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Fellow Investor,

Building a profitable portfolio with high-quality stocks does not have to be hard.

At Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor, we have a proven system that helps investors get worry-free, market-beating results.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned investor, your primary goal is to increase your portfolio returns year after year without worrying about the market going up or down.

And that’s exactly why we publish Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor—to help you discover stocks that others have overlooked, continue building your wealth and/or enjoy a comfortable retirement.

My name is Crista Huff, and I’m the chief analyst of Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor. I spent over 20 years working for large global corporations, including Morgan Stanley, where I was a Vice President and Financial Advisor.

Throughout my investing career, I’ve built portfolios that outperformed their comparable U.S. market indices by margins of 50% to 100% and more—with less risk.

In Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor, I combine a strict fundamental methodology with technical analysis, to identify growth and value stocks whose charts are turning bullish.

Proven System For Market Beating Results

I don’t buy and sell stocks based on their popularity or news events. I buy stocks when the companies are exhibiting strong earnings growth, low price/earnings ratios and moderate debt levels.

Growth Portfolio up 127% Since 2015

My undervalued stocks scanner screens many hundreds of stocks for growth, value and bullish technical charts, and identifies the ones that will outperform the major U.S. stock market indexes—at the same time minimizing risk.

My portfolios allow you to diversify towards your specific goals, whether you’re an income investor or a capital gains investor.

The system I developed many years ago, screens mid- and large-cap stocks for these criteria:

  • Double-digit earnings growth projected over the next three years
  • Price-to-earnings ratios that are LESS than the current year’s earnings growth rate
  • Moderate long-term debt-to-capitalization ratios
  • Bullish stock charts
Best Stocks Based on Strong Earnings Growth and Valuation

In Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor, I do all the research for you and give you the names of stocks with strong fundamentals that are on track to beat the market no matter how news driven it is, or what the crowd is doing.

With my help, you will be able to build a profitable portfolio and enjoy steady returns, year after year.

I can promise you this because since 2015, my growth portfolio return is 127%, outperforming the S&P 500 by four times.

Just this year, my readers were able to grab digit gains in stocks like Delek US Holdings and PBF Energy.

And thanks to my undervalued stocks scanner, my readers were also able to book profits like these:

  • +50% in PulteGroup in 9 just months
  • +53% in Goldman Sachs in 12 months
  • +25% in FedEx Corporation in 10 months
  • +29% in Universal Electronics Inc in 3.5 months
  • +27% in SanDisk Corporation in less than one month
  • +26% in Quanta Services in 9 months
  • +23% in Andeavor in 10 months
  • +23% in Kraft Heinz in 10 months
  • +33% in Andeavor in 12 months
  • +36% in Applied Materials in 5 months
  • +29% in Delek US Holdings in 3 months
  • +34% in Molina Healthcare in 3 months

and there are many others!

Build Your Portfolio with Companies that are Financially Healthy and Growing

My sense is that you might have not thought about investing in those particular stocks.

But that’s the point.

Most investors are following the crowd and busily buying up more well-known stocks, while missing out on much bigger returns from undervalued gems that are chosen based on specific fundamental criteria from hundreds of stocks traded.

In Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor, I will tell you exactly which stocks you should put your money into to get market-beating results.

And I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

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The #1 “growth” stock recommendation

This financial services business is a clear, undervalued growth stock in a $9 billion industry.

The markets it serves have all been strong and growing which translates directly into strong and growing business for the company.

It’s growing earnings aggressively – currently a bit over 20% and heading towards 30% next year according to the analysts.  With a price/earnings (PE) ratio that has hovered in the 10-14 range in recent years, this undervalued stock has plenty of growth potential ahead of it.

That’s why it’s a strong buy at my recommended price.

The #1 “growth & income” stock recommendation

My top featured growth and income stock is in the transportation sector.  This large, established company has benefited from lower fuel costs and operational improvements to significantly grow its margins, contributing to increased earnings – it’s very profitable.

With a price/earnings (PE) ratio of that has been at or below 10, this is clearly a value stock.  With its investments and joint ventures, it is also a growth stock, which is reflected in the price chart you see here.

I’ve rated this one a strong buy.

The #1 “buy low opportunities” stock recommendation

This biopharmaceutical company has just announced a major acquisition that is expected to close later this year.  The deal was previously budgeted and so will not affect the company’s earnings outlook.

In addition to the successful completion of trials for a new drug that is expected to add hundreds of millions of dollars to annual revenues going forward, the newly acquired company is well along on a treatment that is expected to add more than a billion dollars to annual revenues.

Although the stock has been moving sideways for many months now, this is an undervalued, aggressive growth stock, with big growth ahead and is undervalued for that reason alone, in addition to being a potential takeover target.

This one is another buy.

That’s all I can reveal about these three stocks here.

As I’m sure you can imagine, to maximize these investing opportunities, the stock name is something we can only reveal to subscribers.  They understand and value the importance of maintaining confidentiality.

To learn the names of three strong buy recommendations and see their full details, I invite you to try Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor now for immediate access.

Since we started Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor, we’ve had many happy subscribers reaching out to us with their feedback. Here’s just a few subscribers profiting from our research and advice:

“Thanks Crista. I’ve been investing for over 50 years now and your reports are the best ever. Clear and concise and right on the money.” -J. Fritts, Wellesley, Massachusetts

“Thanks Crista. I really enjoy reading your “Undervalued Stocks” advisory and look forward to continued growth and capital appreciation.”-K. Hayes, Gilford, New Hampshire

“I appreciate so much the completeness and precision of your commentaries about your stock choices and evaluations.”-G. Savant, St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC Canada

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No matter what you decide, there’s no way you can lose.

Yours for building wealth,

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Crista Huff,
Chief Analyst, Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor