$17 Battery Doubler
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Dear Fellow Investor,

The $300 million lead battery recycler I’m about to name will soon be a $34 stock that you must snap up today for $17.

The stock jumped 113% in the last 12 months and is set to double again in 2017.

If you fail to add this stock to your holdings now, I guarantee you’ll kick yourself for years.

Here’s why: This little-known company has invented a new way to recycle lead acid batteries (LABs) that’s about to disrupt the $22 billion global battery recycling market.

Once this technology becomes widespread, the smelting process that’s not only toxic, dirty and energy-intensive will become obsolete.

That’s because the company’s water-based/hydrometallurgical lead-recycling process creates 99.9% pure lead without the emissions, poisonous dust or toxic waste that injures workers and pollutes communities.

As a result, U.S. battery manufacturers will no longer have to ship 40-pound batteries to Mexico, the Philippines, China or Russia to be recycled—countries that don’t have the same environmental restrictions as the U.S.

They can begin recycling them here in the U.S. for a fraction of the cost.

How can this be?

You see, unlike traditional battery smelting, which requires huge amounts of energy to heat the lead, the company’s water-based process is done at room temperature.

As a result, there is no dust, no gas and none of the lead-filled slag and dross byproducts that come from smelting. Only the lead compounds are converted back into lead, and high value lead compounds are recovered directly at the source and turned into ingots.

This is why, Johnson Controls, which produces over 150 million batteries per year, has struck a five-year lead production deal with the company. This is also why Interstate Battery teamed up with this company as well, agreeing to recycle one million lead acid batteries with them in 2017.

This is why the company’s six month 113% rise is just the beginning of a bold new profit run.

With analysts following this company now projecting 282% earnings growth for next year … you’re gaining the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an emerging technology that offers the rare benefits of being cleaner, more efficient and more profitable than existing technologies.

Once you see my complete profit profile on this company, you’ll quickly agree that …

This Could Be an Easier Double Than Tesla

I’m Timothy Lutts, and that’s a big claim, I know—especially because Tesla has been one of Cabot’s biggest winners with 913% gains to date.

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How Innovation and Superior Stock Selection
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First let me say as the chief investment advisor and futurist for the Cabot organization, it’s not just my job to look 10 to 15 years into the future and show you how to profit, it’s my passion.

That’s why I’m always scanning the horizon for world-changing trends while looking for the companies at the forefront of these dramatic changes.

I’m proud to say that over the years this forward-thinking approach has led us to many investing firsts:

  • FIRST to forecast the growth of online retailing, connecting the dots to 1,290% profits in Amazon
  • FIRST to see the solar power revolution on the horizon, collecting 270% profits in First Solar in 18 months
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  • FIRST to alert readers to the revolution in pure-electric cars, handing readers 800% gains in 30 months in Tesla
  • FIRST to see the huge monopoly XM-Satellite radio was building in its sector, handing investors 396% gains in just under two years.

That’s why we launched Cabot Small-Cap Confidential 2.0 in the first place nine years ago. To bring you more of these ground floor opportunities faster.

I’m proud to say that over the past nine years, we’ve been able to do just that and double our investors’ money 11 times along the way.

The secret to our success can best be compared to the way an MRI scanner takes pictures inside of your body.

But instead of giving you early warning of a potentially life-threatening disease, my system gives you an advance look at the companies and technologies that can make you rich, months and years before they take off.

That’s because our proprietary stock selection system has been designed not only to identify breakout sales, earnings and profit margin expansion factors …

… but also to identify the specific disruptive, game-changing technologies that most analysts miss and that will ensure a company’s market share and technical superiority for years to come.

Frankly, this is how we banked an 913% gain in Tesla, a 1,290% windfall in Amazon, a 270% gain in First Solar, a 746% profit in Apple and a 396% gain in XM-Satellite Radio.

In other words, we identified these disruptive technologies in their early stages and held on for the ride.

Why My Newest Recommendation Looks
a Lot Like Tesla in the Early Days

Just as Tesla’s battery breakthrough revolutionized the electric car industry, this company’s technology is revolutionizing the battery recycling industry.

REASON: Its water-based process not only delivers 99.9% pure lead but also does so without the toxic waste associated with smelting.

As result, it’s earned the first ever non-polluting lead recycling facility designation in the world.

This is how it’s locked up major contracts with Johnson Controls and Interstate Battery. That’s also why the world’s top 20 institutional and mutual fund holders, including State Street, Northern Trust and BlackRock advisors own millions of shares.

It’s no wonder.

  • First, the company has ZERO competition—and not just here in the USA but around the world.
  • Second, the company holds a 34% price advantage to traditional smelters.
  • Third, the company’s non-pollution operation doesn’t require the operation of a big plant. Its bank of three modular electrolyzer units can fit in a small warehouse next to a battery collection center, eliminating the need to ship batteries around the world.

Once U.S. battery makers start getting their low-cost, environmentally friendly lead from this company’s first plant, you’re going to see hundreds of these facilities using this company’s patented technology sprouting up around the world.

This is why the company’s breakthrough technology has the capability to disrupt the world’s $22 billion lead acid battery recycling industry.

As a result, we believe the company is destined to make millionaires out of many of its early shareholders, just like an early investment in Tesla has.

This is why I strongly believe that this new recommendation could ultimately become our next Tesla and why I want to give you the name of this company FREE along with a money-back trial subscription to Cabot Small-Cap Confidential 2.0.


Two reasons:

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Why ONLY 24 Hours?

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When you do …

You’ll Also Find Nine More Game Changers That Could
Turn $5,000 into $40,000 Over the Next 24 Months

I speak, for example, of …

  • A pure-play provider of one of the world’s most necessary commodities—water. The company has set up a national network of water refill and exchange locations for selling multi-gallon water jugs. It also sells water dispensers for home use.
  • A public company that’s in the business of protecting people and property—a growing market given the prevalence of natural disasters, cyber security attacks and terrorist acts. Protection is a lucrative business, evidenced by the company’s annual revenue growth north of 30%.
  • The cloud-based services company that allows you to access your computer, files and apps from anywhere in the world while instantly backing up your most crucial data.
  • An agricultural chemical company that makes bio-based pesticides that are more friendly to people, plants and the environment then their synthetic chemical counterparts.
  • The best provider of the VoIP solution on the market for home and small office use.
  • A micro-cap company poised to grow on the back of strong employment trends in the U.S. and select international markets.

These are just six of our 11 current game-changing recommendations that we’re targeting for triple-digit profits over the next 24 months.

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Tim Lutts, Chief Investment Officer
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