Cabot Growth Investor Bi-weekly Update

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Article Excerpt

The market’s snapback has been impressive, pushing our Cabot Tides back to a green light and pulling most stocks up after short, sharp pullbacks.


  • Years ago I met Tim, Julie and Tim’s father Carlton. I designed the home that Tim and Julie live in now. From time to time I have used Cabot to create a portfolio. I was very impressed by your indicators and used them consistently in my hunt for stocks. Some went to my IRA and some to my daughter Natasha’s college fund. She probably would not have attended the college of her choice if it were not for Cabot. Presently I find your website
    confusing, maybe to many choices. I don’t know which sector is best for me. Last one was Emerging Markets. I tend to buy stocks in a lower price range, rarely above 50.00. Sometimes I use your pics and sometimes not, but I
    always us your timing indicators. I noticed your comments
    re Singapore, turns out I have been hunting there as well.
    typically D/E is low for most stocks in that area. Let me know if you think I’m in the right Cabot sector re upcoming
    diversification–John Ashworth

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