Gold & Metals Master Reveals the “Perfect Storm” of 2022—and How Investors Can Make a Fortune

“A powerful confluence of factors is gathering in the Gold & Metals marketplace—creating an opportunity that can earn you millions of dollars in profits over the coming 12 months.”

Clif Droke, Successful Gold & Metals Investor and Veteran Market Analyst


Dear Conservative Investor:

If you hesitated when you read the words “gold” and “metals” above, I don’t blame you.

After all, few markets over the last 50 years have been more abused, maligned—and for many investors, disappointing—than Gold & Metals.

Hucksters have oversold gold’s “intrinsic” value, the prices of gold and metals assets have vacillated seemingly without logic . . . and greedy, inexperienced investors have lost fortunes.

Yet, as a hard-nosed market analyst who has studied the Gold & Metals market—and profited richly from it over decades—I want to alert you to an extraordinary change that’s about to up-end everything you’ve ever heard about investing in these valuable resources.

If you pay attention to these momentous changes and heed my advice, you could turn a $1,000 investment into a fortune worth millions over the coming weeks and on into the next few years.

In fact, my stock picks in Gold & Metals have given investors consistent double-digit profit returns of 38%, 54%, 67%, 75% and even 82% in just a few months!

When you get serious about Gold & Metals, you’ll also be in great company: Both billionaire investors Warren Buffet and George Soros have recently jumped into this rising market.

How powerful new forces in the Gold & Metals market
are creating a “perfect storm” for investors to profit in 2022

Let me give you a quick summary of how the Gold & Metals marketplace is transforming profoundly—and how this creates wealth-building opportunities for you and me.

Then I’ll give you specific examples of the amazing profits I’ve helped investors reap over this past year . . . and why I believe this is just the beginning.

First, a few words on how we got here . . .

Most of what you read about the Gold & Metals marketplace has focused on retail investors making plays in “hard metals”—like gold and silver coins and bullion.

That’s where the fast-talkers and hucksters live.

The thing is, hard metal values are largely determined by fear—fear the dollar will collapse, fear the stock market will crash, fear of WWIII.

In other words, irrationality drives the prices of these metals.

No wonder prices for “hard metal”—gold or silver bullion and coins—have been so volatile over the decades.

And no wonder so many naïve investors have lost money trying to guess where they’ll go next.

Hard fact about hard metal: When values are determined by irrationality, there’s no certain way you can predict them.

Now, for investors, all that is about to change.  Introducing SX Gold & Metals Advisor—a new Sector Xpress advisory from the Cabot Heritage Group.



SX Gold & Metals Advisor turns a wild gamble—based on emotions
into a disciplined investment strategy . . . tied to rational market drivers

In short, the Gold & Metals market is morphing from a market dominated by greed, misinformation and irrationality . . .

Into one governed by actual, factual—measurable—market demand.

This means demand we can calculate and track—and opportunities that can make you rich—if you invest in the right ones.

Even more important, the demand for gold and other metals—largely for manufacture of high-technology and other advanced products—is just now starting to skyrocket!

That’s why I founded SX Gold & Metals Advisor—to help investors like you take advantage of rising values of gold, silver and other precious and rare earth elements.

Let me give you a quick overview of huge opportunities for you to capitalize on the growing demand for gold and other metals.

Note: Demand for all these metals is booming . . . while at the same time, in most cases, supplies are dramatically tightening.

Palladium is used in electronics and industrial products, such as catalytic converters, medicine and chemical applications— and whose prices and demand remain high.

Nickel, necessary for producing steel, is also coveted in the burgeoning battery industry—and its price is also rising.

Lithium is a key component in rechargeable batteries, pharmaceuticals and ceramics—demand for which is soaring globally.

Silver, employed in solder, LED chips, batteries, solar energy and touch screens, saw stellar price increases in recent times—because of supply shortfalls, as well as fears related to Covid-19.

Copper is essential for all electrical equipment, as well as heat exchangers, semiconductors and construction: Copper is in short supply—yet will be critical for China’s Covid-19 recovery.

Aluminum, the key component of most cans, is also fundamental to both commercial and residential construction . . . but while demand is rising, supplies are also becoming short.

— Rare earth metals—like Neodymium and Erbium—have many industrial uses, especially in lasers. But China has a near monopoly on rare earth elements, which is driving prices higher.

Gold also has major uses in semiconductor integrated circuits, dentistry and space exploration—in addition to its reputation as the leading hedge against inflation and monetary instability.

Best of all, critical indicators—which I’ll reveal to you in just a moment—all tell us that this rapidly rising industrial demand for metals will continue at least over the next 3-5 years.



How I delivered double-digit Gold & Metals returns to other investors
and how you can use my system to increase your profits, too

I’ve been following the Gold & Metals market for decades.  I’ve made lots of money for investors and lots for myself while I was at it.  I can help you do it, too.

My first big call was back in 1997, when I recommend gold-mining stock Argentina Gold, which quickly rallied, giving investors a 400% gain in just four months.

In the early 2000s, I started collecting gold bullion. A few years later I sold it at a 350% profit.

I’ve never looked back. For over 20 years now, I’ve been tracking, profiting and helping conservative investors realize exceptional returns from Gold & Metals.

While we—and you, too—may experience triple-digit returns in gold and metals over the next few years, my goals for investors today are simple:

1) Ultra-safe investments

2) Solid double-digit returns within 12 months

How does that rate of return sound to you?  Let me get specific.

Here are a few examples of my winning calls:

Wheaton Precious Metals, a precious metals middleman, jumped 43% in 4 months

The world’s largest gold producer, Newmont Corp, increased in value by 17% in 3 months

SilverCrest Metals, miner of silver and other precious metals, vaulted 57% in 2.5 months

Producer of copper and other metals, Southern Copper soared by 36% in only 3 months

SSR Mining specializes in gold and silver: Its price rocketed 36% in 3 months

Veteran gold miner Barrick Gold returned 14% to our investors in just 4 months

(Side note: Both Warren Buffet and George Soros—when they started trading gold securities recently—also bought shares of Barrick. Soros’ investment yielded a 200% gain in just a few months!)

Though these investments have returned handsomely, I’ll share more winners with you in just a minute—many that have performed substantially better.

I’m confident our profits this year will be even more spectacular—as metals demand increases and supplies are squeezed.



How Gold & Metals act as portfolio anchors in turbulent times—
and why metals should be at least 5% of your holdings now

I told you why the Gold & Metals market is on the cusp of a huge profit bonanza for perceptive investors.

I also explained how the next big growth opportunity is investing in Gold & Metals used for industrial products.

But there are two more—just as important—reasons for you to diversify into precious metal assets . . . now.

First, gold and silver, in particular, are ideal metals for long-term investment, since they allow investors to hedge against runaway inflation—when consumer prices rise seriously, as they did in the 1970s.

Consider these facts:

— Inflation threat is mounting due to the massive amount of U.S. central bank and fiscal stimulus funds flooding our economy in response to Covid-19

—The Federal Reserve’s 5-year breakeven inflation rate is at its highest rate in nearly 10 years as investors’ fears of rising inflation approach the boiling point

— Food price inflation is currently twice the Fed’s inflation target rate of 2%. (Meat prices have shot up to 6% from a year ago, as grain prices also rise.)

— Restaurants re-opening will surely drive more inflation in the food supply chain

— The last time we felt such heavy inflationary pressures was during the Afghan and Iraqi wars—2002-2007—which were huge winning years for both gold and silver!

The second reason gold and silver make sense now is that these metals outperform other investments in times of widespread fear and economic uncertainty—as we saw in the years leading up to the 2008 credit crash.

It’s no wonder that most investment advisors recommend their clients maintain a hedge of between 5-10% of their stock market holdings in some form of precious metals.

Given the current market, economy—and opportunities—I believe 5% -7% is the correct balance for your portfolio today.

While this could change, I recommend that all of your metals investments at this time should be in industrial-related applicationsnot bullion or coins.

That said, now please add in this crucial fact:

Today, more small retail investors are entering the stock market than since the late 1990s—especially since Covid-19 is setting them “free.” This influx of new investors will very likely cause wild stock volatility.

In response, a growing number of larger and institutional investors will be looking to hedge against stock market turmoil—by turning to precious metals, especially gold and silver.

As all these forces coalesce now—they create huge opportunities for SX Gold & Metals Advisor subscribers.

Since we track both the market for high-demand industrial-use gold and metals—as well as signals for smart hedging plays—we give subscribers two consistent ways to invest for outsize profits.



But please don’t rush out and start buying Gold & Metals
until you review 3 fatal mistakes that rookie investors usually make

I hope this introduction to today’s Gold & Metals marketplace has sharpened your appetite—perhaps even made you feel just a touch “greedy” to get your share of the coming bonanza.

That’s no problem. The desire to profit from booming markets is healthy. It drives our economy . . . and it leads investors like us to generate greater wealth.

But heed my warning: While investing in Gold & Metals can yield tidy—even extravagant—profits, that doesn’t mean you can safely invest willy-nilly in just any gold and metals securities.

Uninformed investing in Gold & Metals is as dangerous—or more so—as rookies investing in tech, healthcare, retail or any other market.

So, before we discuss how SX Gold & Metals Advisor can help you balance and build your portfolio, let me specifically warn you against three fatal mistakes naïve investors consistently when buying gold and metals.

  1. Catching “Gold Fever”: Succumbing to “gold fever” or becoming a “gold bug” is when investors develop an irrational fear of disaster in stock or monetary markets—or the world order—and combine that with an irrational belief that gold is the only safe investment solution.

These are terrible reasons to buy gold assets—whether hard metal or securities.

Remember that the price of gold—especially bullion or coins—is highly volatile.

You want to buy gold assets the way you’d invest in anything—with eyes wide open, backed by disciplined research and motivated by cool business instincts.

As you’ll see shortly, this is exactly the kind of intelligence you acquire as a subscriber to SX Gold & Metals Advisor.

  1. Favoring Silver over Gold Because It’s “Cheaper”: Silver is known by some as “poor man’s gold.” This logic is nonsense, and the syndrome of overweighting your portfolio with silver is irrational.

In fact, gold and silver spin in different orbits, largely independent of each other. There are good and bad times to own gold—and good and bad times to own silver. Don’t confuse them.

That’s why SX Gold & Metals Advisor is “agnostic” about all metals. I only recommend investments in certain metals because their time is right to deliver you extraordinary profit. Period.

  1. Using Only Fundamental Analysis to Guide your Metals Investing: When you base any stock investment only on hard data about a company—such as revenue, profit, price/earnings ratio and balance sheet—you’re fighting with one hand tied behind your back.

In today’s fast-paced, data-driven stock market—especially the Gold & Metals market—you want every advantage to help you reveal investment opportunities.

It means you use both fundamental and technical analysis to pick winning stocks.

Technical analysis—charting a stock’s price and trading volume over time—allows me to quickly interpret a market’s prevailing psychological framework and more accurately predict price movement up or down.

The secret of my success in consistently picking metals market winners over the decades has been a unique combination of fundamental and technical analysis—plus a few added “tricks.”

My proprietary technique gives me an uncanny ability to foretell increases—and decreases—in stock prices.

It allows SX Gold & Metals Advisor subscribers to buy on the upswing . . . and sell before a stock starts sinking.

Which is exactly how smart investors make money—wouldn’t you agree?

To see how my approach works, please read on.



Propel—and protect—your profits with my powerful, proprietary Metals Momentum System

As you know, you always want to start by analyzing the fundamentals of your investment targets—financial strength, management, market position and sales prospects.

Fundamentals separate the wheat from the chaff—they help us quickly cull the obvious losers from potential winners . . . the ones we want to watch and study before buying.

Unfortunately, most stock-market metals analysts stop there.

That’s dangerous, because fundamentals only tell half the story—usually the deceptive half.

Too often, using only fundamentals to make investment decision leads to financial disaster.

That’s why I take the process an important step further . . . using a tool that tells us with astounding accuracy not only which metal stocks to buy . . . but the critical signals of when to buy them.

In addition to traditional fundamental analysis, I use an exclusive technical tracking approach that I call the Metals Momentum System (MMS).

The MMS method—which I’ve perfected over the last 16 years—provides detailed analysis of stocks’ technical features—namely their price and volume trend lines.

Amazingly, MMS removes most of the guesswork from metals-industry stock picking—yielding consistent double-digit returns for our subscribers.

You see, SX Gold & Metals Advisor charts all major gold and silver futures, as well as ETFs and individual metals securities to create 25-day and 50-day trend lines.

These trend lines tell me the directions of metals prices and where they’re likely to go next.

But the secret weapon of our Metals Momentum System is that it also tracks 4-week and 20-week highs and lows of mining share prices.

This proprietary data reveals the momentum of stocks, allowing us to predict with high accuracy both the best price and the best time to buy or sell these securities.

In short, the Metals Momentum System helps us constantly foresee metals’ stock performance in real time.

It means we can inform SX Gold & Metals Advisor subscribers exactly when to buy—so you achieve maximum growth over the shortest period of time.

Perhaps best of all, MMS also protects our subscribers from loss.

MMS also foretells share-price weakness with astounding accuracy—allowing you to sell softening positions before damage can be done.



In 2020, my Metals Momentum System found winners that gave subscribers profits ranging from 19% to 82% in just a few months!

Let me confess: When I recommend stocks to investors, I’m ultraconservative.

All my MMS numbers have to line up. The timing must be perfect. Plus, my gut has to convince me it’s a sure winner.

Even then I hesitate to pull the trigger . . . until I just can’t ignore the signals any longer. Only then do I tell subscribers the news.

All that being said, I must be honest: My Metals Momentum System delivers remarkably accurate predictions. (Sometimes I almost have to pinch myself!)

Here are just a few more of the exceptional investment returns MMS has foreseen in recent months—and the double-digit profits our subscribers have reaped:

— On April 29, 2020 MMS told investors to buy shares of the metals investment company, Franco-Nevada, which promptly jumped 19% in just 95 days.

— On that same day, MMS gave us buy signals for Canadian-based Kinross Gold at $7.00: Less than five months later, subscribers were able to cash out at $10.00—a 43% return.

— On May 7, 2020, I shared the MMS pick of MAG Silver with Cabot subscribers—which promptly went on to gain 67% in the following 6 months.

— On November 12, 2020, MMS indicated strong upward momentum for the Global X Miners ETF—and sure to form, it delivered subscribers a 54% price bump in just three months.

— Also in November, I told subscribers about an opportunity in copper miner Freeport-McMoRan—it promptly vaulted by 75% in just three months.

Let me ask you: How do these results compare with your current trading performance?

Think of it this way: If you had invested just $1,000 in each of these five metals stocks, your $5,000 would have leaped to $7,580—an almost 52% gain—most in just a few months!



Why now is the ideal time to balance your portfolio with Gold & Metals growth stocks:
The ripeness is all.

As you know, a huge part of investing success is timing.

Success depends on your ability to anticipate “big picture” trends . . . and your ability to identify specific investments that allow you to ride those trends to extraordinary profits.

That’s what Shakespeare meant when he wrote “the ripeness is all”: When you get the timing right, good fortune falls into place.

If you remember nothing else from this letter, please remember this: The Gold & Metals market is ripe for the picking today. It’s already taking off, and it’s set to skyrocket.

For example, global semiconductor sales are scheduled to increase this year—by 11%.  Semiconductor production requires the following metals:

• Germanium            • Tin              • Gold            • Copper        • Aluminum   • Silver

Most of these metals have many other uses in thousands of different products.

Likewise, laser sales are projected to grow by 8.6% per year through 2025. Laser production requires

• Erbium        • Neodymium            • Holmium     • Thulium      • Yttrbium      • Praseodymium

These rare earth elements are also used in dozens of automotive, satellite and jet engine applications.

However—most critically for investors like us—supply of these is dwindling.

China has a near monopoly on rare earths . . . which is driving prices sky high.

Copper is experiencing a critical shortfall—and China’s copper imports unexpectedly rose 9.6% during the first two months of 2022 …which is driving those prices up.

Aluminum is also scarce, with demand outstripping supply through 2023. Prices are rising.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created serious steel shortages—and hot-rolled steel prices sit at a 13-year high.

Silver supplies—in far greater demand than gold for industrial uses—are stretched due to the extreme weakness of the dollar—down 8% last year. Silver prices hold at a 7-year high.

Of course, economic uncertainty—especially potential inflation due to Covid-19 relief and pent-up savings being pumped into the market—remains a concern for many smart investors.

(While I don’t expect to be recommending investments in hard metals anytime soon, we disciplined investors will certainly profit from increased demand of these precious assets.)

Above all, this overwhelming cascade of demand for metals is happening now. Right now.

If you have the slightest inclination to expand your investing horizons—and protect your portfolio with diversification into metals—I urge you to seize this moment.



What kinds of profit opportunities will you discover in SX Gold & Metals Advisor?

If you’ve ever seen advertising for gold and silver dealers, you know they sell fear or greed—or both.

Because they want you to buy their hard metals, they try to make you fear the end of the world (or some disaster almost as scary).

As a serious investor, I think you know that the world is in pretty good shape. Yes, we may get a serious dose of inflation, or even another crash. It could happen. But we savvy investors—and the stock market—will survive.

As for greed, please don’t believe the promises of triple- and quadruple-digit returns from hard-metal gold and silver dealers.

By socking away gold or silver in your safe-deposit box—without a disciplined exit strategy—you’re just as likely to lose three or four digits on your investment.

Our guarantee: We’ll only tell you about Gold & Metals stocks . . .

  1. that have robust fundamental value—indicating a top-drawer, high-performing business; and . . .
  2. whose technical charts and MMS signals show us urgent likelihood of break-out share-price increases within the coming 3-6 months

Here’s an example of how it works:

Back on May 7 of 2020 I told investors to buy a veteran Canadian silver miner, because my Metals Momentum System was giving me insistent “lift-off” signals that I couldn’t ignore.

Subscribers who responded quickly—who took my “buy” recommendation that very morning on Pan American Silver—picked up a fat profit of 82% by August 6, exactly three months later.

Your $1,000 investment in Pan American Silver would have become $1,820 in just 90 days!

Also consider this: Not only is 82% a spectacular profit, but since you’d have taken it in just three months, your annualized return would be 328%!

How attractive does that sound?



Kickstart your metals treasury with my top “mystery metals” stock picks for 2022

I want to make sure when you make your move into Gold & Metals that you immediately—within the first several months—achieve high double-digit profits.

To help ensure that, I’m willing to pass along gold, silver and other metals stocks that both have solid fundamental qualities . . . and whose share prices are poised for blast-off.

You’ll receive my top picks—”3 Top Metals Stocks and ETFs to Buy in 2022”— at no charge the moment you become a subscriber to SX Gold & Metals Advisor.

However, let me warn you: Our Metals Momentum System data tells us these 5 stocks are on the move and ready to break out over the coming 2-4 months.  They could launch any time.

They will not wait for indecisive investors.

While the identities of these top “mystery metals” stock picks are currently under strict lock and key, let me give you a flavor for the diverse profit opportunities they offer you and our current subscribers to SX Gold & Metals Advisor.

When I send you these top recommendations, I urge you to review them, then act quickly to get in on their rapid value appreciation:

  1. Gold-Standard Investment Opportunity: This major global gold producer enjoys powerful fundamentals—great cash flow, strong balance sheet, decades of profits. While it’s ridden market ups and downs in recent years, we see it poised to hit record highs in coming months.
  2. Miner/Producer of Precious Metals on a Roll: This integrated producer of silver, lead and zinc has enjoyed a great run in 2020—and all our MMS indicators point to another stellar breakout ascent in Q4 of 2021.
  3. Copper-Gold Explorer Hits Pay Dirt: This exploration stage company’s shares have risen by 500%—even before their biggest-ever development project starts producing. The time is ripe in 2021 for investors to join this party and reap exceptional profits.

My calculations—based on both fundamentals and technical analysis, including my Metals Momentum System—convince me that . . .

$1,000 invested in each of these top Gold & Metals picks—$5,000 total—will turn into at least $7500 within the next 12 months. That’s a 50% return just to get you started!



Two reasons I want to give you a shot at these top “mystery metals” stocks—free

Here are two ways my outstanding Gold & Metals stocks will 1) help protect you . . . and 2) make you wealthier:

1)   The Gold & Metals market is littered with bad investments (just like dozens and dozens of similar weaklings in the Dow Jones and S&P 500!).

Unfortunately, newbie investors have a way of buying these laggards and riding them tragically to disaster.

I want to prevent that from happening to you: This hand-picked list of Gold & Metals super-performers will save you grief . . . and unnecessary financial loss.

2)   If you’re new to metals investing—or simply inexperienced—my picks will jump-start your portfolio and almost surely give you very profitable early wins.

Obviously, I want you to start profiting now.

But once again, let me remind you: Each of these stocks is ready to blast off. When the timing is perfect over the coming months, I’ll be telling you exactly when to pull the trigger on each.

When that happens, I hope you’ll have my special report—”3 Top Metals Stocks and ETFs to Buy in 2022”—in hand . . . and that you’ll be ready to act immediately.

3 Top Metals Stocks and ETFs to Buy in 2022”—a $129 value—is yours absolutely free when you start your subscription to SXAdvisor Gold & Metals Advisor.



Start building your Gold & Metals wealth today—plus receive free my “7 Insider’s Tips for Profiting Safely in Gold & Metals

If you’re ready to build out and balance your portfolio to include safe, solid growth stocks in the Gold & Metals sector . . .

I urge you to apply the disciplined, impeccably researched advice you’ll receive in every twice-monthly issue of SX Gold & Metals Advisor.

I’m confident if you take my advice over the coming weeks and months, my recommendations can increase your portfolio returns by tens of thousands of dollars this coming year.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

Immediate access to the SX Gold & Metals Advisor portfolio so you can see every one of my current recommendations for snapping up bonanzas . . . and avoiding sharp downturns

Twice Monthly issues of SX Gold & Metals Advisor with our latest featured stocks, specific recommendations and updates on all assets in our portfolio, including buy, hold, and sell. In each issue, you’ll also receive at least two new recommendations targeted for double-digit profits.

Weekly updates and alerts featuring the latest news and opinions on our current investment recommendations as well as general market conditions.

24/7 online access to the private SX Gold & Metals Advsior website for access to your current issue, our most up-to-date buy/hold/sell recommendations, the complete library of back issues and recommendations for easy reference, portfolio tracking, guidebooks, and more.

Direct access to me for answers to your questions. You’ll have my personal email address so you can get answers and guidance when you need them.

Free Special Report #1: “7 Insider’s Tips for Profiting Safely in Gold & Metals”: Start building your metals portfolio immediately with my advice on 7 ways smart investors make money consistently in Gold & Metals stocks, while avoiding pitfalls and losses. This report sells for $99—but you’ll receive it an no charge with your subscription before September 30.

Free Special Report #2: “3 Top Metals Stocks and ETFs to Buy in 2022”: This report gives you my best and latest research on the gold and other metal stocks most likely to deliver double- and even triple-digit profits in the coming 12 months. This report sells for $129—but you’ll receive it an no charge with your subscription before September 30.


How confident am I that I can make you wealthy?  Very.

I guarantee that SX Gold & Metals Advisor will give you at least 20 high double-digit winners over the coming 12 months!

You read that correctly.

My system for picking winning Gold & Metals stocks works so reliably—and our recommendations deliver high double digit profits so consistently—that . . .

I guarantee that SX Gold & Metals Advisor will give you at least 20 stock picks in the next year that can dramatically increase your portfolio value.

Why would the publishers at Sector Xpress make this kind of extravagant guarantee?

Because we believe that when you invest in one of our advisories, we should stand four-square behind it.

As you know, anyone can make promises about increasing your wealth—you’ve probably seen dozens of such pie-in-the-sky offers . . .

But it takes guts—and integrity—to back up the promises with real money.

Let me give you some background, so you understand how this guarantee works.

It virtually guarantees you can make extraordinary profit from your subscription to SX Gold & Metals Advisor:

? When you start your SX Gold & Metals Advisor subscription now, we guarantee we’ll give you at least 20 high double-digit stock picks over the coming year.

I hope you agree that this is a very strong guarantee in and of itself.

? Now assume for just a moment you invest an average of only $500 in each of those 20 stocks—just $10,000 total over the coming year.

I believe your $10,000 at a minimum will swell by 30% profit. Your $10,000 could—and should—turn into $13,000.  That’s a $3,000 return in just one year!

? But let me be clear: You don’t have to invest in any of my stock picks over this coming year—not a penny.

I still guarantee that I’ll give you at least 20 high double-digit stock picks that together will enable you to build extraordinary wealth over the coming year.

I want you to feel completely safe with your decision to subscribe to SX Gold & Metals Advisor.

? If we don’t give you at least 20 double-digit-profit stock recommendations over the coming year, we’ll refund your entire subscription fee to apply to any Cabot Heritage Group Advisory of your choosing, no questions asked..

? Even more: If you’re not satisfied for any reason in the first 30 days, just let us know. We’ll refund your entire subscription fee, no questions asked.

Have you ever subscribed to an investment advisory that guarantees its stock picks?

Remember: I’ve told you that my Gold & Metals recommendations are super-conservative.

– they’re backed by our disciplined fundamental and technical analysis . . .

– then they’re confirmed by my uncannily accurate Metals Momentum System.

Cabot’s guarantee of 20 double-digit stock picks just makes your investment in SX Gold & Metals Advisor that much safer.



As the market is starting to simmer—I urge you to act now: Rebalance your portfolio with a solid foundation in Gold & Metals.

Start your subscription to SX Gold & Metals Advisor

Do you wish you could have gotten in early on technology stocks—like Intel or Apple—in the late seventies before they boomed, turning “normal” investors into multi-millionaires?

Or how about biotechnology stocks . . . or infotech?

Yet, as I’ve outlined above, the Gold & Metals market is on the cusp of just such a boom.

Once you start receiving your issues of SX Gold & Metals Advisor, you’ll be able to start taking advantage of the opportunities that are percolating just below the surface, ready to rocket.

In every issue, I’ll give you specific instructions: What to buy, what and when to sell.

You won’t have to become an expert—but I hope you’ll pay attention.

I’ll help you acquire exciting growth stocks in high-demand metals that promise—and deliver—consistent, double-digit profits . . .

But you’ll also be positioned to hedge your portfolio with gold, silver and other metal assets—just in case inflation rears its ugly head or the economy hits another rough patch.

There are two reasons Warren Buffet and George Soros recently moved into Gold & Metals— the same reasons I hope you’ll act now to begin your subscription to SX Gold & Metals Advisor.

1) Extraordinary profits from an explosive demand for industrial metals

2) Extraordinary protection from possible stock market turmoil

Still in doubt?  Let me reassure you with our 100% Guarantee

I want you to feel completely safe with your decision to subscribe to SX Gold & Metals Advisor.

? If we don’t give you at least 20 double-digit-profit stock recommendations over the coming year, we’ll refund your entire subscription fee to apply to any Cabot Heritage Group Advisory of your choosing, no questions asked.

? Even more: If you’re not satisfied for any reason in the first 30 days, just let us know. We’ll refund your entire subscription fee, no questions asked.

Just call 1-800-777-2658 to cancel either way.

To start your subscription now—for just a few dollars a week—click here for your SX Gold & Metals Advisor subscription now.

Trust in my experience and my refined methodology: I believe you’ll discover that bringing Gold & Metals into your portfolio will make you wealthier . . . faster . . . and feel much safer doing it.

I look forward sharing with you today’s momentous new profit opportunities in Gold & Metals.

Best regards,

Clif Droke



Clif Droke

Chief Analyst, SX Gold & Metals Advisor




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