[BREAKING NEWS] The Canadian parliament has now voted to fully legalize marijuana. Experts predict the U.S. will follow by 2021.

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Fellow Investor,

In June, the Canadian Senate followed the House of Commons in voting to overwhelmingly to approve the Bill C-45 – the Cannabis Act – clearing the final hurdle in the process.

This just adds to the urgency.

Hundreds of companies across North America are positioning now to make money in Canada as well as the U.S. amid the explosive growth in the marijuana (cannabis) industry.

If you’ve been holding off thinking marijuana is just for hippies and potheads it’s time to think again. Marijuana and related cannabis products are being used for clinical and subclinical medical treatment for a wide range of conditions, including –

• controlling seizures
• treating glaucoma
• managing pain from arthritis and injuries
• managing nausea
• treating anxiety
• reducing opioid use
as well as many industrial uses.

This industry has huge growth ahead of it. That means BIG PROFITS for investors who get in now on the right stocks.

There are a number of strong stocks positioned to make a lot of money now, and even more when the U.S. Federal Government follows Canada, Uruguay and other countries in fully legalizing marijuana. From growers, to distributors, to packagers, to equipment manufacturers. Cabot’s 10 Best Marijuana Stocks will help you profitably invest in this high-growth industry.

The analysts at Cabot’s 10 Best Marijuana Stocks track all these companies and each quarter select the 10 very best stocks to include in your portfolio.

As is so often true in life, timing is everything. And we make it simple. To maximize your profit, simply buy when we recommend you buy, and sell when we recommend it’s time to exit.

I can tell you all about our fundamentals and technical analysis, our deep industry research, the conversations we have with industry insiders but I think the most compelling case is to just see our current recommendations and how much you would have made on them already if you had invested when we told you.

In addition to the two stocks we have just added in the latest issue of Cabot’s 10 Best Marijuana Stocks, check out these impressive results for our portfolio stocks:

• Stock #1 – up 324% <— I’ll reveal this one below

• Stock #2 – up 232%

• Stock #3 – up 106%

• Stock #4 – up 95%

• Stock #5 – up 44%

• Stock #6 – up 53%

• Stock #7 – up 191%

• Stock #8 – up 84%

All of these stocks have been part of the portfolio for less than 12 months making the annualized return on these investments as high as 450%!!!

If you invested $1,000 in these eight companies when we recommended them, your investments would have grown to $19,290 after about 9 months – a 241% profit. Wouldn’t you like to more than double your money in less than a year?

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Not comfortable investing in marijuana? Please read this.
I understand if you have concerns about investing in marijuana (cannabis) businesses. I did. Most of us grew up awash in public health campaigns designed to scare us away from it by talking about the hazards and risks of marijuana.

But I’ve learned the reality is VERY different from the scary images of drug-crazed criminals we saw in those ads and films. In fact, according to The New York Times:

“[It is] the clear consensus of science that marijuana is far less harmful to human health than most other banned drugs and is less dangerous than the highly addictive but perfectly legal substances known as alcohol and tobacco.

“Marijuana cannot lead to a fatal overdose. There is little evidence that it causes cancer. Its addictive properties, while present, are low, and the myth that it leads users to more powerful drugs has long since been disproved.”
— “What Science Says About Marijuana,” The New York Times (7/30/14)

And we are just starting to understand the full range of medical and pain-relief benefits of marijuana and cannabis compounds, collectively referred to as cannabinoids.

In addition to all their other uses, experts believe use of cannabinoids for pain relief will greatly reduce medical reliance on opioids. This will have the benefit of reducing the supply of opioids and the related opioid epidemic-caused deaths. Yet another benefit that will drive growth of the industry.

Investing in marijuana isn’t leading society down the road to wild debauchery. It’s a legitimate big, and growing, industry that brings a wide range of benefits to people. And will bring profits to you, if you follow the recommendations in Cabot’s 10 Best Marijuana Stocks.

OK, let’s name names – Canopy Growth (CGC)
Stock #1 mentioned above is Canopy Growth, a leading Canadian marijuana grower.

That’s right. The stock that we’ve ridden up by 324% in 9 months is Canopy Growth (that’s an annualized growth rate of more than 450%).

If you had invested $1,000 in Canopy Growth when we first told subscribers about it, it would now be worth $4,240. A $10,000 investment would have been worth $42,400 just 9 months later. How often do you get investment opportunities like that?

That’s just one of the stocks in our current portfolio. With each issue you get a full line-up of the 10 very best stocks to buy and hold in this fast-growing industry. Plus, between issues you’ll receive alerts with updates and timely trading recommendations.

I select these from a database I have created and use to closely track and analyze over 100 companies. Some of these companies are growers and distributors which are obviously seeing their market grow. But some are less obvious – accessory and packaging manufacturers, real estate investment trusts, lighting suppliers, secure transportation companies, and more.

To select the very best investing opportunities for you, I bring the same proven technical analysis techniques that Cabot Wealth Network has employed for almost 50 years to help investors like you make exceptional investing profits.

There are an amazing number of companies with opportunities in this space but that also attracts high-risk ventures looking to cash in on this trend at your expense. That’s why you need Cabot’s 10 Best Marijuana Stocks to be your guide to this lucrative investing opportunity and to help you avoid the fast-talking hucksters.

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A once-in-a-generation opportunity to profit
The development of the marijuana (cannabis) industry isn’t just an American or North American phenomenon. It’s truly global. The emerging leaders in North America are poised for future growth in Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia.

Analysts conservatively forecast this to be a $6 BILLION industry in the U.S. alone! That could mean big money, and big profit for you. But only if you buy the right stocks. At the right time.

That’s why, in addition to the regular issues, your subscription includes alerts to bring you updates and timely trading recommendations.

As always there will be winners and losers in the industry. The stocks in our portfolio have the potential to double, triple, even quadruple in the coming years.

High-growth industry opportunities like this don’t come along every day, even every year. Cabot Wealth Network has been providing expert, profit-making analysis and recommendations, using our proprietary Spectrum Ranking System of fundamental and technical analysis, since 1970.

In all those years, this is only the second time we’ve seen an industry growing at this rate.

The last time a major industry experienced this kind of growth was back in the 1990s. That time the industry was broadband internet, and Cabot subscribers made a ton of money investing in internet stocks. Now is your chance to do the same. Don’t miss out.
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P.S. With this marijuana (cannabis) now legal in Canada, and continued momentum in the U.S., the biggest opportunities will come – and go – quickly. Please join me in reaping the rewards of timely investment in this fast-growing industry. Together we’ll bring you big-time profits. Take advantage of this special offer and SAVE 33% when you subscribe today.

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