February 17, 2016: February 2016 Lunch with the Analyst – Paul Goodwin

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In this Lunch with the Analyst webinar, Cabot Global Stocks Explorer (formerly Cabot Emerging Markets Investor) Chief Analyst Paul Goodwin offers an overview of market conditions and a range of stock picks.

But the focus of this webinar is on what happens when markets finally stop their corrections and start to build a bottom. It’s a fascinating process, and Paul explains what you need to look for and how to play the bottom once it’s in.

Paul follows that up with a selection of stocks that are setting up nicely for growth, value and small-cap investors. It could be one of the most profitable webinars you’ll ever view.

Stocks featured in this webinar include:

  • Health (CVS)
  • McKesson (MCK)
  • Neophotonics (NPTN)
  • Inphi (IPHI)
  • Cascade Microtec (CSCD)
  • Five Below (FIVE)
  • Sabre (SABR)
  • Seaspan (SSW)
  • TAL Education Group (XRS)

The webinar was recorded on February 17, 2016.


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