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Time to Take Profits?


Now’s the time to back up the truck!

Plus a sneak preview of the 13 best
small-cap stocks poised for big gains

Dear Reader,

Make no mistake about it:

2018  has been a great year for small-cap investors, especially for my Cabot Small-Cap Confidential readers.

Not only are we averaging a 69% gain across all our recommendations but our portfolio has an impressive winner of 273%! And over a third of our positions are up 100% or more!

When you compare our gains with the year-to-date (YTD) performance of the Nasdaq (10.5%) and the S&P 500 (6.7%), we’re simply killing it.

But please don’t even think about taking profits.  Even bigger gains are headed our way.

How can I make such a claim? Easy.

In my 20 years of thrashing the market, I’ve never seen a bigger and more powerful bull run forming.   The 69% gains our buy list is averaging is simply a drop in the bucket to what is headed our way.

In today’s bulletin I’ll explain why, and then I’ll tell you about 13 companies that will deliver some of the biggest returns—PLUS how you can lock-in your share of profits now.

Reason #1: Tax Cuts & Jobs Act Disproportionally Beneficial for Small Caps

Look …

When President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law last December he lowered the corporate tax rate from an average rate of 28% for large caps (S&P 500) and 32% for small caps (Russell 2000) to 21% for both.

Do you realize what this means?

That’s a whopping 36% bigger cut for small caps over large caps and we are seeing the difference play out in the markets.

This is why you are seeing tons of stock buybacks, greater M&A activity and higher earnings per share for small caps, all of which continue to send small-cap stocks higher.

This is just one reason why our small caps will continue to lead the market higher. Here’s another.

Reason #2: Small Caps Outperform During Economic Expansions

As I regularly remind my readers, the best time to invest in small caps is during economic expansions—like we’re seeing now.

You needn’t take my word.

Data from Credit Suisse shows that since 1986, small caps have been up 100% of the time when GDP growth is in the 2% to 3% range. The latest estimates suggest GDP should be 2% to 3% in 2018, and current consensus has it above 2% in 2019 too.

Mark my words:  Once second quarter earnings season is done, and small cap earnings growth trends are confirmed (again!), you’ll see an even bigger flood of money pour into our top stocks.

If you’re serious about getting ahead of the surge, you must grab these stocks before the third quarter earnings.  I’ve come up with a great way to do just that.

Reason #3: Small Caps Should Benefit from High U.S. Exposure

Remember that investing in small caps is like a leveraged play on the U.S. economy since roughly 80% of small-cap sales come from within the U.S. (compared to about 70% of S&P 500 revenues).

With U.S. GDP estimates looking relatively strong and the dollar gaining momentum, domestically-focused companies, which includes a large proportion of small caps, are destined to knock it out of the park.

It’s all part of President Trump’s “America First” policy.

Despite some of the negativity you may hear about this in the press, this focus on U.S. companies is why small caps have risen so dramatically and why investors are hopping on board our top-performing stocks.

The numbers I’m seeing show beyond doubt that they will deliver breakout earnings again.

If you can add them to your holdings now, before they report again, you’ll thank me 1,000 times over by this time next year.  If you wait until after these companies report, you may have missed their next BIG move upward.

By the way…

I’m not the only one who is adding to our positions.

The world’s 20 top mutual funds and institutional investors have already plunked down billions of dollars on our top rated small-cap stocks all in anticipation of the 2018 profit surge that’s headed their way.

That’s why it’s important that you act now before these stocks surge on earnings.

Reason #4:  Analysts are Raising EPS estimates for 2019

Over the last eight months, analysts have raised their EPS estimates for 2019!

The current consensus is for S&P 600 earnings of $63.49 next year. That’s more than a 15% increase over 2018 estimated earnings. Using that figure, and my forward P/E range of 19 to 20 at the end of 2018, yields an S&P 600 index value of 1,206 to 1,270.

That implies small caps have 13% to 19% upside from current levels.

But that’s for the average small cap. 

Here at Cabot Small-Cap Confidential we don’t invest in the average small-cap stock.  We invest in game-changing stocks.  Companies on the cutting edge of technology. Companies that are turning whole industries upside down and richly rewarding investors along the way.

This is how we’ve doubled our readers money 11 times over the past 10 years … why we’re averaging a 69% gain across all our recommendations, why our portfolio has multiple 100% plus winners right now.

For these reasons, if you can add any of my top recommendations to your holdings today, you could easily find yourself 50% richer in the next six months (and a double soon after that!) as investors start to chase the market’s top small caps.

In order to help you profit from the boom, I’ve put together a special report titled Ride The Small Cap Boom to Triple Digit Profits that will give you an inside look at our top performing companies, including their stock symbols along with our buy and target prices for each one of them.

This report is yours, absolutely free. All I ask is that you give my small cap research advisory service a risk-free try.

That’s why we created Cabot Small-Cap Confidential in 2008, to get you into Wall Street’s greatest game changing stocks early … before the rest of Wall Street piles in and bids our holdings higher.

I’m proud to say that over the years this forward-thinking approach has led our Cabot readers to many investing firsts:

  • • FIRST to forecast the growth of online retailing, connecting the dots to 1,290% profits in Amazon.com
  • • FIRST to see the solar power revolution on the horizon, collecting 270% profits in First Solar in 18 months
  • • FIRST to see and understand the game-changing technological advantages Apple would bring to the world, banking 746% gains before most Americans even knew this company’s name
  • • First to alert readers to the revolution in pure-electric cars, handing readers 800% gains in 30 months in Tesla
  • • FIRST to see the huge monopoly XM-Satellite radio was building in its sectors, handing investors 396% gains in just under two years

The secret to our success can best be compared to the way an MRI scanner takes pictures inside of your body.

But instead of giving you early warning of a potentially life-threatening disease, our system gives you an advance look at the companies and technologies that can make you rich, months and years before they take off.

That’s because our proprietary stock selection system has been designed not only to identify breakout sales, earnings and profit margin expansion factors …

… but also to identify the specific disruptive, game-changing technologies that most analysts miss and that will ensure a company’s market share and technical superiority for years to come.

Frankly, this is how we banked an 800% gain in Tesla, a 1290% windfall in Amazon, a 270% gain in First Solar, a 746% profit in Apple and a 396% gain in XM-Satellite Radio.

If you’re looking to bank these kinds of profits ahead of Wall Street, then I invite you to try Cabot Small-Cap Confidential before our top-rated small caps breakout on quarterly earnings.

Your free copy of Ride The Small Cap Boom to Triple Digit Profits will get you in on the ground floor of what could be the greatest stock-buying opportunity of 2018 … along with our top 13 stocks poised for big gains.

Here’s a sneak preview of the opportunities that await you …

  • • A unique, rapid-growth player in the insurance industry that is building something entirely new – an independent personal lines insurance sales and support platform.
  • • The leading medical technology company that provides surgeons with advanced solutions to monitor and repair nerve function.
  • • A $2.2 billion market cap company that is designing simple and secure payment paths that leverage the benefits of cloud-based software and infrastructure.
  • • The cloud-based services company that allows corporations to sniff out cyberthreats and hackers before they gain access to mission critical computers, files and applications.
  • • A financial services software company that helps banks and credit unions compete to win in an always-connected world through one easy software application.

These are just five of our 13 current game-changing recommendations that we’re targeting for triple-digit profits over the next 36 months.

Individually, each one controls a disruptive breakthrough technology that will turn its industry upside down no differently than Amazon, First Solar, Tesla, Apple and XM-Satellite radio did in their sectors.

So please be sure to download your free report now.

Here’s what you’ll receive the moment you download your FREE copy of Ride The Small Cap Boom to Triple Digit Profits.

  • A no risk trial subscription to my Small Cap Confidential research advisory that brings you an inside look at Wall Street’s most promising game changing companies before they breakout … before the big money piles in … and before they become household names.
  • A monthly market update that will bring you a panoramic view of what’s going on in the market and how it affects our events along with weekly news updates and flash alerts on the stocks that we own and any adjustments for your portfolio.
  • Institutional-level profit profiles of the exciting new first-mover companies we’re targeting for profits, complete with specific buy and target sell prices
  • Weekly updates that will explain how the week’s market changes, government economic reports, earnings releases and/or competitive technologies will affect our investments.
  • Cabot Small-Cap Confidential private website, featuring the most recent issue, annual forecast issue and special reports, along with an archive of our past issues and reports dating back eight years.
  • Personalized investor relations staff to answer your questions every day the market is open, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern time.
  • Private email address to us directly should you have any questions about our forecasts or recommendations, along with the promise you will receive a written response directly from me or our staff within 48 hours.
  • PLUS my 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This is how Cabot Small-Cap Confidential has become one of the most respected and profitable investment advisories on Wall Street … and why thousands of investors across the world rely on our independent—and, most of all, profitable—advice.

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That’s also why we require strict confidentiality from our members.

It is precisely this exclusivity and discretion that have helped my subscribers and readers enjoy so many life-changing gains from many of our incredible past recommendations.

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Rest assured it will be one of the most profitable investing decisions of your investing life.


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Tyler Laundon
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