Insider’s Secret That Can Make You Rich

Here’s the totally hushed-up truth about how
top-performing hedge funds really make their money …
And how you can use the same “unfair advantage” to rake in money 3 ways

Dear Friend,

Take a look at the following picture.

Here is how parking lots can help you make money.

As you can see, it’s an image of a parking lot.

And in this short presentation, I’m going to tell you how this parking lot can help you make money.

You’ll be shocked to learn how the photo above helps the biggest players on Wall Street earn multiple millions.

It’s a secret I’ve been carrying around with me for years and have never told anybody before.

It’s so explosive… the biggest companies in the hedge fund industry would MUCH rather keep it completely under wraps…

But what I discovered absolutely blew my mind…

It explained how the big money in the stock market is being made TODAY…

…How the biggest “sharks” in the trading industry get an edge in trading and how they’re getting away with… having an unfair advantage over regular investors…

And most importantly… I’ll tell you how you can gain the same unfair advantage yourself and use their secrets to grow your profits three ways.

By the end of this brief, eye-opening presentation, you’ll discover how to capture trades like Lululemon Athletica Inc… which soared 306% in only 15 months…

LULU chart

Or the 508% winner in 15 months from GrubHub Inc.

GRUB chart

Or… the 1228% windfall in just over two years from Novocure Ltd.

NVCR chart

Trades like these could have been possible with the secrets I’m about to reveal to you. I will also show you how to easily multiply those returns up to three times.

But first, let me show you who makes billions in the markets today and how they do it.

As you may already know… the biggest profits today are made in the hedge fund industry.

I’m talking about billion-dollar funds like Renaissance Technologies Medallion… considered the world’s top-earning hedge fund.

It had a whopping 71.8% average annual return between 1994 and 2014… while the S&P 500 barely eked out 9.1%.

How would you like to make those types of staggering returns?

… Or the returns of DE Shaw… the hedge fund industry’s biggest player?

In spite of the latest market correction, they posted 11.2% returns. That’s pretty impressive when you consider that during the same time period the S&P 500 plunged to a -6.2% loss.

Then there are the amazing returns of the world’s most successful hedge fund—Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates.

Since 1991, it’s captured a whopping $132.8 billion in net gains—more than any other hedge fund!

So here’s the billion-dollar question:

How do they do it?

It’s actually because of the unfair advantage I mentioned earlier—it’s the…

Single Biggest Money-Making Secret I Discovered

While Working In The “Pits”


My name is Jacob Mintz.

Jacob Mintz

You may know me as the creator of the enormously profitable Cabot Options Trader and Cabot Options Trader Pro.

I started my career working on the trading floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange…

… A ‘brutal’ place where testosterone and greed rule the floor…

… where hundreds of millions are made every day…

… where the emotions run so high… that fist-fights break out…

… And where fresh-faced rookies like me were being had for breakfast.

In order to survive in the “pits”… I quickly realized something important.

I’d need to maintain an easy-going attitude to deal with these types of high-pressure situations.

I had to earn the trust of those who had had tremendous success in trading.

And that’s how I discovered this highly profitable “triple-yield secret” I’m going to reveal in a moment.

You see, back then I was a naive 22-year-old “clerk.” My job was to “learn the ropes” by analyzing what the other traders were doing.

At the time I was trying to figure out what options trading was.

Every day by 5 a.m. sharp I’d already been “breaking down” other experienced traders’ “positions.”

After all, they were all millionaires.

Here is how to prove yourself as a rookie on the trading floor

Learning from them and watching what they did on the trading floor was a lot of fun.

But the real learning started when I had to face live situations. This was where the rubber would meet the road…

I was “put on the badge” and started trading in the pits .. a chaotic scene with lots of “open outcry” buy and sell operations… using special hand symbols to indicate what was being bought and sold.

It was complete mayhem… every single day…

Picture this…

You’re a 22-year old who looks much younger than his age… entering the trading pits… with the rugged guys who’ve been there for years and years making millions.

And there you are… showing up one day… trying to take away some of their profits…

They weren’t too happy about that.

The looks on their faces were like… “Who is this kid? Get him out of here!”

As you can imagine, it was a rough couple of weeks… until I was able to prove myself.

It was almost like going to prison. You’d have to pick a fight with the toughest guy… and show you’re not going to be messed around with… and that you want to be taken seriously.

Needless to say… I was quickly getting on top of my trading game…

… moving from one trading group (they called them “crowds”) to another.

My success started to grow. I was even running the crowds myself and “making the markets.”

But most importantly…

In just a short amount of time I was able to make a LOT of money…

Because along the way I discovered the “tricks of the trade” these experienced traders were using to get rich…

… And some of those insider secrets blew my mind, including this…

The Secret Of High Finance

Here‘s how I came across “a hunch” that improved my trading and made it far more profitable.

Why Ogre was losing his mind when everyone else sat quietly.

On a normal day, I was trading in a crowd.

And then…

A 6’5” 300-pound guy by the name Ogre suddenly came running towards me. (Yes, that really was his name!)

He was representing big firms like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley or any of the big hedge funds…

And on this particular day, he came screaming into the pit… like he was losing his mind… yelling…

“What’s your market?” “What’s your market?”

I shouted back the market price for what I was selling.

And then he cried out…

“Buy ’em!” “Buy ’em!”

I yelled back as loudly as I could…


I watched that day as Ogre tried to buy everything he could—he was cleaning up.

The same exchange between Ogre and me occurred many times. And I finally discovered why…

Because… the next day…

There Would Be A Takeover…

Or An Upgrade…

Or Some Type Of Earnings Announcement…


The stock would jump…

And the clients Ogre was representing would make millions… just from a few trades!

It happened over and over… many times… almost like clockwork.

Then I finally figured it out…

Why Hedge Funds Risk Tens
Of Millions Of Dollars

I was thinking… wait a second…

These hedge funds… represented by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and other large firms…

Who were bringing these large orders in…

They’re not risking $10 million… $20 million… or even $30 million dollars because they want to lose that money…

They know something…

A “Hunch” Or… a Secret…

Otherwise… why would they execute those extremely risky buys…

And be on the right side of each trade… so consistently… so many times in a row?

They definitely had some type of “information advantage”—otherwise called an edge.

So what did I do next?

I started trading with them… mirroring whatever they did.

If they were buying “calls” on a certain stock… I bought them too.

If they were loading up on “puts”… I did the same.

The result was incredible… I cashed-in big!

A brand new Porsche… for one day’s work! Here’s how…

On some days I really made a killing…

In fact… I’d find myself on my way home from work, thinking…

Perhaps I should stop and pick up the latest model Porsche?

That’s how much money I was making. But now I’m going to tell you how you can make even more with what I’ve discovered, but first… here’s something shocking.

You won’t believe the advantage the biggest hedge funds have over regular investors…

“Sneaky” Ways To Get An “Edge”
And Outmaneuver Other Investors

There are many ways for a hedge fund to gain an edge… with nearly unlimited budgets.

And that means they can afford to have in-house teams of super-smart geeks with PHDs working as analysts and portfolio managers…. the top experts in biotech and technology sectors.

But some of their methods are… very unorthodox— to say the least. And not the kind regular investors would ever think of.

But that’s exactly how they’re able to rake in those enormous profits so easily again and again.

How tide patterns can bring profits in trading

Here’s how they do it.

We all know that earnings announcements cause quite a stir in the markets.

Hedge funds had to find a way to gauge the sales figures before everyone else.

And when it comes to retail, there is a relatively easy way to do that.

In America, people like to drive. They park a car and go to the mall.

That means the number of cars in the parking lot can tell you how many people are at the mall.

If the parking lot is full, as it is the week before Christmas, the mall is packed and retail sales are booming.

Now you just have to count the cars in the parking lot and compare that number to the one six months ago.

And if you counted every day…

… Over time you can get a pretty clear idea about the sales figures—higher or lower than the previous quarter.

Now, how do you count cars in the parking lot day in and day out?

Using computerized satellite images of course!

If a computer can read a license plate, it can also count the number of cars in the parking lot.

So hedge fund analysts have found a way to get numbers of cars in the parking lots of the biggest retailers…

This gave them an idea about sales figures… before they were officially reported.

Imagine having earnings reports before everyone else—that’s like knowing where the stock is going to move next.

Wouldn’t that be a good way to predict the future–and profit richly?

OK, what else?

How Tracking private airplanes can give you an edge in trading

What about mergers and acquisitions?

These almost always generate major jumps in stock prices.

What if you knew beforehand which companies were in negotiations to merge or get acquired?

Would that give you an advantage in trading? You bet!

So how do you find out which company a billionaire CEO is planning to take over?

Let’s see…

He owns a private jet…

And he’s using it for business.

He may be flying somewhere to negotiate the merger or acquisition.

Can we track his private jet?

You betcha!

Technology can help you with that. If you can track your teenager’s whereabouts using an app on your smartphone… then you can bet your bottom dollar that private jets can be tracked just as easily.

And that’s exactly what these hedge funds do.

They’ve found a way to track the flight patterns of corporate jets. And that’s how they get advanced knowledge about possible mergers and acquisitions.

On Wall Street, there’s a saying … “buy the rumor… sell the news.”

Well, if you knew exactly where the boss is going in his private jet… that’s much better than relying on a rumor.

And if you think that’s crazy… just wait until you hear about some even more obscure techniques these big hedge funds use, like… studying weather patterns, or tides.

But here’s where it gets even more interesting…

How You Can Legally “Steal” Hedge

Fund Trading Secrets and Grow Richer

I’ve found a way YOU can use their secrets to generate effortless profits for yourself

Without having to shell out thousands of dollars in researching flight patterns of private jets…

Or counting cars in parking lots…

It’s actually much simpler than that.

All you have to do is… look at the stock charts and you can see everything the “big money” is doing.

Mike Cintolo

It’s all right there in plain view… but only if you can read and understand what they mean.

And when it comes to reading these charts there’s no one better at it than my friend and colleague Mike Cintolo.

Mike has been looking at the charts for more than 20 years… and making big profits for his clients.

He’s seen it all. And nothing surprises him.

One highly profitable money-making tactic Mike uses is a little-known hedge fund secret…

How “Five Finger Boogie”
Can Predict The Future

This is the most exciting secret the hedge funds hope you’ll never find out.

Using this technique they can predict the price direction changes before they happen.

Think about it—when the regular investor buys a stock, he has no idea where the price is going next. Up or down… It’s almost always a gamble.

In fact, the price often goes down right after buying.

But what if you knew with over 80% certainty what the price direction will be… before buying?

How playing “boogie” on a piano is like playing the markets for hefty profits

This is exactly what the hedge funds know.

When most people look at the charts they see random “chaotic” price movements.

But that could not be further from the truth.

The markets and stock prices follow very specific patterns.

And these patterns repeat over and over…

Whether you’re looking at an hourly chart, daily chart, or weekly chart…

There is still a pattern.

And the hedge funds know how to spot that pattern.

They use a technique called “fractal” or what we call “five finger boogie.”

Here is how Fractal can make you a lot of money

There are five fingers and the middle finger has to be the highest (or lowest).

That’s right!

A stock price does a “boogie” right before a big change of direction.

When you see this pattern, you can tell with over 80% certainty where the price will go next. Amazing!

This way, we analyze the charts looking for fractals to identify the stocks that have momentum.

If a stock has momentum to go up, we buy it. If it has momentum to go down, we sell it. It is really that simple.

Here’s what a fractal in a chart looks like…

To an untrained eye, this chart looks like a bunch of colorful bars.

But to Mike and me this chart shows many fractals that indicate exactly when a stock is going to change the direction.

And when we spot these fractals, we identify a huge opportunity to make money!

Imagine a spring that is squeezed so tight that it has enormous potential to expand.

That’s how we trade.

The Simplest Way How to Use Hedge Fund
Secrets For Easy Profits

As you can see you can steal some of these hedge fund secrets and use them to generate hefty profits…

The only problem is…

It would take hours and hours (days or even weeks) of your time.

And time is of the essence when it comes to investing and trading.

Plus… there is usually a learning curve. And by “learning curve” I really mean…

If you don’t know what you are doing… you may not make a profit.

It’s like flying a commercial jetliner without any training… staring at a cockpit dashboard with thousands of mysterious little toggles and controls…

Needless to say… you wouldn’t get very far.

Regular investor looking at the stock charts is like flying a Boeing 737 without any training

That is why Mike and I teamed up… so regular investors can get the same advantage big hedge funds enjoy.

After all…we live and breathe charts, financial statements and… making profits.

Together we spot enormous opportunities to make humongous profits.

Here are examples of some of the stocks we were able to find and recommend to our clients…

A 167% return from Carvana (CVNA)…

A 139% gain from Five Below (FIVE)… 

A 135% gain from Grubhub (GRUB)…

A 130% gain from Twilio (TWLO)

A 121% gain from Okta (OKTA)…

A 113% gain from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

A 100% gain from Turtle Beach (HEAR)

A 106% gain from Zendesk (ZEN)

A 93% gain from Novocure (NVCR)

A 93% gain from Stitch Fix (SFIX)

An 82% gain from Lululemon (LULU)

A 70% gain from Coupa Software (COUP)

How are we able to produce such huge money-making gains time and again for our clients?

We worked together to crunch all the information…

Everything the hedge funds are doing—what’s in the news and how the markets are reacting…

And found the stocks that have the highest probability and momentum to grow…

Now we can do the same for you!

So you can take our advice and turn it into easy profits… not spending hours, days and weeks trying to make sense of it all.

That means you can have a life—enjoy what you are doing… and make money. So you can retire and not have to worry about running out of money ever again.

And we will watch the charts and obsess about finding the most successful trading opportunities for you.

We will tell you all of the winners… when to buy them… and why. Because…

We have developed what we call a 3X Profits method to, well… triple your profit opportunities!

Here‘s exactly how our method works…

How To Triple Your Profits

We watch the charts and use something called an “unusual activity scanner.”

This shows us the stocks that act unusually. It could be the price movements. Or it could be the volume.

This tells us that “big money” is moving in.

We quickly analyze the stock to determine if it is worth owning.

Because… and here is a secret most stockbrokers will not tell you…

Most Stocks Stink!

There are 6,100 different stocks on New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq.

But only about 70 of them are worth owning. And even fewer of them have the momentum to soar.

And those are the stocks we recommend you buy.

But buying a stock is only one-third of the process.

And Here Is a Secret Most
Investors Don’t Know…

Once you own a good stock it is your asset and you can generate income on demand.

Think of yourself as an owner of a property like a hotel in downtown Manhattan.

People want to stay in your hotel and pay you big bucks for your hospitality. Because it is your asset. It brings you money on autopilot.

Same with a good stock. It pays you cash on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. And it can pay you in multiple ways…

First—a good stock often pays a dividend. And it can be as high as 5% or even more. This dividend is deposited automatically into your account.

Second—a good stock will increase in value over time, generating investing profits for you.

But there’s a third, often overlooked, way to generate income.

I’ve discovered another powerful kicker strategy that can put more money in your pocket. I call it an Income Booster technique.

This is where my expertise in options trading comes in.

I’ve spent more than 10 years trading options and I have a proprietary technique to boost the income on the stocks you own.

How exactly does my Income Booster work?

Since it’s a proprietary technique, I can’t divulge this secret in this presentation, but I will tell you how you can get ahold of that information FREE.

So I take that amazing stock and then apply my proprietary strategy that’ll give you extra income for owning it.

This income can be as high as 10% per month!

Imagine that – when interest rates are near zero and most stocks pay nothing… the stocks I recommend to you… may not only pay you dividends, but could also pay up to 10% in extra income month after month.

Which means you could turn a relatively small $10,000 investment into a whopping $126,000 in 12 months or less.

Take $50k and you could turn it into a cool half million

Or you could turn a nest egg of $100,000 into a whopping $1,176,000!

Now let’s recap…

  1. We select a stock that the big money is buying stealthily. It has an enormous potential to shoot through the roof, ultimately delivering a handsome profit to you.
  2. You get paid dividends.
  3. Then I boost your income an additional up to 10% with my proprietary Income Booster technique.

As you can see, you’d be making money hand over fist month after month with very little work.

And If you think this is an enormously profitable strategy, wait till you see what we’ll do next.

Remember when I explained to you how we look at the charts and find “fractals”? And find stocks that have momentum to shoot up?

Well… looking at the same fractals we also find something else…

…We identify when the upward momentum has changed into a downward momentum…

…Which means it’s time to cash in and take profits.

And that’s where we recommend you sell the stock and buy another one that is set to soar!

That way you go from one winning stock to another to yet another one.

That’s like leaping from one winning stock to another and riding them higher and higher…

…plus pocketing the dividends…

…plus “boosting” your income with Income Booster.

Can you imagine the potential of this powerful technique?

That’s like pocketing an extra $8,870, $12,450 or even $18,480 per month… like clockwork.

It’s what I call a Triple Profits technique. And it could be the easiest gains you ever made.

What would you do with that kind of money?

Take a month-long vacation to Europe?

Purchase a waterfront home and live on the beach?

Buy a brand-new Mercedes S500?

All of that and more is possible when you try Triple Profits.

Why Am I Offering It To You?

Frankly… I’m tired of watching regular investors being at a disadvantage in the markets. It’s like playing rigged slot machines in a crooked casino.

The house always wins. And when it comes to stock market—the house is… institutional investors and hedge funds who do nothing all day but ‘legally’ steal the money from the regular guy.

I wanted to level the playing field and give you the advantage to make profits and save for retirement.

Here’s an example of profits you could have made with Stitch Fix Inc:

SFIX chart

A relatively small investment of $5000 would have made you $9,150… …which is almost doubling your money.

Add an income booster and you could’ve easily doubled or tripled your gains!


OKTA chart

Take a look at the profits you could have made with Okta Inc. A $10,000 investment would have made you $46,000!

That’s almost a brand new BMW 540!

An Income Booster could have doubled or even tripled that amount!


TWLO chart

With Twilio Inc you could have turned $276,000 profit on a $50,000 investment…

Which is more than enough to buy a brand new sports car like this one:

How to get a brand-new Lamborghini Huracan and have cash left over

But that’s before our proprietary Income Booster had a chance to work its magic. When it’s all said and done, your profits could’ve been multiplied.

All of that and more is possible if you try Triple Profits today.

But most importantly…

I wanted to make it as easy as possible so you don’t have to watch the charts all day or do something crazy to gain a trading edge.

Here is how it works…

Easy Way To 3x Your Profits

Every week I will send you an alert where I will tell you exactly what trade I’m executing and why.

And you’ll be able to have the same exact advantage I or even the biggest hedge funds have. Without the high priced analysts or portfolio managers…

…But with profits they enjoy.

I make it as simple for you to profit as possible!

It’s like having an expert trader watching over your shoulder guiding you all the way to dramatic profits. And it will be so easy—it’s the closest thing to printing money…

The stock I am going to recommend will be like a loaded spring—ready to jump.

Once you buy it, you’ll be able to generate income month after month.

And then you’ll be able to boost your income yet again with my proprietary Income Booster!

You will be able to repeat this process effortlessly month after month… year after year.

A few simple mouse clicks every few days can bring you the same success hedge funds have in trading.

You could be making $4,350… $5,750 or even $12,270 in profits every month.

But let me be clear – not all of my trades and techniques make that kind of money. Some make less. And some may end up in the red.

There are no guarantees in life or in trading. Just because something worked in the past, does not mean it will work in the future…

But of course, that could mean the trades I’ll be sending you could also work far better than you have expected!

You could even make so much money… you’d be able to retire in style in a waterfront penthouse suite…

…or get a 39’ boat and go fishing in the Florida Keys…

…or fully pay for your kids’ and your grandchildren’s education…

…and buy a brand new S-class Mercedes.

All that and more is possible with Cabot Profit Booster.

A system that is based on the best hedge fund secrets.

The same one pros use to make enormous amounts of money—billions of dollars per year…

This exact system delivered to you on a platter so you won’t have to spend hours every day tracking stocks, their prices, the markets, the news.

This system could be making you easy money that would not only increase the size of your portfolio but also generate income on demand…

It could make you a millionaire in less than a year.

Here’s How To Get Started…

Think about how you could rack up huge profits in just months or even weeks.

And think about what that would mean for your quality of life and peace of mind.

What would that be worth to you?


When you consider it could make your nest egg grow to a million dollars or more, I bet you’d say yes.

But I’m not going to charge that much, even though it’d be worth every penny.

I’m not even going to charge half that.

For a limited time, the special introductory price is just $500.

Chances are you can make that amount back with your first trade alone. And it could be in a week’s time.

But there is a catch.

I want to make Cabot Profit Booster available only for a special group of people who are serious about making money.

If you can’t afford $497 for my service, it means you’re not ready for it. And it is better if you go to a financial advisor so he can “enroll” you into an investment plan with a 5% return.

But if you’re serious about making money like the big boys… then I’ll even sweeten my offer.

For the first 250 people, I am going to slash this special introductory price by more than half…

If you’re one of them and act quickly, you can get in for just $197.

That’s it!

That’s the price for “done for you” 3X Profits service with an Income Booster technique which will give you an “unfair advantage”—based on closely-held hedge fund secrets…

All for only $197. But that’s not all…

If you act now, I will also include valuable money-making bonus gifts.

Your first gift is something special. You’ve already discovered some of the hedge fund secrets but that’s just a small part of what I know. There are many more

I’ve prepared a special Confidential Report called “Best-Kept Hedge Fund Secrets to Explode Your Wealth”. 

A $99 value, yours FREE!

In your FREE Confidential Report, you’ll discover the sneakiest (yet most profitable) tricks hedge fund traders play on the “herd”—regular investors:

  • • The secret games hedge funds play. What they’re doing, what everybody else is doing and how all that results in a transfer of wealth from regular traders to big and powerful hedge funds. Learn how to think “outside the herd” and not to fall prey to these deceptive tactics.
  • • The “head fake” move hedge fund traders play to make regular traders sell a stock that’s about to shoot up. When a big price move is expected, the “big money” uses deception tactics to gain a trading advantage. Find out how you can “steal” this secret and use it to explode your profits.
  • • How hedge funds “bluff” their way to profits. How they “flush out” regular traders – all in the name of profits. Most regular investors have no idea they’re being manipulated. Find out how to use those secrets and cash-in big.
  • • And much more!

Their tactics can be deceptive yet very profitable.

And you deserve to know everything they do behind the scenes…

And how their actions bring enormous profits.

After reading this report, you’ll never look at stock charts the same way again.

But that’s not all…

I will also send you another report. It’s also free and it is called “5 Easy Stock-Picking Secrets That Make it Ridiculously Easy to Profit”.

Once you find out all the secret maneuvers hedge fund traders play on the market, you can use their techniques for profit…

And for that, you will need to pick the best stocks to invest in.

A $99 value, yours FREE!

This report shows you how the pros do it.

It will tell you what Mike and I look for in a stock to quickly gauge if it’s even worth owning.

Here is what you are going to discover:

  • • Practically fail-proof Stock-Picking Secrets So Easy, A Fifth-Grader Could Do Them. Believe it or not, when it comes to stocks, simple works better than complicated.
  • • What the numbers really mean and which ones you should pay attention to. Today many companies practice “creative” accounting. Most numbers on their balance sheet will be meaningless but not the ones I’ll tell you about.
  • • What secrets charts can tell you that no-one else can see – what is really going on and what the “big money” is doing. I’ll also tell you how to use that to your advantage.
  • • And much more!

You get BOTH of these Confidential Reports absolutely FREE, just for giving Cabot Profit Booster a try. They’re a $198 value just on their own …

But there’s one more valuable FREE gift I want to send you. And I really saved the best for last.

This Confidential Report will reveal my proprietary Income Booster technique that you get as part of my Cabot Profit Booster system

It’s called “The Simple Technique that Brings in 5%-15% Each Month”.

A $99 value, yours FREE!

Here is why this proprietary tactic is so revolutionary…

I have spent almost 10 years on the options trading floor learning from the best and most aggressive traders.

I had to fight tooth and nail to earn a living.

I ate what I killed… so to speak.

And in this report, I’ll reveal all of my secret techniques that VERY few investors know.

Everything you read about here in this presentation comes from my experience in the field…

Over the years I’ve perfected my Income Booster technique. I’m proud to say it’s really my best technique to generate easy profits on demand.

It is very easy to use… but only if you have the knowledge.

Anybody can do it.

In fact, I can go out on the street and teach anybody this technique and in less than five minutes they will be able to generate income with a few clicks of a mouse.

It is that powerful.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this FREE Confidential Report:

  • • A strategy billionaires use to rake in profits hand over fist. Billionaires like Warren Buffet and George Soros use this little known technique to generate easy profits.
  • • Why the Income Booster strategy is the closest thing to “printing money”. There are many ways to generate extra profits in trading but none are as easy and safe as this one.
  • • How to identify and string together a consistent series of double- and triple-digit gains month after month after month.
  • • How to reach millionaire status in just a few short years, starting with as little as $1,000.

That’s 3 highly-profitable Confidential Reports you get FREE when you join Cabot Profit Booster today. Together they’re a $297 value. But I’m not stopping there.

As part of Cabot Profit Booster, you’ll also get full, unlimited access to my private portfolios of the highest yielding investments on the market today.

These are the same portfolios Mike and I use to generate gains for ourselves.

You will also get a VIP members-only access to the private area of our website. It contains all of the archives of prior issues and alerts.

So let’s recap.

Here is everything you are going to get:

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