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Like any engaged investor, do you ever have questions like these?

  • • “Why am I in this stock?”
  • • “How do I know when to buy and sell?
  • • “What are the best tools for tracking performance?”
  • • “Does selling a stock mean I was wrong to buy it in the first place?”
  • • “What should be my average holding period?”
  • • “When should I hold my cash, and when should I invest?”
  • • “What should I do when the market seems against me?”
  • • “Should I consider getting a professional broker?”
  • • “How often should I ‘turn over’ my portfolio?”
  • • “How can I ensure the right balance of growth and security in my portfolio?”
  • • “As a growth investor, should I focus on only 3 key stocks … or is that too narrow and risky?”
  • • “How can I avoid ‘death by a thousand cuts’ of a continuously declining stock?”
  • • “Is past performance ever the best indicator of future return?”

And more questions, questions, questions!

Well, you’re not alone needing your investment questions answered! And that’s what Cabot Prime is all about—answering your investing questions to ensure that you maximize your returns … and giving you constant guidance to support your own personal investment strategy every day.

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What you’ll get with a Cabot Prime Charter Membership

When you claim your Cabot Prime Charter Membership today, you’ll get—for FREE—our nine premium investment advisories. Together, these nine advisories have helped our members double their money 281 times since debuting in 1970—we have a proven, successful history of helping people make money with:

Cabot Growth Investor: Cabot Growth Investor is our flagship investment advisory. Published since 1970, this advisory is a must-read for all investors seeking to grow wealth. As a subscriber, you’ll receive clear and comprehensive weekly updates on the stocks recommended in our legendary “Model Portfolio.” And sure, Amazon is now a stock many wish they had purchased in the beginning (we recommended it to our readers before Amazon was ever the household name it is now)—but read Cabot Growth Investor to discover the next Amazon, another online retailer you might not know about and that is poised to follow in Amazon’s footsteps. Double your money and act on this one now—or turn $10,000 into $100,000 by holding this online-retailer stock for 5-10 years. Plus, scores of other growth opportunities for you, right now!

Cabot Stock of the Week: Cabot Stock of the Week brings you the very best of all Cabot stock recommendations across the investing spectrum. Each stock is selected using our “Spectrum System,” a disciplined ranking method that spots the most profitable stocks across all Cabot advisories. With Cabot Stock of the Week, you’ll build your wealth and reduce your risk with the single best stock each week for whatever investment strategy suits your needs—a great way to build a diversified portfolio, based on current market conditions, of growth, momentum, emerging markets, value, dividend, and small-cap stocks. Think of this advisory as a real time-saver for you, because you’ll have our best recommendations culled and summarized every week in a quick- and easy-to-read format—it will take you just 10 minutes to read all about our best weekly recommendations!

Cabot Marijuana Investor: This recently launched monthly advisory features the best marijuana stocks to be investing in right now—opportunities that are much bigger than most of today’s investors realize. And as marijuana becomes increasingly legal across the U.S. and fully legal in Canada, savvy growth-oriented investors are paying attention and getting in on the ground level by choosing the right marijuana stocks. With more than 105 publicly traded marijuana stocks, some will be profitable investments … and some won’t. We take the guessing out of the equation and deliver well-researched stocks with good fundamentals and profit potential in your very own monthly marijuana market update. And how do we ensure that we select winning stocks? With our proprietary and scientifically based “Master Key” stock-picking system—it’s been a reliable and proven method for nearly 50 years, and now we’re applying it to the marijuana sector. Get in at the beginning on this hot new investing segment, and you’ll be glad to say you spotted it first when marijuana investing becomes commonplace! Our investors have already doubled their money four times over in the last year by following our stock picks on marijuana!

Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor: This newer advisory has doubled investors’ money eight times in the past 12 months—by identifying hidden gems in the market, those deeply undervalued stocks that are so often overlooked by most other investors. Our goal is to make you money while minimizing your risk—and we accomplish that by screening hundreds of stocks for growth and value and by avoiding getting caught up with sensational news headlines that might falsely and temporarily raise a stock’s price. Our approach is data-based and includes many stocks you might have never heard of and some stalwarts that you might think have already seen their best days—you’ve heard of FedEx and Goldman Sachs, but what about Andeavor or Universal Electronics or Delek U.S. Holdings? We’ve recommended all of these stocks—and more—using our proven system for beating the market and ensuring that the only thing that’s sensational is your return rate … and the profits you’ll make!

Cabot Top Ten Trader: Designed for experienced investors, Cabot Top Ten Trader is your ticket to fast profits in stocks that are under accumulation now. Every Monday, you’ll receive a one-page profile of the market’s top 10 trades, including fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and buy ranges. And our guarantee is that you’ll have 30-50% gains with the next week’s trades, just like our readers experience all the time. Keep up with this fast-paced trading environment, and know that we use a proven and scientifically based method for making our recommendations—our “OptiMo Trading System” uses optimum technical momentum indicators to accurately predict our picks. Act quickly, then it’s on to the next week’s top 10 winners!

Cabot Dividend Investor: Cabot Dividend Investor focuses on preparing you for an enjoyable, stress-free, and wealth-filled retirement, recommending a solid range of income-generating stocks, preferred stocks, REITs, MLPs, closed-end funds, and utilities, with particular emphasis on risk management, dividend safety, and dividend growth—all stocks recommended are hand-picked using a scientific, quantitative approach to stock analysis that will grow your wealth and your income at the same time. Using our “Dividend Safety Rating” and our “Dividend Growth Rating” systems, we ensure that you’ll have sound recommendations all the time. Since launching this premium advisory in 2014, our top recommendations have delivered 50% total returns for our readers. By following our advice in Cabot Dividend Investor, you’ll have a strong and steady source of income right away and for your retirement!

Cabot Global Stocks Explorer: The philosophy of Cabot Global Stocks Explorer is simple— there’s always a growth trend and bull market somewhere in the world. We follow global trends and find ideas with the potential to deliver big. The meteoric potential of emerging markets is one of the most prominent trends right now, but we also look at world-class companies capturing growth— and profits— all around the world.

Wall Street’s Best Investments: Published for 46 years, this daily investing service brings you the top growth recommendations from 200 top Wall Street stock analysts, researchers, and advisors—including John Bollinger, Roger Conrad, Bob Brinker, and James Stack (to name just a few). All of these top 200 Wall Street honchos give us their recommendations, so we can share them with you—it’s a special arrangement that we’ve had for years, and it gives you advice from the best of the best stock pickers, along with our take on the picks. This service has helped our readers gain profits that have been spectacular, including some stocks that have exceeded 1,000% profit (you read that right, over one-thousand percent profits!). You’ll receive one top recommendation by email each morning and an easy-to-read digest of 30-35 top recommendations monthly.

In addition to these nine premium investment advisories, as a Cabot Prime Charter Member, you’ll get even more benefits:

You’ll be assigned your own personal, dedicated investor relations representative available to you every day the market is open, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Time, to answer your immediate and specific questions regarding your service.

You’ll receive the Cabot Prime Weekly Recap, a complete overview of all buy, hold and sell recommendations during the week, across all nine premium advisories, in one easy-to-read format—so you won’t miss a thing!

You’ll receive the Cabot Prime Quarterly Briefing. Exclusive to Cabot Prime members, this report will bring you a thoughtful and panoramic overview of the markets, along with precise predictions for what to expect from interest rates, stock markets, real estate and energy prices, and how they will affect the economy, your income, your investments and your retirement.

You’ll have full, 24/7 access to our Members-only website, along with FREE online access to our complete library of special reports and proven moneymaking strategies.

You’ll be eligible for a discounted admission to the annual Cabot Wealth Summit, our three-day investment conference where you’ll be able to pick the brains of Cabot analysts in person—analysts who will share their take on where the markets are headed. Plus, gain the opportunity to participate in panel discussions and breakout sessions, and gain valuable one-on-one time with your favorite Cabot analysts.

• And you’ll get full and immediate access to ALL of our premium reports (a total savings of $599!):

A Richer Retirement—Cabot’s Retirement Handbook, giving you a walk-through on how to secure a better, longer, richer retirement for yourself by making the most of your savings both before and during retirement. Priced at $99.97, you’ll receive this report absolutely free.

10 Monthly Dividend Stocks to Buy for Year-Round Income. Dividend-paying stocks are favorites of retirees and other investors who live off income from their investing portfolios. They provide a steady income stream you can spend without eroding your principal and many stocks increase their dividends over time. There are a few very special stocks that make high distributions to shareholders every single month—discover them for yourself in this report! Priced at $99.97, you’ll receive this report absolutely free.

Cabot’s Best Safe Investments for Uncertain TimesThe market has been turbulent. But not everything goes down during corrections! Some safe haven investments become more popular during corrections, and see their prices rise as investors move money from riskier places to safer places. Get this report and find out which safe investment to buy. Priced at $99.97, you’ll receive this report absolutely free.

Cabot’s 10 Best REITs to Buy Now. REITs are a way for investors to have a diversified portfolio of real estate-related investments even if you don’t have millions of dollars, much like mutual funds did for stocks. In this exclusive report, you’ll discover how to profit in REITs, even when interest rates are rising. Priced at $99.97, you’ll receive this report absolutely free.

Cabot’s Ten Best Canadian Small-Cap Stocks. Canada is home to some small-cap companies with BIG growth potential. Get in now and your profit potential is enormous. This new report tells you the best bets. But you need to act now or you’ll miss out. Priced at $99.97, you’ll receive this report absolutely free.

And don’t forget that SUPER PERSONAL BONUS I mentioned earlier: You’ll get my personal editorial email address for contacting me directly to ask your specific questions—a Cabot Prime members-only benefit!

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