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Correction in Full Force The coronavirus and its impact on the economy had been making a few headlines in recent weeks and impacting a handful of stocks, but this week, perception has changed in a big way, crushing the major indexes and most stocks. Let’s get right into our thoughts. First of all, with our […]


  • The only thing I want to say as a 75 year old investor who has been in the market for around fifty years, is the psychological aspect of this tsunami meltdown.
    I hope I am wrong, but for me technical analysis alone can only go so far.
    Lots of people and especially “johnny come lately” folks have been hurt badly over the last week and may very well not jump back in if/when the Corona Virus issue no longer exists.
    Imo it could take many months if not years for lots of folks to “get back into the water” no matter how good the technical aspects of individual stocks as well as the overall market looks.
    I am not predicting this will happen for sure, but rather am stating that imo technical analysis, earnings, etc. in themselves will not necessarily bring the masses back into the market when a devastating event like the current one strikes with such fury in such a short period of time.

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