s doubled our readers’ money 29 times in 47 years, including a number of breakout winners like these:

  • American Medical, +639%
  • Archer Daniels, +100%
  • Beech Aircraft, +270%
  • WD-40, +173%
  • MCI Communications, +240%
  • General Public Utilities, +151%
  • SafeCard, +206%
  • Triangle Industries, +112%
  • Amazon, +1,290%
  • American Power Conversion, +1,075%
  • Ascend Communications, +440%
  • Home Depot, +239%
  • JDS Uniphase, +387%
  • Qualcomm, +559%
  • Summit Technology, +443%
  • Yahoo, +316%
  • Apple, +746%
  • Crocs, +307%
  • eResearch, +257%
  • Expedia, +105%
  • First Solar, +415%
  • Net Ease, +200%
  • TASER, +296%
  • XM Satellite Radio, +396%

For all these reasons, I am urging my Cabot Growth Investor members to …

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My Expectation: A Jump on
Earnings and a Double in the Next Twelve Months

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