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U.S. crude oil hit a seven-year high as stocks, especially tech stocks, face headwinds. Today I am moving dominator Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) to a Sell as Taiwan, America, China and Japan play a dangerous game. China sent 52 warplanes into the islands air buffer zone after the U.S. and allies held exercises nearby.


  • Wayne H.

    Actually Japan had a “partial” parliamentary democracy (the “Taisho Democracy”) that was taken over by militarists, accompanied with violence. One Prime Minister was assassinated during the early 1930’s; that foreign minister who signed the surrender document on the USS Missouri, Shigemetsu, walked with a limp–he had survived a 1930’s bomb attack. The original 1889 Constitution established that all authority came through the Emperor, who was considered to be divine himself. The post-WW2 constitution made Japan a “full” democracy, although there is still some role for the royals. Hirohito personally didn’t believe himself to be a god, or divine in any way.

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