This Secret “Freedom CD” Will Rescue Your Rich Retirement

  • As Big Bank Interest Rates Jackknife Toward ZERO PERCENT (Maybe Negative), You Can Routinely Earn a 9.6%…15%… Up To 17.64% Yield On Your Dollars… Month After Month.
  • It’s The Darling Money-Move Of Billion-Dollar Hedge Funds— And “Old Money” — But You, Too, Can Start Profiting Immediately.
  • This Conservative Secret Unshackles Your Money From Insulting Interest Rates, Glacial Multi-Year Terms, Fed Decisions, And Sneaky Big Bank Fees. 

Forbes: “In this low-yield environment, anything an investor can do to squeeze a little more yield out of a stock portfolio is good news. That’s why everyone loves (The Freedom CD)”

MarketWatch: Use (Freedom CD) to “boost your yield without investing additional pennies from your piggy bank.”


Dear Friend,

I cannot stress enough how crucial what I’m about to share will be to your retirement success.

You could have survived without this hidden information in other eras…

But not in 2021 (and certainly not during the volatile years we are galloping toward).

Without a doubt, this is the LEAST-USED SAFE FINANCIAL MOVE out there… even among savvy investors like yourself.

You will never see a Freedom CD advertised. And chances are, you have never used one.

In fact, I still get shocked when my friends— clued-in, financial news junkies— admit they never even HEARD of this zero-downside way to earn a 9.6% average return. Month after month…

Into perpetuity.

Today, you will become one of the lucky few. And I’m confident this secure, high-yield secret can be the cornerstone of your rich retirement.

But perhaps we should first focus on the million-dollar question:


In short: The Big Banks.

Because if everybody knew they could routinely earn an average of 9.6% yield on their money, it would hammer the final nail into the coffin of their “money makers”…

The savings accounts… money market accounts…


We all know the interest rates they offer people like you and me are measly. Insulting, almost. 0.01% APY on average and headed towards zero… or negative.

Getting Ready for Negative Interest Rates

Not to mention the hoops you have to jump through.

Honestly, how are you supposed to grow your wealth safely in these conditions?

Still, every day, Americans continue to dump their hard-earned cash into these “safe” options. But as you already know (although most folks don’t), at POSITIVE 0.1%… 0.5%… or even 2% APY…

Your REAL interest rate is ALREADY negative— after inflation is added to the tab.

This means that, although these backbones of the Big Banks masquerade as secure savings vehicles…


Concerns start to grow among analysts over the longer-term inflation outlook — Financial Times

Fed Approves Shift on Inflation Goal, Ushering In Longer Era of Low RatesWall Street Journal


Because in 2021, when you have money in checking, savings, or money market accounts— and even CDs— the value of YOUR dollars tick… tick… ticks… downwards.Every day. Like a timebomb.

Hard-working Americans won’t fully realize the devastation these Big Bank accounts inflicted on their retirement until, one day, they wake up and wonder where their nest egg has gone.

By then it will be much too late.

Thankfully, you will never experience this confused, sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. Because I am here to show you the safe and straightforward way to bypass all of this nonsense.


With this solution, you will know your money is safe from eroding away. Not only will it be protected from inflation and negative interest— it can GROW QUITE NICELY, too.

Like I said, although you can earn UP TO A 17.64% YIELD, the average return is 9.6%.

That’s an immediate 960% IMPROVEMENT on the Big Banks savings account…

And a 6,320% improvement on a 5-year CD!

Not a bad return during this negative interest era.

Compare Returns:

Imagine how much better you will sleep knowing you can earn yields like this, month after month? No tossing and turning. Or staring at the ceiling at 3am. And no tense, late-night conversations at the kitchen table either.

Now, before we dive in, I must warn you:

What I am about to reveal will be wasted if you are satisfied with 0.1% returns on your money. I don’t mean to be rude, but if this is the case, you may as well click back to your Facebook newsfeed.

And it will be wasted on you, too, if you believe the financial landscape is FAIR for regular Americans.

But mostly, this information will be wasted on you, if you have total faith in the Big Banks.

Call me jaded from having seen too much in 2008, but ANYTIME I feel I can “get one over” on the Big Banks… while also gaining more INDEPENDENCE OVER MY MONEY… I jump at the chance!

To me, Big Banks act as if they are above the law – even though they are responsible for much of the devastation we have had to slog through as a nation.

It is still happening today, even as you read this sentence…

Exclusive: U.S.Justice Dept. subpoenas Wall Street banks for small business loans info – sources — Reuters

Wells Fargo Forced to Pay $3 Billion For The Bank’s Fake Account Scandal — Forbes

The Fed scolded Deutsche Bank for money-laundering protections, new report says — Markets Insider


Enough is enough.

If you are a savvy investor looking to FREE your hard-earned dollars from a GUARANTEED LOSS after inflation…

And EARN an average yield of 9.6% using a SAFE system you can repeat month after month…

Then these next few minutes may be among the most eye-opening of your already stellar investing career.

You are standing at a very exciting crossroads. And if this clicks with you— I believe it will be the cornerstone of your retirement.


A RICH retirement where you can decide, on a whim, to renovate your kitchen… invest in a rental property… maybe purchase a shiny new Tesla.

Spend a month in Italy (when this madness is over) sampling the creamiest pasta, the crispest white wine, or the freshest pizza you’ve ever tasted…

Where you can treat loved ones “Just Because”… without looking nervously at the check…

Or devote time to a new, fun hobby— hiking in Colorado, day-trading “for fun”, bird-watching in Canada, scuba-diving… even writing a book.

Because make no mistake:


Remember, I’m not talking about going all-in on the next “1,000% stock” here.

The “Freedom CD” is a steady, high yield-producing method. Like savings accounts USED TO BE for Americans.

And I’m not talking about volatile microcaps… nanocaps… or anything inviting needless risk.

I hate risk (which will surprise you when I tell you how I earned my stripes).

Because when you know the way to SAFE and SUBSTANTIAL returns…

While protecting yourself with ZERO-DOWNSIDE POTENTIAL…

(And also getting one over on the Big Banks…)

Why would you ever – EVER – put your money in a savings account or sluggish CD again?


Every day, I ask myself:

“Are smart, hard-working Americans really handing over large chunks of their wealth… of their RETIREMENT SECURITY— for a guaranteed negative return?”

I can’t understand why intelligent people lock their cash up for months or years at a time.

ESPECIALLY when there is a simple, safe solution that can give you an average of 9.6% yield… every month or so!

But, then again, I often feel like the inmates have taken over the asylum these days.

Consider this:

The monthly difference between 0.1% and 17.64% on a balance of $15,000… is $2,631.

That’s the difference between a few monthly coffees… or covering a COUPLE OF MORTGAGE PAYMENTS.

If you started with $50,000, that is the difference between earning $50 a month… and earning $8,820…

Remember: this isn’t a once-off thing. You can turn right around and do it all over again.

What would you do with an extra $8,000… every month?

I don’t want to make assumptions but if you are like most people this would have a life-changing impact.

Heck, if your starting balance was only $1,000… you would still earn more than $175. You won’t get that type of yield from ANY BANK in four or five weeks!

But the horrible thing is, we both know plenty of diligent folks who stashed $40,000… $50,000… $60,000 into “timebomb” accounts over the years…

Without knowing there was a much, MUCH better option.


To me, money is choice. It’s freedom. It’s security for our loved ones.

But only if you can use it when you need it.

So when we agree to lock our money up for a year… two years… or half a DECADE, we are actually giving away part of our freedom and security with it.

Sure, it’s important to have future security. But what about the NOW and the SOON, too?

“Freedom CD” terms are short— 4-6 weeks, on average. You can have your money back before you even miss it (with a nice little lump of “interest” on top).

If you want, you can do multiple at once or overlap them, like a high-speed CD Ladder. Your money is completely free again in a matter of months.

Not in a DECADE’S time.

In short, YOU DECIDE the time horizon that suits you best. After all, IT’S YOUR MONEY.

Or, had you gone the “run-of-the-mill” CD route, as many Americans do, your money would be locked away for years.

(Well, locked away from YOU, that is… The banks lend your money to other people – for a fee… or earn a much higher return on YOUR MONEY from the Fed).

Here are the key points to keep in mind:

THERE IS NEVER, EVER ANY DOWNSIDE RISK. It is impossible to end up in the red using what I am about to show you.

YOU NEVER, EVER NEED TO ADD EXTRA CASH. You can use what you already have on the table.

YOU KNOW ALL POSSIBLE OUTCOMES AND RETURNS BEFORE YOU NEED TO DO A THING. It’s formulaic and, as a guy who avoids unnecessary risk at all costs, this transparency is crucial.

YOUR YIELD IS OVER 800% HIGHER THAN WHAT YOU WILL GET AT BIG BANKS. And that is assuming interest rates don’t go negative and you need to pay banks even more.

Imagine this:

You bust your hump for twenty-five or thirty years…

Waking up in the dark to that squawking alarm…

You get in the car, still half asleep, and commute bumper-to-bumper surrounded by honking cars…

Day after day, month after month. Year after year.

So that you can give your family a nice life… the occasional vacation… and put your kids through school and extra-curriculars.

How many millions of Americans share this story? But here’s what they don’t know:

The accounts in which they “save” a portion of their paychecks actually CRIPPLE their retirements.

HOW WOULD YOU FEEL if you never realized there was an alternative? A straightforward method anybody can use to earn a 9.6% yield on their money or higher?

Why do tens of millions of Americans ignore this ZERO-DOWNSIDE RISK method to their great harm?

Well, because they have a small gap in their knowledge.

But this little gap may as well be a CANYON if it makes or breaks your retirement.

Now, before I show you how to secure your first “Freedom CD”… and start really putting your money to work for you… I should introduce myself.


My name is Jacob Mintz and—if I have done my job right – you have never heard of me.

I’m a family man who stays away from the kitschy, ego-driven stuff you see nowadays in the financial industry.

But I can’t stay silent any longer.

Because your retirement may be disappearing from under your nose. I am here to show you the immediate solution that can give you steady yields, month after month… and save your rich retirement.

In fact, I want to hand you over a FREE detailed manual today that breaks it all down, step-by-step.

Like I mentioned, I call it the “Freedom CD” and it’s your simple solution to this negative interest landscape we find ourselves in.

Plus, it frees your money from drawn out 3-month, 1-year, or 5-year jail terms… and empowers YOU to spend your money as you see fit.

But here is the strangest part (and the reason the Big Banks continue to profit from “timebomb” accounts):

When most folks are introduced to “Freedom CDs”, they run screaming for the hills! They feel more comfortable using the familiar “Devil You Know” accounts we talked about earlier.

I will explain why, in a moment.

But why am I giving you this manual (value $99) for FREE today?

Well, because of the path my life has taken over the past few years.

You see, I didn’t always shun the limelight.

Years ago, I made a big splash in the financial world.

I became the youngest ever market maker in my company’s history. And for a decade, I ran several trading crowds on the CBOE— the world’s largest Options Exchange in Chicago.

(But don’t worry, your “Freedom CD” has nothing to do with this greedy, high-risk world).

Even today someone will twist my arm into speaking at an investor conference like the AAII… Or feature me in articles like the one on where they embarrassingly compare me to Mozart.

I’m not telling you this to pat my own back. The opposite, in fact.

Because this whirlwind early success and money led me to a startling realization that caused me to quit this “Wild West” for good.

A realization which could help YOU earn tens of thousands of dollars over the years to come…


I decided— then and there— to take the BEST, SAFE ELEMENTS of what I learned in “the belly of the beast” and bring it to honest people like you.

I knew that I could make them a lot of money if they followed my advice.


Today, I am on a mission to show hard-working Americans the simple way to earn steady yields on their money— in a basic, transparent way.

ANYONE can do it.

Month after month… Year after year… For the rest of your life, if you want.

Because there is a SECRET HIGH-YIELD SWEET SPOT hiding in between no-yield “timebomb” accounts and risky high-yield trades.







And although it’s obviously not a “mainstream” maneuver, IT IS A PATH TO HIGH CONSISTENT MONTHLY RETURNS.

Successful hedge fund managers and Old Money families use it as their short-term savings account. And although I call it a “Freedom CD” when I recommend it to friends, you may have heard of it by another name…


The more common name of the “Freedom CD” SOUNDS sophisticated… but it is actually the safest, most basic options trading strategy there is:

The Covered Call.

A “Way to Earn Extra Income on Your Stocks Without Additional Risk.” KIPLINGER

“The covered call strategy is a relatively simple, low-risk way to boost your income.” FOX BUSINESS

“With volatile markets, covered calls are an attractive strategy.” REUTERS

Just as the name implies, your money and your peace of mind are covered when using this high-yield, entry-level option. Because you are creating yields from stocks you already own

Even when it stays static or moves sideways.

But first, let me say this: You can make a lot of money – as many have – if you ignore the preconceptions you have about options — and consider the following FACTS.

With covered calls there is:


The covered call really is a beautiful, safe opportunity for you to earn a nice yield… and the biggest blind-spot in American wealth-building. So why do otherwise intelligent investors reject them out of hand or “run for the hills”?

Well, first off, they (mistakenly) believe all options are created equal.

That’s like comparing a penny stock to a blue-chip one. Sure, they are both “stocks” technically…

But in terms of volatility, there is A WORLD OF A DIFFERENCE.

“It Ain’t What You Don’t Know That Gets You Into Trouble.
It’s What You Know for Sure That Just Ain’t So.” -Mark Twain.

Unfortunately, this “knowledge gap”, irrational fear… or close-mindedness… may cause them to arrive at retirement a day late and a dollar short.

With covered calls, I’m always reminded of the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz.

Most investors assume ALL options are terrifying.

They picture something intimidating— like the “Great and Powerful Oz”— with the green smoke, floating head, booming voice… the whole shebang.

In reality, though, covered calls are as un-intimidating as the kind little man hiding behind a curtain.


Because you won’t be betting the farm or swinging for the fences here. You are focusing on nice, steady returns. They are not designed to be a get rich quick scheme.

At least not the way I use them, as you will soon see.

I wish I could help everyone realize this… but we both know you can’t save some people from themselves.

Before I tell you how to profit from covered calls on your own steam— and hand you your FREE manual— take a look at this list of closed trades readers of my private newsletter enjoyed since December.

A 9.63% yield on average… Often much, much higher.


Some say I took the fun out of options by pulling back the curtain on conservative covered calls. Especially since I show folks exactly how to execute them, manage them, and then send an email when it’s time to “get out.”

But really, I just corrected a retirement-slaughtering misconception.

Besides, I don’t see anything boring about you earning HIGH, STEADY YIELDS ON YOUR MONEY, month after month. Especially in the negative real interest world of 2021.

Do you?


I certainly don’t see anything boring about becoming an “insurance company” and collecting premiums each month.

Because basically, that’s what you do when you trade covered calls. Let me explain.

Imagine, for a moment, you own an insurance business. And, let me tell you… Business is healthy!

Because you are cashing in on other people’s uncertainty… and perhaps lack of knowledge.

Month after month, these folks give you money for something they THINK…

MAY happen…

SOMETIME in the near future.

And so, after weighing up its likelihood of happening, you “write them a premium”… knowing the odds are firmly in your favor over the long haul.

(And having the odds in your favor… over the long haul… is the reason insurance companies amass billions of dollars and own the gigantic sky-scrapers they do!).


When you “write” a covered call contract, you ALREADY OWN THE STOCK in question.

And although you are bullish on this stock OVER THE LONG-TERM, you don’t expect it to skyrocket IN THE SHORT-TERM. It’s a powerful, conservative way to get paid just for hanging on to stock you already wanted to own.

And without getting into the weeds of it, collecting premiums in this straightforward way also LOWERS YOUR “BREAK-EVEN POINT” in any trade…

Which obviously reduces your risk even further.

Like our thriving insurance company example, a “customer” or (fellow trader) PAYS YOU a premium.

That’s yours to keep no matter what happens.

Your “customer’s” hunch is that it WILL rise beyond the given price… within the short timeframe you agreed to.


So what happens next? Well, here are all the possible outcomes.

The contract expires worthless at the expiry date. You keep the premium, keep your stock, and go on with your life. Or turn around and do it again.

This is your best-case scenario! Because although the stock appreciated, it still came in below the agreed “strike” price during the window.

Again, the contract expires worthless. You keep the premium, you keep your stock (which has appreciated, too), and go on with your life.

This is the worst-case scenario, although it has nothing to do with the covered call, necessarily.

It’s the same as any stock you own dropping… except you earned a premium so your losses are actually REDUCED.

When this happens, the trader who bought your covered call would then purchase your stock at the agreed upon price.

However, you still made plenty of money – the premium, the gains up to the strike price, and whatever price you sold your stock for.

Moving forward, you don’t get to benefit from any further appreciation… (unless you just buy the stock again).

Not very scary, right?

It’s no surprise successful hedge fund managers and Old Money families stockpile millions this way.

And I want you to get to profit from it immediately, too.

So, here is the FREE manual I mentioned, that breaks it all down for you.

It’s called “The Simple Technique that Brings in 5% – 15% Each Month” (value $99). It should open your eyes to how this conservative strategy doesn’t just blow Big Bank interest rates out of the water…

It can even outperform the S&P 500!

Not bad for the CONSERVATIVE side of your wealth building system.

And once you know how to earn these high yields month after month (as readers of my exclusive newsletter have) you can do it FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!


Look, here is what we both know:

The chips are stacked against you and your retirement… in 2021, more than ever before.

The social security you paid into, year after year, is only funded up until 2034… We can’t depend on it, or any other safety net.

And, honestly, we don’t WANT a safety net. All we want is a fair shot…

A fair shot to retire in comfort.

… To earn a decent return on our money, without risking it all or locking it up for years at a time.

… To provide our family with the life we day-dreamed about.

… To watch the news without worrying we may be forced to live hand-to-mouth in later years.


But to achieve this life, we need to come up with a plan… and FAST.

That’s why I’m so relieved you are reading this today.

Most folks will go to their graves without knowing they could have enjoyed a much more comfortable life without risking their nest egg.

This is the growth opportunity Americans are craving… the one they “wish” existed. What they don’t know is… it ALREADY EXISTS!

And you can start profiting from it today. I will even share my personal email to help you get started and answer any questions, if you want.


Like I said earlier, I am not one for marketing. I have no interest in becoming a famous investing guru or the next Jim Cramer.

I am simply a professional investor and a numbers “wonk” who wants to lend a hand to people like you – during this sea change that is underway.

But here is what I can do to help you get up and running:

If you get your name in today, I can grab the reins for you. At least for a while.

By this I mean, I can do all the mathematical grunt work in the background and email you what I believe to be the best trades – when to get in… and when to get out.

(You have seen my track record above. This is not speculation, guesswork, or back-of-napkin scribbling… I use Nobel Prize-winning models – remember how much I hate risk? – and everything else I learned over the decade that had me compared to Mozart).

The email will include everything you need to make the trade with confidence… even if it is your first covered call ever. Your first of many, I hope!

From here, simply open your brokerage account and punch in the information. It’s as simple as that. You can begin seeing returns just like the thirty or so above that AVERAGED a 9.6% yield.

And if you have any questions, just email me. I’m responsive and always happy to help.

It goes without saying that every trade has the possibility of winning or losing… but we are PLAYING THE LONG GAME here and aiming for good strong “insurance company” AVERAGES…

Not risky “Hail Marys.”

But I want to go a step further.

Because when it comes to growing your wealth… there is a way you can really add fuel to the fire. In 2021, 2022… and deep into your retirement.

In fact, this one extra step, can unlock a complete “ONE-STOP SHOP” INVESTMENT MODEL for you… And guide you through the oncoming recession.

It’s like having the best armor… AND the most powerful sword at your disposal!


If you buy a great growth stock with UNLIMITED upside potential…

And then sell covered calls on this great stock BEFORE it goes on the predicted upwards tear (with my guidance) …

You can make money whether the stock goes up… sideways… or stays still.

Exciting, huh?

Even in my crazy Chicago Board of Options Exchange days, I always felt this was a perfect trading strategy for regular, clued-in investors.


It’s short-term and long-term.

In essence, it can be truly PROFIT-BOOSTING. (And I’ll tell you how you can do this yourself in a moment)

However, my “profit-boosting game plan” hit an early blockade…

My expertise is in options trading. Every minute I spend away from my wife and kids is spent “waist-deep” in options research…

And that is how I plan to keep it.

So to make this “perfect trading strategy” a reality, I needed to locate a growth stock expert as dedicated as I am. Someone I was willing to line up behind.

These people are nearly impossible to find, like a Warren Buffet…

Or their advice is too expensive for regular Americans to attain, like a Ray Dalio.

A person who is sharp, knowledgeable, and trustworthy… with a reputation and track record to match. And, of course, someone who cares about Main Street investors more than hedge-fund clients.

Let me tell you:

Having spent so many years with my boots-on-the-ground in the investment world, there are only a handful of folks whose stock picking prowess leaves me in awe.

Mike Cintolo is one of these unicorn stock pickers.

He is the Vice President of Investing and Chief Analyst of Cabot Wealth Network… A wealth-building society that has been in business for FIFTY years. Obviously, Mike ticked every box…

But would he join my mission?

It took a little convincing but – eventually – I persuaded Mike to join forces. He understood what a vital service it is for Americans in 2021. And, like me, he felt it was his responsibility to help.

And so, our exclusive flagship newsletter, the CABOT PROFIT BOOSTER, was born!

Here is the agreement we reached:

Mike has been kind enough to share his favorite 10 growth stock picks – each week.


His record of 228 WINNING TRADES over the past few years speaks for itself— but here are a few recent examples:

If you had bought Grubhub when Mike recommended it, you could have enjoyed 135% gains. This would have turned a $10,000 STAKE INTO $23,500.

That’s a kitchen renovation… from one recommendation.

Shopify, too, JUMPED A WHOPPING 92% JUST FOUR MONTHS after Mike alerted his readers. You could have snagged a $4,600 PROFIT from just a $5,000 stake.

Okta jumped 110%.


Imagine turning an initial $50,000 stake into OVER ONE HUNDRED GRAND… IN SIX MONTHS? As I’m sure you will agree, doubling your money—and then some – is a great feeling no matter how much your beginning stake is.

Look, I won’t go through the other 225 winning trades. You get the idea.

Advance Micro Devices (AMD) — up 82%
Carvana (CVNA) — up 64%
Five Below (FIVE) — up 139%
Grubhub (GRUB) — up 135%
Lululemon (LULU) — up 82%
Novocure (NVCR) — up 93%
Okta (OKTA) — up 110%
Stitch Fix (SFIX) — up 93%
Twilio (TWLO) — up 75%
Coupa Software (COUP) — up 70%
Zendesk (ZEN) — up 106%
Turtle Beach (HEAR) — up 100%

The thing is, before these recommendations ramp up toward 64%… 82%… 110% gains… you can make money from your stock picks using my covered call recommendations.

So, while you wait for Mike’s expert pick to take off… like Grubhub… Shopify… Lululemon… and the hundreds of other winners (literally)… you can collect premiums.


Take a look at a few examples you could have profited from. All you needed to do was CHECK YOUR EMAIL AND SPEND LESS THAN TEN MINUTES MAKING EACH TRADE.

Recommendation # 1: $2,300 earned PER CALL on Apple… in ONE month.

In March, Mike recommended AAPL. After investigating it myself, I noticed it was an ideal setup for a covered call.

Sure enough, the readers who followed the step-by-step advice in the email I sent earned $2,300 FOR EVERY CALL they sold. That’s a yield of 10.22% in just ONE month.

And, while that was terrific in its own right, we all know what happened Mike’s Apple recommendation afterward…

Trade # 2: $480 earned PER CALL on Peloton… before it took off.

Back in June, I sent my readers an alert. PTON looked perfect to sell a covered call on. And right after earning readers a 10.61% yield… as if right on cue…

Trade # 3: $995 PER CALL on CrowdStrike, and then…

Once again, back in May, Mike and I found an ideal Profit-Boosting trade: CRWD.

So, I told my readers about it. After they earned a 16.5% yield ($995 for every call) the stock skyrocketed, earning readers a king’s ransom!


In a word: No. However, let me clarify a couple of things (and forgive me if this is obvious).

You cannot end up in the red from a covered call trade. That is not to say the growth stock portion of a PROFIT BOOSTING trade will never lose money…

Just as with every STOCK you buy, it can go up or down.

(Of course, Mike only sends great stock picks he has investigated with a fine-tooth comb and firmly believes are on the way up).

And to be clear: When I say, there is “no extra cash needed,” this also relates to the covered call part of the trade. Obviously, you must own the growth stock in question BEFORE you sell a covered call on it.

I’m sure this all went without saying, but I want to make sure we are on the same page.

And speaking of great growth stocks:

Mike is not only eager to earn you as much money as possible… he wants to help you INTERNALIZE his brilliant system when it comes to picking winning stocks.

Because of this, he asked me to hand you over TWO FREE REPORTS.


FREE REPORT #1: “Best-Kept Hedge Fund Secrets to Explode Your Wealth ($99 value)

As you and I know, there are some shadowy forces at play when it comes to the stock market. This controversial FREE report will open your eyes to some… let’s just call them “maneuvers”… the mega-wealthy Hedge Funds use to explode their returns and slaughter naive investors.



FREE REPORT #2: “5 Easy Stock-Picking Secrets That Make it Ridiculously Easy to Profit”. ($99 value)

It’s not luck, you know. To conquer the stock market in Mike’s forceful fashion… year after year… these five secrets may be what is separating you from the Big Leagues (if you are not already there)




YOUR FREE COVERED CALL MANUAL: “The Simple Technique that Brings in 5%-15% Each Month” ($99 value)

Obviously, the reason I am speaking to you today is this FREE MANUAL I mentioned earlier. It breaks down “Freedom CDs” or “Covered Calls” in detail.

However, I am happy to “grab the reigns” for you, like I mentioned… so you can profit from my grunt work and thrive well beyond this zero-interest era.


In a few minutes, you can have this $297 WORTH OF FREE RETIREMENT-SAVING INFORMATION in your hands. All you need to do is take a look at the flagship newsletter we created to protect Americans like you:


It’s supposed to be priced at $997… but YOU WON’T PAY ANYTHING CLOSE TO THAT today.

In fact, the $297 of FREE life-changing knowledge you unlock is just the BEGINNING. The most exciting part is immediate access to 50 weeks of CABOT PROFIT BOOSTER.

Of course, I’m more than happy to hand you over DIRECT ACCESS TO MY CAREFULLY SELECTED PORTFOLIO, too. (Let’s just say information such as this would be valued in the THOUSANDS during my CBOE days)…

As I mentioned, I will give you MY PERSONAL EMAIL address in case you have questions… and explain – step-by-step – how to execute, manage, and “get out of” every trade.

Cabot Wealth Network has also been gracious enough to offer VIP 24/7 access to a private website for CABOT PROFIT BOOSTER members. Here you can deep-dive through all prior issues and special reports.

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I wish this could all be free, but there are costs involved to run a newsletter like this with such precision.

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