This Is Your Private Invitation to Profit
from the Most Powerful Wealth Building Tool
in the 49-Year History of Cabot

Welcome to Cabot Stock of the Week

The Advisory that Could Bring You Long-Term Gains of 500%, 1,000%, 4,000% or More for as Long as You’re a Member

Fellow Investor,

This is an exciting moment in the 49-year history of the Cabot Heritage Corporation and I’m so pleased that you can be a part of this incredibly historic occasion.

It’s one that’s not only been in the making for some time but one that our readers have written, called, and practically begged me for years to create—a Total Wealth advisory that would bring you the top picks across all seven of our market-beating services.

It technically cherry-picks the most profitable stocks across all of our seven advisories weekly—and can do so even in periods of recession, inflation and market downswings.

Had this Total Wealth system been in place here at Cabot 49 years ago, here are a few of the documented gains you could have banked by owning our biggest winners.

  • Netflix, +12,037%
  • Apple, +4,330%
  • Chipotle, +927%
  • MasterCard, +317%
  • Illumina, +605%
  •, +592%
  • Incyte Corporation, +806%
  • Tesla, 1,120%
  • Google, +766%
  • Jazz Pharmaceuticals, +1,157%
  • Ctrip, +297%
  • Priceline, +577%
  • NetEase, +524%
  • Vipshop Holdings, +823%


That’s why I’m so excited today to tell you about this system and how it can hand you the kind of wealth, freedom and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about.

We call our Total Wealth system Spectrum because it automatically selects the No. 1 stock across all seven of our advisories on a weekly basis—and without your having to subscribe to all seven of our advisories.

We think you’ll call it a dream come true.

If at the end of my invitation you agree, I’d like to extend to you a personal invitation to preview and profit from Spectrum.

Should you accept this invitation, you’ll see how Spectrum automatically brings you:

  1. The No. 1 stock across all seven of Cabot’s advisories along with
  2. A higher-performing portfolio of stocks with instant diversification among big-cap stocks, small-cap stocks, income stocks and global ADRs.

You’ll also understand why we’re limiting access to Spectrum system to 500 new readers and why it’s important that if you like what you see, you’re going to want to be one of the first to join us before we close the doors.

Mark my words.  Once you see everything, you’ll never again worry about beating the market; you’ll thrash it!

With gains like these…

  • 281 investments of 100% or more
  • 211 investments of 150% or more
  • 132 investments of 200% or more
  • 57 investments of 300% or more
  • 23 investments of 500% or more

… you can begin to understand the incredible power Spectrum offers you and why we consider it the biggest discovery in our 49-year history.

Why This Discovery Is So Personal to Me and Why It Represents
Our Most Powerful Wealth-Building Tool Ever