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Article Excerpt

I’ve been receiving questions recently that essentially ask, “Why did this stock go up when the company reported bad news?” and “Why did this other stock go down when the company reported good news?”


  • Crista H.

    I will work on creating that spreadsheet in the near future, as time permits. My problem with such a spreadsheet is that it doesn’t reflect the profits achieved when I move a stock to a Buy, then it hits the near-term price target and I move it to a Hold, then I later move it to a Buy and profit again, often within the same exact trading range. So the performance numbers on my trading decisions are completely absent from the chart, with only the original purchase price reflected in the chart. I could instead remove a stock from the portfolios each time I hit a short-term trading target, but that’s not helpful to the vast number of investors who don’t actually trade; who instead prefer to buy and hold. And then again, there’s the need to remove perfectly good stocks in order to make room for new stock ideas, so that subscribers are not reading about the same exact ideas, month after month. I will therefore create some sort of modified chart, always knowing that it can’t meet everybody’s needs.

  • Robert C.

    I like to create a model portfolio of your current holdings. It is difficult to keep the portfolio updated the way your newsletters are presented. Other Cabot newsletters show a current listing of all holdings, with a buy date and buy price. I wish you would do the same. It is very difficult to go through your 20+ page newssetter with maybe 1 or 2 stocks listed on each page, while trying to check each stock to my own portfolio to see if it has been added or sold. Just checked your latest issue to my portfolio, and found that I had not added NVEE or BMY, and that GS did not appear in your newsletter while I still had it in my portfolio. It’s nearly impossible to go back through your website and try to find when new stocks had been added or sold.

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