For aggressive investors
who want to maximize profits
like a hedge fund manager
and save $10,000+

Cabot Prime Pro

Cabot Prime Pro membership was created for elite investors who are looking for an extra edge in substantially growing the value of their investments with the added power of using stock options for even more profitable trading and pursuing the higher reward strategy of investing in small-cap stocks.

As a Prime Pro member you receive the proven, practical – and profitable – insights and recommendations from all of the expert analysts at Cabot Wealth Network, who spend their days poring over data, doing the technical analysis, and keeping abreast of the latest company, economic, financial and regulatory developments.

With your membership you receive an extensive collection of insights, tips, and recommendations all delivered in a one friendly, easy to use weekly summary (plus a variety of alerts you will receive). See below for the full list of benefits. But we do want to particularly highlight three amazing resources you’ll have access to. Your Cabot Prime Pro provides you with access to four extra features that will help you realize maximum profits on your investments …

Cabot Small-Cap Confidential – Buying shares in the right small companies, at the right time, is one of the surest paths to beat the market in a big way. The current portfolio is up by more than 70% this year alone.
Cabot Options Trader and Cabot Options Trader Pro – whether you’re a seasoned options-trading pro or just getting started with options these option trading services from Cabot Wealth Network help you understand the basics and give you the data, context, and recommendations to make highly profitable options trading a part of your investing strategy.
Cabot Micro-Cap Insider – Finding the emerging companies with capitalizations of $250 million or less is really hard. This publication does the work for you and highlights a new stock every month that flies under the radar of the big investors.

Since 1970, Cabot Wealth Network has provided hundreds of thousands of investors with solid investment insights and advice. Over these many years we’ve consistently helped our subscribers make the most of their investments, earning huge returns with timely buy/hold/sell recommendations.

Using these proven methods and tools has produced outsized returns for our readers. Recommendations like our call to buy Amazon in the mid-1990s that has produced a total return of more than 1,200% (making a modest $1,200 investment worth more than $1,000,000 – yes, that’s one million dollars – today!!!).

Or more lesser-known stock recommendations that make 25%, 30%, 40% or more in just a couple of months (for annualized rates of return of 300% or more).

Through Cabot Prime Pro services, investors have been tipped off to trades that have resulted in – 463% growth in one year, 33% in two months, and more 30% in less three days (that’s an annualized profit of more than 3,600+% in case you’re counting!).

When you become a Cabot Prime Pro member you are completely connected to Cabot’s team of analysts and their expert insights and recommendations. Plus you gain access to a full complement of advisories, tools, analyst conference calls, Q&A, quarterly outlooks, and more.

Cabot Prime Pro Member Benefits

Here’s what you receive when you become a Cabot Prime Pro member

  • EXCLUSIVE: Weekly Summary of ALL Cabot Wealth Network analysis and recommendations
  • EXCLUSIVE: Weekly Cabot Analyst Q&A column
  • EXCLUSIVE: Quarterly Analyst Conference Call with Q&A
  • EXCLUSIVE: Annual Cabot Wealth Summit discounted registration
  • EXCLUSIVE: Priority Prime Pro Support
  • Cabot Options Trader and Cabot Options Trader Pro
  • Access to all 16 Cabot Advisory Services including Cabot Small-Cap Confidential and Cabot Micro-Cap Insider.
    (see list below)
  • Special email alerts and trade recommendations
  • Complete 24/7 control over your email communications

In all, that’s $15,557 of benefits for just $3,997 – you SAVE $11,560!

PLUS, you have complete control over which communications you receive and how often. You can get it all, some, or just the Weekly Summary which is your dashboard to the full range of resources included with your Cabot Prime Pro membership (please read on for details). The choice is yours – whatever you prefer.

Cabot Prime Pro or Cabot Prime: What’s the difference?

Both Cabot Prime and Cabot Prime Pro provide serious investors with the research, insights, and advice to make high-profit investments to grow and protect their wealth. In addition, Prime Pro members get access to all the benefits of Cabot Options Trader and Cabot Options Trader Pro as well as the Cabot Small-Cap Confidential and Cabot Micro-Cap Insider advisory services.

As a Prime Pro member, you can start to confidently use options to turbo-charge your profits and better manage your downside risk. You’ll get the insights, alerts, and tools to enable you to take your investing savvy to the highest levels.

Options: Even if you’ve never invested in options before, we’ll be with you every step of the way – explain the concepts and terminology, demystify the technical jargon, provide you with detailed and timely buy/hold/sell recommendations. For the beginning options trader, we have Cabot Options Trader and for those wishing to be more aggressive, there’s Cabot Options Trader Pro that tells you how to make use of the full spectrum of options trading possibilities to rev up your profits. Everything you need to boost your profits and to hedge against losses using options.

Small- and micro-cap investing: In stock investing, the biggest breakout profit opportunities come from small companies that get big. Really big. If you buy, hold, and sell at the right time, you can make a killing. Small- and micro-cap companies have a little more risk but with the proven track record of recommendations from Cabot Small-Cap Confidential and Cabot Micro-Cap Insider, you can better manage both your downside risk and capture some BIG GAINS!

This is the kind of information and tools that professional traders use on behalf of their clients. And you get access to them all as part of this incredible Cabot Prime Pro membership.

Cabot Prime Pro – you get a lot!

With Cabot Prime Pro you get all the insights and advice from the entire Cabot team of analysts. Receive profit-making recommendations on growth stocks, value stocks, dividend stocks, small cap stocks, undervalued stocks, emerging market stocks, marijuana stocks, cloud computing, cryptocurrencies, and how to boost your returns and reduce your downside exposure using options – and more. And you save more than $10,000!!

Weekly Summary – Exclusive: Prime members only
As a Cabot Prime Pro member, you receive access to exclusive services that simply aren’t available to anyone else. Of all of the benefits of your Cabot Prime Pro membership, the Weekly Summary may be the most important. It is like your personal investment advisory dashboard that gives you a concise briefing on all of the analysis and recommendations from all of our expert analysts.

Each summary includes a note on each item from all of our stock advisory services that week and a link so you can read quick summary or read the full text of everything you want.

And all the Weekly Summaries are accessible to you, all the time, online. So any time you want to refer back to something you can quickly find it.

Weekly Cabot Analyst Q&A Column – Exclusive: Prime members only
Each week the Cabot analysts respond to questions from our members. Questions that may be the same questions you have. Or maybe questions you haven’t even thought to ask yet. So, you get the direct benefit of not only the Cabot team but the experience of your fellow investors.

Quarterly Analyst Conference Call with Q&A – Exclusive: Prime members only
Each quarter we assemble the entire team of Cabot analysts for a conference call with any Prime Pro member who wishes to join. Each analyst presents a brief summary or their sector and then we open up the call for questions from Prime Pro members. Our analysts respond to most questions on the spot. If your question requires further research, we will get the information you want and follow up quickly.

Annual Smarter Investing, Greater Profits Conference discount – Exclusive: Prime members only
You’ll be eligible for a discounted admission to our annual three-day investment conference where you’ll be able to pick the brains of our analysts directly—analysts who will share their investing plans for the coming year, discuss strategy and stocks, and answer questions from those in attendance. Attendance is limited but Prime Pro members are assured a spot – and always at a deep discount off the nonmember price. These discounts cover both the Financial Freedom Federation Forum and Cabot Wealth Summit portions of the conference.

Priority Prime Support – Exclusive: Prime members only
Prime Pro members have a special email address so they can receive priority support to ensure you get your questions answered on an expedited basis so you can focus on getting the greatest returns on your investments.

Cabot Options Trader and Cabot Options Trader Prosold separately for $4,494
The data, insights, and tools used by professional investment advisors to leverage the power of options to boost profits and better manage downside risk. Cabot Options Trader brings you the basics with alerts for specific buy, sell, and hold recommendations to make covered calls, puts, and more. And, for the more aggressive options trader, Cabot Options Trader Pro will lead you through the full range — naked call writing, bear ratio spreads, calendar puts, bear calls, long straddles, strangles, guts or short butterfly or reverse Iron condor or butterfly or box spreads.

Advisory Service Yearly Rate
Cabot Options Trader $1,997
Cabot Options Trader Pro $2,497

16 Cabot Advisory Services – sold separately for $14,249
The 16 advisory services you receive as a Cabot Prime Pro member include Cabot Small-Cap Confidential and Cabot Micro-Cap Insider with power to help you capture the outstanding returns you can get from small-cap investing:

Advisory Service Yearly Rate
Cabot Small-Cap Confidential $1,497
Cabot Micro-Cap Insider $1,997

Plus what’s in Cabot Prime …


Advisory Service Yearly Rate
Cabot Dividend Investor $297
Cabot Early Opportunities $397
Cabot Explorer $397
Cabot Growth Investor $497
NEW: Cabot Income Advisor $397
Cabot Marijuana Investor $497
NEW: Cabot Retirement Club $497
Cabot Stock of the Week $997
Cabot Profit Booster $397
NEW: Cabot Turnaround Letter $997
Cabot Top Ten Trader $397
Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor $297

Special email alerts and trade recommendations
Virtually every day, one of our analysts is sending a special alert to subscribers with an alert or trade recommendation to keep you on top of the latest opportunities to grow and protect the value of your investments.

Complete 24/7 control over your email communications
You have full control over which email communications you receive from us so you can fully customize your communications to your preferences. You’ll receive more or less, as you please, and select only the topics of greatest interest to you. And you can change your preferences by calling us toll-free or at any time, 24-hours a day on your personal and private membership preferences page on our website.

Cabot Prime Pro – you get a lot! You save a LOT!!

Cabot Prime Pro Member Benefits Yearly Rate
EXCLUSIVE: Weekly Summary of ALL Cabot analysis & recommendations $520
EXCLUSIVE: Weekly Cabot Analyst Q&A column Included
EXCLUSIVE: Quarterly Analyst Conference Call with Q&A $788
EXCLUSIVE: Annual Cabot Wealth Summit discounted registration Included
EXCLUSIVE: Priority Prime Support Included
Cabot Options Trader $1,997
Cabot Options Trader Pro $2,497
Cabot Small-Cap Confidential $1,497
Cabot Micro-Cap Insider $1,997
Access to Cabot Prime Advisory Services (see list above) $5,264
Special email alerts and trade recommendations Included
Complete 24/7 control over your email communications Included


SAVE $11,560 You pay just … $3,997

3 ways to get maximum returns on your investments
Consistently achieving top returns isn’t easy. It takes deep knowledge and a lot of research and analysis. To get this kind of high-growth performance year after year, you can …

  1. Do It Yourself – If you’ve got the time and interest, and ability to analyze a lot of data, you can do it yourself. Other than the data services you’ll need, this option is free. But be aware that even basic financial data services you’ll need to do professional-level analysis will cost you $1,000 a month or more. Cabot Prime Pro gives you access to the data plus expert tools, insights and advice from proven, successful investment analysts.
  2. Pay an Advisor – You could pay an advisor to invest for you. But they’ll take a fee of 1% or 2% of your investment – each year. That’s a big drag on your investments, your Investment advisors provide a valuable service for many people who want or need that level of help. But, even if you have an advisor handling your investments for you, don’t you want to be a well-informed customer and make sure they’re not missing any breakout investment opportunities?
  3. BEST OPTION: Join Cabot Prime Pro – Get out-sized returns at a very moderate cost. In fact, you can join Cabot Prime Pro for just $10.95 per day. That’s right. For just $10.95 per day, payable annually, you can tap into the proven techniques, the research and insights and outstanding investing success.

In all, it’s more than $14,000 of outstanding investing insights and advice delivered to you in a highly personal way from our analyst and member support teams. All for just $3,997. That’s a savings of more than $10,000 – and that’s smart money management! Please join Cabot Prime Pro today.