Get a Fireman’s-Like Pension
Without Working 30 Years

Too good to be true? You be the judge

Dear Fellow Investor,

I’m Timothy Lutts, and if I hadn’t gone into investing 30 years ago, I might have become a fireman. Not only to serve my community but because they have one of the best pension plans in America.

Not only can you retire at 50 years old but you get up to 90% of your pay when you retire!

In California, for example, the average pay is $108,000 for life! That’s nearly triple what the average retiree collects after working 30 years.

Sadly, few people today get those kinds of benefits.

Even worse, half of all Americans have no retirement savings.

The other half has saved just $25,000 to last them 30 years.

That’s why we spent four years and over $100,000 in development costs to create an individualized retirement income system (IRIS) that anyone can use to enjoy a fireman’s-like pension income when they retire.

And when I say fireman’s-like pension income, I mean it!

During our extensive five-year back testing period, IRIS generated a 324% total return along with a 14.1% yield on cost.

As a Result, You’ll Never Need to Worry About
Running Out of Money in Retirement …

That’s because you’ll have in hand the most advanced income-producing, wealth-building system we’ve developed here at Cabot—one that’s not only similar to the growth and income you’ll find in a fireman’s pension but also one that we guarantee will solve the greatest risk to your wealth: running out of money in retirement.

You need only compare our five-year IRIS-generated back-tested (and now proven) total returns with CDs, bonds and Dow stocks to see how we can make and stand behind this claim.

So instead of collecting $90 a month from a $100,000 CD or $180 a month from a bond fund for the past five years, our IRIS-generated back-tested portfolio of stocks would have paid you, together, an average monthly income of $1,400 since 2009.

That doesn’t include the 324% your portfolio would have risen—turning your $100,000 nest egg into $424,000—all while you continued to collect $1,400 a month.

Generating a rising source of income just like a fireman’s pension—all thanks to IRIS-generated stocks like these:

  • Diversified Energy Company, 458.86% total return, 15.14% yield on cost
  • Chemical Company, 126.84% total return, 5.54% yield on cost
  • Diversified Machinery, 277.66% total return, 6.00% yield on cost
  • Transportation Services, 335.78% total return, 8.42% yield on cost
  • Retail Discount Store, 139.57% total return, 3.30% yield on cost
  • Specialized Apparel, 217.28% total return, 3.76% yield on cost
  • Transportation Services, 262.18% total return, 7.75% yield on cost
  • Consumer Goods Company, 129.13% total return, 5.74% yield on cost
  • Mechanical Goods Company, 256.20% total return, 8.96% yield on cost

This is why we launched our IRIS-driven Cabot Dividend Investor in 2014, to give our readers a simple turnkey income system that would grow both their wealth and their income at the same time starting from scratch.

Our Charter Members would agree.

In fact, Charter Member J. Schnereger of Boise, Idaho, wrote me personally to say that we’ve earned her trust:

“It’s exactly the investment letter I need for this time in my life. I would and will recommend it to friends and family. I’d just tell them if you want stress-free solid dividend returns with dividend growth built in with a minimum of risk to your capital…this is the investment newsletter for you.”

O. A. of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada, is pleased with the income he is now generating, calling Cabot Dividend Investor

“A must for your nest egg if you want income!”

Online reader J. A. Palmer gave us the best compliment we could have ever expected, writing to say,

“This service could and would surpass the use of a professional financial advisor who usually invests client funds in various mutual funds.”

And D. D. from San Mateo, California, sums up what hundreds of Charter Members have written to tell us:

“I’ve never seen an income investing system that’s so complete; I’m no longer thinking about if my investment income will meet my retirement needs. I’m thinking about how I will spend the extra money.”

That was our goal from the beginning:

To give our readers a completely optimized, high-yield, high-growth portfolio that generates the kind of fireman’s-like income and growth they need to secure their financial future in both good times and bad—all thanks to the diversification and safety that we’ve been able to build into our system.

If you’ve always wished you could have a fireman’s-like pension, I’d like to extend to you a personal invitation to preview and profit from our IRIS-driven Cabot Dividend Investor advisory.

Should you accept my invitation, you’ll see how IRIS not only takes the guesswork out of income investing by telling you which income stocks to buy, but also takes the guesswork out of blending your holdings to get the income and growth you’re looking for.

Here’s How We Can Guarantee You a Fireman’s-Like
Pension Without Your Working 30 Years

Without getting too technical, we are able to make you this promise by:

  1. Taking the same OptiMo stock-picking strategy Cabot pioneered 46 years ago that’s doubled investors’ money 24 times and then
  2. Applying it to income stocks using a proprietary gauntlet of MUST-HAVE financial tests that include:
    • Long-term history of paying consistent and rising dividends,
    • Matching history of rising sales and earnings growth,
    • Strong protected cash flow and growth rates to pay and increase payouts long term,
    • Incredibly low cash-flow-to-debt ratios because these companies ultimately have the cash to distribute in all markets and at all times, and of course
    • Shareholder-friendly management.

As a result, IRIS rejects 99 out of 100 potential income stocks because our tough test shows these companies don’t have the financial wherewithal to not only deliver on their payouts over the long term but also rise in value.

This is how we find Wall Street’s top-performing investments that can not only hand you an immediate 50% rise in your retirement income that will increase over time but also hand you annual double-digit total returns, so you can sleep soundly at night knowing your future income and nest egg are constantly growing, safely and securely.

But that’s only the first advantage IRIS offers you.

The second advantage is equally important, as IRIS automatically combines:

  1. The financial stability of large blue-chip stocks
  2. The high yields of rock-solid real estate investment trusts (REITS)
  3. The capital appreciation of faster-growing midcaps
  4. The high-dividend payments of master limited partnerships

—and all in such diverse sectors as energy, transportation, consumer goods, chemicals, manufacturing and financial services into a completely optimized income-generating portfolio.

This is why IRIS has the ability to hand you:

  1. 50% more retirement income not only today but over the long term through dividend increases,
  2. The diversification and safety to outperform the market in all markets and at all times, and most of all
  3. Extra money to fill the $2,100-a-month retirement income gap and grow your wealth at the same time

All without having to ever sell your stocks to pay living expenses, as many financial planners continue to wrongheadedly tell you to do.

All thanks to IRIS’s highly selective and proprietary stock-picking methodology and diversified and optimized portfolio allocations.

The results have made it possible for us to place both the Cabot name and the Cabot guarantee on this system as it truly delivers the ability to grow your wealth safely, surely, and systematically not only now but in the months and years ahead.

So Let Me Ask You a Few Questions

  • Are you concerned that your investments won’t give you the rising income or growth you need to keep from running out of money in retirement?
  • Do you like the idea of a turnkey system that automatically adjusts your holdings with the market, your age and your income needs?
  • Would you like to see an immediate 50% jump in your retirement income along with guaranteed annual double-digit returns?

If you can say yes to any of these questions, my friend, Cabot Dividend Investor was created and designed for you.

That’s why I’ve made it possible for you to test-drive Cabot Dividend Investor for the next thirty days so you can see for yourself how it can hand you 50% more retirement income starting from day one—without risking a dime.

When you do you’ll automatically receive these three great wealth building tools FREE.

  • Cabot’s Complete Retirement Income Guide-How to Secure a Lifetime of Income
  • Everything You Should Know About Master Limited Partnerships Before You Invest a Dime
  • Creating The Perfect Portfolio: Tips, Tricks and Strategies for making IRIS work for you

All as part of a special limited time half price introductory offer.

Here’s what you’ll like best about our IRIS-driven
Cabot Dividend Investor advisory:

  1. It takes the guesswork out of income investing once and for all. That’s because it automatically helps you build the income portfolio you’re looking for based on your age, risk tolerance and income needs.
  2. You’ll never again have to spend hours of research trying to labor over which stocks to buy or how many shares you should put into your portfolio. IRIS does it all for you by using our three-tiered ranking system that lets you dial up the yield and total returns you seek to meet your financial goals.
  3. You’ll never have to wonder when to reduce your positions on some stocks and increase your position in others; IRIS does this automatically, balancing and optimizing your income and total returns based on the risk you feel comfortable with.

This is why it took us more than four years to introduce this IRIS-driven service.

If you are already a member of our Cabot Growth Investor, Cabot Small-Cap Confidential, Cabot Top Ten Trader, Cabot Options Trader or Cabot Emerging Markets Investor, then you already know how simple we make it to profit from our growth recommendations.

Cabot Dividend Investor brings you the same kind of expert analysis and research, and easy-to-follow buy, sell and hold instructions, only the focus is on income.

That’s why, as a member, you’ll never again wonder which income investments are best for you.

You’ll be able to not only see at a glance what securities are appropriate for your personal portfolio and investment goals, but then assemble them into one powerful income-producing portfolio that can hand you 7% to 15% annual dividends and 35% to 50% annual total returns.

Here’s the best part: The whole process takes less than 10 minutes a month and the result could add thousands of dollars to your personal income each year!

You Won’t Need a Lot of Money to Get Started

That’s not only because none of the stocks or funds that we recommend have any minimum requirements but also because our system works no matter how much you invest, as our testing showed.

Accordingly, a $10,000 investment in our trial portfolio would have handed you the same 326% gains since March of 2009 along with a 14% yield on cost as a $500,000 portfolio would.

But instead of seeing your $10,000 grow to $42,500, and receiving $1,400 a year in annual income, your $1 million would now be $4,250,000 and you would be collecting $140,000 a year in dividends today.

Of course, how much you choose to invest following our approach is up to you.

However, no matter how much you choose to invest following our system, you can invest with the knowledge that you are following a tested and proven system that will provide you with both cumulative double-digit total returns and annual double-digit yields.

You’ll Also Love the Fact That IRIS Will Help You
Automatically Adjust Your Holdings as You Age

If you’re in your 40s and just starting out, IRIS will guide you through your accumulation years to make sure you get the right balance of both growth and income stocks to meet your needs.

If you’re in your 50s, IRIS will continue to help you pre-position yourself for success in your critical preretirement years. At this point in your life, you simply can’t make a mistake with your money. IRIS will show you how to continually rebalance your holdings to maximize both your growth and income with the risk you feel comfortable with.

If you’re in your 60s, IRIS will also help you continue to individualize your best investment choices based on the risk you feel comfortable with as you head directly into retirement.

How? By continuing to provide you with the top income stocks across all the investing sectors in order to provide you with the safety, income and growth you need during these critical years.

If you’re in your 70s, 80s, or 90s, God bless you. IRIS will continue to help you adjust the stocks and the proportions you should have in any sectors to not only make sure you keep up with the markets but also make sure you don’t suffer any kind of sudden loss of income.

That’s why when I say IRIS takes the guesswork out of your income investing, I mean it!

Solves the Greatest Risk to Your Wealth

And that risk, of course, is making sure you never ever run out of money in retirement.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s a 50% chance those closest to retirement (between 56 and 62) will run out of money in 20 years.

But with IRIS powering your future, this should be no problem, since you’ll have in hand the most advanced income-producing wealth-building system we’ve developed here at Cabot.

And it’s all because our continuing testing has been proven to solve the biggest problem you’ll face in retirement: generating sufficient income to meet your retirement needs in this low-interest, high-inflation environment, without selling your investments to make ends meet.

Today, Cabot Dividend Investor’s current recommendations are set to match IRIS’ back-tested long-term total returns of 324% and 14.1% yield on cost. So you can join in confidence knowing that not only does our back-tested and now proven system works but it is also backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

For these reasons, I would like to extend to you the opportunity to profit from our IRIS-driven Cabot Dividend Investor advisory for the next 30 days as a Charter Member without risking a dime.

Why Only a Few Will Be Selected to Join

As I mentioned when we launched our Cabot Dividend Investor in 2014, we were limiting our Charter Membership to just 1% of our entire readership base for the next 12 months for three reasons.

  1. Cabot Dividend Investor represented a bold new and individualized approach to income investing. For this reason, we didn’t want to accept too many members, because we wouldn’t be able to give you the personal service that comes along with this new approach, as I will explain in a moment.
  2. Cabot Dividend Investor was also a new service. Thus, we wanted to make certain that our members were 100% satisfied with their results.
    While the back-tested results were fantastic (324% total returns with 14.1% yield on cost), they were back-tested results. We wanted to make sure our system delivered before we opened Cabot Dividend Investor to the general public so we could make good on our promise of 50% more retirement income and annual double digit returns.
  3. We also wanted to give our faithful Cabot readers the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something exciting and new that we believed would become the next great thing in investing.

Today, with our top IRIS-picked recommendations delivering 64% total returns and 3.5% yield on cost while the balance of our holdings are set to match those back-tested returns, we are now opening the door to 27 new Charter Memberships.

Why only 27?

To continue to maintain the exclusivity and personal service that we promised investors when we launched our service in 2014.

Which is why, if you like the approach and the results I’ve spelled out here along with the exclusivity that comes with being a Charter Member, I suggest you send your RSVP immediately.

Should You Join Us, One Year From Today …

$10,000 could become $42,500 while generating $1,400 a year in dividends … $100,000 could become $425,000 while generating $14,000 a year in income … and $1 million could turn into $4,250,000 while handing you a rich and rising $140,000—every year.

That’s based on our back-tested results of 324% total return in four years with combined 14% yield on cost.

Of course, your results will vary depending on your personal situation: how much you invest, the yield you want, and the stock you select for your portfolio, based on the yield you seek and the risk you’re willing to tolerate.

As you know, stocks with higher yields tend to have higher risk levels built in, while stocks on the lower end of the scale do not.

That’s the real beauty of our Individualized Retirement Income System.

It scientifically identifies for you the market’s safest and highest-yielding income stocks and automatically organizes them into your own retirement income portfolio, optimized for safety, income and long-term GROWTH based on your personal income needs and risk tolerance.

We do it all for you through the pages of Cabot Dividend Investor, including telling you which stocks to buy, when to sell and which stocks to roll your profits into when it comes time to sell.

When you join in the next 24 hours, you’ll not only grab one of our remaining Charter Memberships but also grab our lowest price as well.

Direct to You From a Guiding Hand You Can Trust

For more than 46 years, the Cabot organization has helped hundreds of thousands of investors like you surely, safely and systematically build their wealth through our top-rated advisories, including Cabot Growth Investor, Cabot Small-Cap Confidential, Cabot Top Ten Trader and Cabot Options Trader.

As you know, we stake our reputation on every recommendation we make in every single one of our publications. We take the trust you place in us seriously. Should you become a part of our advisory, you can rest assured we won’t be taking any chances with your money here either.

That’s why you not only can invest in confidence in our IRIS-based recommendations but also expect to receive the same kind of institutional-level research and advice as a Charter Member of Cabot Dividend Investor that you’ve received in our other advisories along with these exclusive benefits that come with your Charter Membership.

Charter Member Benefit No. 1
Investment Expertise
Direct access to our Individualized Retirement Income System (IRIS), exclusive to Cabot Dividend Investor, which you can use to not only target the market’s safest and highest-yielding stocks but also organize your holdings into a powerful income-producing retirement portfolio designed to meet your future needs at the risk you’re comfortable with.

The same system that we’ve back-tested over the past four years and that has not only delivered 324% total returns since March 2009 along with a current yield on cost of 14.1% but has also been shown to be more effective in generating greater total returns than any other income-generating system we are aware of.

Charter Member Benefit No. 2
Monthly Advisory
Twelve monthly issues of Cabot Dividend Investor, delivered directly to your inbox the last Wednesday of each month.

Each issue will bring you our complete ranking of income stocks, instructions on how to assemble them to create your own portfolio based on your personal needs and three preset portfolios (safe income, dividend growth and high yield) that we’ve created for our readers who asked for them, along with a panoramic overview of recent and upcoming events that will affect your money.

Charter Member Benefit No. 3
Weekly Updates and Regular
Portfolio Adjustments

As I regularly remind my Wall Street’s Best Daily readers, in order to beat the market, you must regularly adjust your holdings to make sure the stocks you own not only are in the fastest-rising sectors but also leading those sectors through increasing sales and earnings. The same can be said when it comes to building a portfolio of income stocks.

Through the pages of Cabot Dividend Investor, we will show you how to do just that on an individualized basis. That way you will always be able to maximize both your income and your growth in a safe and systematic way. For the same reason, we will send you weekly updates as well, as market conditions could dictate immediate changes to your holdings.

Charter Member Benefit No. 4
Private Website
As a member, you’ll receive 24/7 access to our private website, featuring the most recent issue updates and alerts, your FREE special reports and forecasts and our archive of our past issues and reports—all fully accessible to you with a click of a mouse.

As soon as I receive your RSVP, I’ll send you your own personal username and password so you can download your FREE reports and read your first issue.

Charter Member Benefit No. 5
Personalized Customer Service

We know how important it is to make the right decisions with your money. That’s why we have brought aboard additional full-time customer service representatives committed solely to Cabot Dividend Investor.

Should you have any questions concerning IRIS, our recommendations, or portfolio adjustments, they will be here to take your calls every day the market is open from 9 am to 5 pm Eastern time.

Of course, just as with our other publications, you can always write me personally and get a written response within 48 hours. It’s all part of the special attention you will receive that comes with your membership.

Charter Member Benefit No. 6
Continuing Retirement Investor Education Series

I simply can’t stress this enough: Retirement income planning is a lot like trying to find your way through a mountain forest at night. If you don’t have light to guide you, you could quickly fall off a financial cliff.

That’s why as a part of your membership, we’re going to include an investor education series to help you avoid the dangers that can sap your wealth when you least expect it.

Immediately when you join, you’ll receive these three special reports:

  1. Cabot’s Complete Retirement Income Guide-How to Secure a Lifetime of Income
  2. Everything You Should Know About Master Limited Partnerships Before You Invest a Dime
  3. Creating The Perfect Portfolio: Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Making IRIS Work for You

These three special reports will bring you the knowledge and guidance you need to always make the right moves with your retirement money.

Charter Membership Benefit No. 7
Cabot’s Guarantee

For more than four decades, the Cabot organization has earned not only the trust of the professional investment community but that of its readers as well. Frankly, we wouldn’t have been around this long if we didn’t deliver quality research, analysis, and, most important, results.

Our goal from the beginning has always been to make certain that we provide our members the best and most profitable investment advice on the planet.

Just as with our other advisories, if you ever feel that Cabot Dividend Investor is not delivering on this promise, just let us know and we will send you a no-questions-asked refund during the first 30 days of your membership.

For these reasons …

When you add up all the benefits, you can see why we expect the remaining available seats to sell out quickly-especially because we will be giving our Charter Members a special discount price for joining this groundbreaking advisory.

So I sincerely hope you will take this opportunity to join us before all the remaining seats are taken.

Our Special Charter Member Price Makes
You a Winner Right From the Start

If you have read this far, you can tell that Cabot Dividend Investor will truly be a different kind of service—one that is more personal and individualized than we have ever developed and that we believe is rare in the investing world.

As such, it costs more than your typical newsletter because it brings you much more not only in terms of yields but in terms of total returns.

In fact, our CFO and test group of respected financial analysts who have seen our approach tell me that it’s the closest thing they have ever seen to having a professional money manager create an income portfolio-only with better results.

That’s because Cabot Dividend Investor brings you:

  • A bold new and personal way to generate enough income to not only meet your retirement needs but exceed them.
  • Complete access to our breakthrough IRIS that not only identifies Wall Street’s safest high-yield, high-growth stocks but also helps you organize your holdings into a powerful rising income-producing portfolio that’s right for you.
  • A monthly market update that will bring you a panoramic view of what’s going on in the market and how it affects your investments, along with weekly news updates and flash alerts on the stocks that we own and any adjustments for your portfolio.

When you add in our  money-back guarantee, you can see why I’m convinced beyond a doubt we’ll have to turn investors away—especially when you consider the special price I’ve carved out for our Charter Members.

Cabot Dividend Investor is not simply another $297 income investing advisory that hands you a list of stocks to choose from each month—but a personalized, one-of-a-kind advisory that guides you in creating the portfolio of income stocks that will secure your future.

It is precisely this individualized approach that we have tested and proven that we believe will not only hand you higher yields and total returns year after year but also secure your future retirement income for life.

That’s why, as I mentioned previously, Cabot Dividend Investor costs more than most income advisories: because it delivers much more, not only in terms of more profitable recommendations but also in terms of portfolio management and service.

As such, we have priced our new advisory accordingly to reflect this added value.

However, as one of our faithful Cabot readers, we wanted to make it affordable for you to join us at the lowest price possible to reward YOU for the loyalty you have shown us over the years.

Should you accept my invitation to join us as a Charter Member, you’ll pay our lowest fee for a year’s membership.

Again, your membership includes all the great benefits I’ve spelled out above along with our 100% money-back guarantee—so you won’t risk a dime.

Naturally, I couldn’t offer you such a strong guarantee if I didn’t believe that Cabot Dividend Investor would deliver as promised. With our 46-year track record for building wealth, I know you won’t be disappointed.

So if you are interested in the income-boosting approach Cabot Dividend Investor can bring you, I hope you’ll let us know quickly and secure your seat.

You’ll automatically secure your space and receive the best membership rate. And the best part is, you have absolutely nothing to risk by responding to my invitation today.

Either way, I want to thank you for the loyalty that you have shown us over the years and for considering this exclusive Charter Membership offer to join us at Cabot Dividend Investor.

I guarantee Cabot Dividend Investor will hand you the income solution you’ve been looking for that could secure your retirement years, my money-back guarantee promises just that.

Welcome aboard,

signature tim lutts



Timothy Lutts, Chief Investment Officer
Cabot Dividend Investor

PS: I can’t stress this enough. If you are at all considering a membership in Cabot Dividend Investor, I hope you’ll let us know right away.

Again …

If you’re at all thinking you might want to join us, now is the time to secure your spot.

The beauty of doing so now is that you will not only receive our lowest price but also have 30 days to get your money back if you decide Cabot Dividend Investor is simply not for you.

I just can’t make it any easier, more convenient, more affordable or more risk-free for you to try Cabot Dividend Investor.

So what are you waiting for?